World Record Chapter 75

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75. Footsteps of Destruction

A few days ago.
Outside the wall–at the island once called Shikoku, many Unknowns gathered.
Mostly are Mythical Beast classes.
Among those, there are quite a lot of Sacred Beast classes also.
However, without speaking out, they casted their eyes down in tension and listened to their conversation.

『Why……the hell are we gathering here?』


The one who speak out is a golem made out of steel.
The name is–Machine King Goleem. Sacred Beast class.

Race: Machine King Goleem
Battle Rank: 81
Superpower: Stone Life[SS]
Taijutsu: S

[Even if you ask me……]


The one who replied is a strange-looking Unknown with video tapes and cassettes buried throughout the body.
The name is–Regret King Reload. Sacred Beast class.

Race: Regret King Reload
Battle Rank: 90
Superpower: Reverse Playback[SSS]
Taijutsu: S

[I also have heard nothing about it, okay?]


The one who agreed despite no one wanted him, is a strange-looking drag queen.
The name is–Heartbroken King Makao. Divine Beast class.

Race: Heartbroken King Makao
Battle Rank: 105
Superpower: Power of Love[SSS]
Taijutsu: SS

[Deyufu……deyufu……today also, I managed to marry her……]


The one who’s talking to a 2D waifu, is an unpleasant looking lump of meat.
The name is–Otaku King Fujiwara. Divine Beast class.

Race: Otaku King Fujiwara
Battle Rank: 120
Superpower: Disgusting Otaku King[SSS]
Taijutsu: SS

『Good grief……can’t you guys calm down a little. Idiots』


The one who rebuked them, is a huge dragon covered with stone scales.
The name is–Earth Dragon King Gaius. Divine Beast class.

Race: Earth Dragon King Gaius
Battle Rank: 150
Superpower: Earth Power[SSS]
Taijutsu: SSS

When they heard Gaius words, they naturally looked at the only person left.
There’s the figure of a man sitting on a throne. He opened his eyes when he felt their gazes.
The next moment, they became silent by the strong intimidating air, and the other Unknowns experienced a feeling of being crushed.
In such situation, the 『humanoid』 spoke.

[Tamamo Gozen has lost]


Everyone gulped instinctively by those words, and immediately following, a large footage was played behind him.
There’s a figure of a beautiful woman–Tamamo Gozen walking on a beach somewhere while holding a book.

[This is the footage recorded a few days ago when she was walking near beach at the North American continent. After this, the person who recorded this, was killed]


Saying that, the next moment, her figure blurred along with the footage getting noises, and finally, stopped.
By the way, at that time, she was endlessly thinking of 『How can I cross the ocean without making the book wet……』. Because she was peeped when she’s irritated, it ended like this.
However, for those who see this, can never know of such thing, and they groaned.

『I didn’t expect that Tamamo Gozen would lose……』

『If I’m not mistaken, Tamamo Gozen is the one who has over 200 Battle Rank and also one of the strongest Unknown……』

[But~, didn’t the footage just now show that she’s still lively?]


Gaius, Goleem and Makao said so.

[Gufufu……looking at her with my eyes, Tamamo-chan seemed to be dragging along quite a damage. I don’t think that she would become like that unless she was hit by an atomic bomb, but……for her damage to fully heal…it would probably be the spring]


However, Fujiwara muttered so, and everyone showed a drawn back expression.
But the only one man remained expressionless opened his eyelids.
There’re the golden-colored cat-like and yet devil-like eyes looking at them, and he brushed up his white hair.

[There’s only one reason I gathered you here]


–To kill the King of Black Coffin this time, for sure.


His name is, Prison King Diable.

Race: Prison King Diable
Battle Rank: 210
Superpower: Reflect[EX]
Taijutsu: SS

A monster wielding the worst ability.




Going back to the current time.
The morning, Iwato ate his breakfast while inclining his head in curiosity as he saw the tired girls.

[What on earth did you do? Did you play too much until you couldn’t sleep?]


Upon saying that, Iwato felt gazes piercing his body.
The girls can’t say that 『We were bracing ourselves so that we won’t be assaulted by Iwato who’s fast asleep』, sighed deeply and shook their heads.

(((T-This will continue for one more day……)))


They muttered in their minds.
They were somehow being said 『attractive』 by Iwato, and when they entered the men’s bath to peep, the person they managed to peeped was the landlady. And Iwato used that opportunity to enter the room’s bath. At the end, they stayed up the whole night.

[[[Aah……I want to go back……]]]


Such words leaked from their mouth, and Iwato who didn’t expect that, opened his eyes wide.

[Huh? Are you not having fun?……I’m quite enjoying this trip, though……]


Upon hearing that, the girls thought.
–Ah, dammit……I shouldn’t have said it in front of him.
The girls then opened their mouth to deceive him in a flustered way.

[Ah……N-No…Nii-san, it’s not like that]
[Y-Yesterday, we had a psychological warfare until late at night! That’s why, we’re a little tired!]
[She’s right! Please don’t mind us, Iwato-sama!]


Iwato smile wryly.
Even though he looked like this, he didn’t sleep at all last night.
At home–in short, in the Nagumo’s house, Iwato has set up some traps. That’s why, he could sleep in peace, but–

(In a trip……if an Unknown attacks while I’m sleeping, I couldn’t do anything)


In his golden age, he would wake up even if he sensed something faintly. However, now is not his golden age, and above all, he has people who he needs to protect. Iwato is not that simple to sleep in such situation.
Although that may be said, there’s no fatigue in his body. What Tsukie once said was probably true.

[Well, then don’t push yourself too much, okay? I must be here until Tou-san suppresses the incident, but you three can go home if you……]
[T-That’s…not good]


Tsumugu stands up and shouts at him, but she immediately stumbles.
Iwato quickly catches Tsumugu in his arms, and said this while stroking her head.

[Tsumugu, please go back this time]


Tsumugu surrendered easily to the stroking.

[Aah, I’m feeling dizzy……]
[Ah, this is bad. I’m also going to fall……]


Upon seeing the two who suddenly approached him unsteadily, Iwato said this.


[You girls, just go back already]


Even though it has the same meaning, it felt different than the previous one.




Iwato waved his hand at the girls who’re crying in frustration in the bus, and at the same time, the bus floats and heads toward the city.
The girls cling to the window at the back, and Iwato waved his hands while smiling wryly.

[You are loved]
[……Yes, I am]


The landlady standing next to him said so, and he muttered that after a short silence.

[But well, those three looked like they really stayed up all night, so they probably will sleep within a few minutes. It will take a few hours to reach the city, so I think they can recover a lot if they sleep that much]
[After they recovered, I think that they will regret why they go back]


By the landlady’s words, Iwato smiled wryly and replied [No doubt]. The landlady who saw that, took out a anachronism smartphone.
A smartphone in this era is more rare than Nakajima-sensei’s car. Hence, Iwato opened his eyes wide, but–



The smartphone presented to him.
Upon seeing the name on the screen, he sighed and put the smartphone to his ear.
The next moment, a thoughtless voice can be heard through the phone.

『Yahho, Iwato! Did you push them down!? Is it Tsumu? Is it Karen-chan? Is it Ayame-chan? I’m the prime minister after all! If Iwato wants it no matter what, I can establish polyga–』

[If you have nothing important to say, then I’m hanging up]
『W-Wait! Wait Iwato! It’s very hard to call you when you’re in the mountains! It will take about 10 minutes to be connected!』


Then you should just contact me through the status application rather than the smartphone.
Iwato thought of such thing, but it’s this guy after all. It’s useless to care about it.

[Haa…… It’s unbelievable that such person can be the prime minister. Furthermore, a prodigy]
『Oh? Nothing will come from me even if you praise me, you know? What I can do is reserve a super-high class ‘that’ hotel–』


Butsu, tsu, tsu, tsu……
Iwato ended the call suddenly.
Then, his status application rang.
Iwato returned the smartphone to the landlady, and pressed the call button.

[The next time you joke, I’ll invite you to a world trip by punching you hardly]
『Ofu!? S-Spare me from that! Because it’s still a trauma to me!』


That’s the incident a few years ago.
He–Nagumo Youji who made Iwato hanged up, was punched by Iwato and he flew around the world.
How is he alive? People will normally think so, but the person in question is a man who would just say 『OWWWWWWW!?』 even if he was punched by Iwato or burned by Tsumugu’s divine flame.
Such Youji is leaning his back to the sofa while sweating.

[So, according to what I heard, the girls went back first. Was it fun?]
『……Well, it was fun』


He laughs when he heard Iwato’s blunt words through the call.

[I see, I see! That’s good. I’m the prime minister after all. It looks like it was worth it to reserve it even when I was busy]
『I heard from Tsumu that [You’re chasing a woman’s butt]』

[That’s just her imagination!]


Saying that, he once again showed a smile.
However, Iwato who saw that through the call,

(Looks like it’s true……)


thought of such thing.
He’s a severe woman lover since the past. Even though he’s punished by Tsukie every time, he didn’t try to stop.
And yet, he’s a prodigy superior than Ayame to the extent that no one wants him as an enemy. A man who’s very careful, flawless, and won’t yield.
Physically or mentally. Iwato has never seen him changing his mindset of not yielding to someone.
That’s why, Iwato acknowledged that he’s his father even if he’s like that, and Tsukie probably liked that part of him.

(Well, philandering is the worst, though)


Iwato muttered in his mind, and smiled.
A man that must not be an enemy.
Three years ago, it was fine because he’s not an enemy, but if he really became an enemy……when thinking so, a chill runs down my spine.
However, he’s an ally now. Such a reassuring existence.

[Tou-san, I leave the girls to you]
『Okay, and don’t worry because I won’t make a move on them』


A totally unbelievable words.
However, Iwato knows that this man will never say a lie in this kind of time.
That’s why, Iwato summons courage.


[Call me when there’s an emergency which you can’t deal with. If the girls are in danger……I’m prepared to use my power]


Saying that with a relaxed expression.

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