World Record Chapter 33

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33. Promise

[Wha-……What do you mean?]


Originally, it’s probably better to not say anything now.
Nakajima-sensei knew it. But she’s a teacher. Before she realized it, she had already spoke. And because of that, the elephant looks at her.
–“I don’t feel alive”
It’s strange that those words fit in this situation.

『Nu? You’re……not a subject of research. Why are you here? Why you talk to me?』

[I-I’m, a teacher. Perhaps, the students that you mentioned just now, might be our students. That’s why, I ask you. Which school is it?]


“Please…please don’t be true”
Nakajima-sensei said so while praying.

『Force Academy. The students who went to the training camp』


Upon hearing that, she was shocked.
After all, the name of the high school that was said by the Unknown, is the one where she works at. In other words, the students are none other than those students that were sent on the other day.
Therefore, the Unknown snickered upon looking at her shocked face.

『Oh? It looks like you hit the worst possibility. That guy who went there is on par with this me 『Demon Elephant』. He’s this laboratory’s number 3, 『Ultimate Polar Bear』. If he doesn’t make a stopover, he should reach there very soon』


If, if by any chance.
If what this Unknown is saying, is true, and if that 『Ultimate Polar Bear』 is attacking the place where Karen and the others are.
If it’s true, the Special Forces that were sent as guards to that place, won’t stand a chance against it. Perhaps, even Isakai Manabu can’t win against it.
That’s why, Nakajima-sensei feel despair upon thinking that it’s impossible to make it in time even if she drives to there. And the Demon Elephant who saw that,

[Hey, what did you say?]


At an instant, he ran away before even thinking.

『Hii!? U-Uooaaaaaa!?』


Tens, hundreds. Although he didn’t get away about 1 kilometer, the thing that was unleashed in an instant, can even shook a country and of course, scare the monster.

(S-Scary!? T-This me, is feeling fear!?)


The Demon Elephant who finally stopped and realized the fear that can’t be erased.
When he sees the surroundings, he has returned to the final defence line, and upon looking at the Demon Elephant, the Unknowns in that area, inclined their head to the side.
However, it didn’t take too long for them to know the reason.

By that sound, all of them looked at the passage–and felt fear.
What sensed from there, is a presence of absolute destruction.
The atmosphere distorts by the overwhelming killing intent. And, every time the sound resounded, it gets closer.

[Don’t make me say it for the second time. Call that guy out now]


The person there, is the subject of research that was killed not long ago.
He took off his broken glasses, and stared at them with cold and sharp eyes.
With just the killing intent mixed in his words and deeds, low ranked Unknowns fall one by one to the ground.
Upon seeing that, the Demon Elephant realizes for the first time. This man is an existence far higher than him.

『W-Wa-Wait! I-I have no choice! So I’ll have boss…..』

[No need for that]


The word, somehow is heard from the Demon Elephant’s bosom.
The man was walking a few meters from here. Then, why……?
The movement that can only be seen as teleportation even with the Demon Elephant’s eyes. After that, a lethal blow is unleashed.


The Demon Elephant’s body blows off in a straight line through the final defence line–and even the defence line is smashed into pieces. And finally, the body rolls to a huge room.
The body has already become a corpse. Iwato looked at the corpse and muttered this.

[Don’t think you will get away after harming my friends]


Black Pandora who’s once well known in every place.
He never forgives anyone who harmed his relatives. Once he fought against an opponent, he would bring death to the opponent mercilessly.
His words and deeds are extreme, excessive, and above all, absolute.
However, those are concealed.
Those who know the concealed details, will definitely say this.

『Absolutely, don’t anger the black-haired boy』


–Otherwise, the earth might be eradicated.




Upon looking at the familiar body that was blown off, Albert somehow managed to swallow the scream that has reached his throat.

[T-This……, don’t tell me, it’s Demon Elephant!?]


However, he shouted so instinctively in this unbelievable situation.
But if he do such a thing, it’s normal that he will be found.

[White robe……you look like a scientist. And also, human. Then, Ossan, you’re the boss, right?]


By the voice as cold as absolute zero and the unconcealed killing intent, Albert looked up from the corpse quickly.
There’s a figure of an expressionless boy, and that figure is surely–a strong one.
–I want to dissect him.
Several feelings well up inside Albert.
–I want to research him.
–I want to examine him.
–I want to investigate him.
–I want to know him.
Above all–I want his strength.

[Call back the Unknown you sent now. Otherwise, I’ll kill you]


–Ah, he’s angry.
Albert couldn’t examine his strength when he wasn’t angry.
However, the angry him now is totally a different thing–No, a different person.
If I were to express that the former him has the 『face for fitting into the society』, then the current him has–that’s right.

[『Murderer’s face』, huh?]


Iwato reacted with a twitch upon hearing those words.
Wondering what he felt reacting like that, Albert starts to speak.

[Haha! I’m right! Then, who did you kill? A complete stranger? An ordinary person? Or perhaps, your parents or your friend……, or maybe, an acquaintance’s relatives?]


Iwato’s expressionless face starts to change, and at the same time as that, changes also appeared on Albert’s body.

[You must be hated, right? No matter who it is, they are humans with families…… Haven’t you been told this, [I’ll kill you]……?]


At the same time as those words, Iwato’s memories were recalled.
No–that memory which he haven’t forgot for even a moment, flashbacks.

『I……I absolutely……won’t forgive you. I’ll…absolutely absolutely…kill you even if I have to die』


That’s right. The girl who said so to him with a face covered with hatred and the eyes of blazing hatred.
Iwato probably can never forget about the girl at that time. He probably should never forget about it.

『Kukuku! You murderer! Acting like a hero by saving people!? Don’t make me laugh! Once you killed a person, the sin will follow you to the end of your life! You’re a murderer from the very beginning!』


When he realized, Albert’s body grew bigger.
He also has been researching on a way to force the Unknown’s strength into his body secretly, and it finally bear fruit a few days ago.
Evolving to a further and superior kind from human.
Albert who managed to do it, is surely a genius. And, the strength is even more powerful than the 『Demon Elephant』.
Nakajima-sensei who looked at the situation from a distance, opens her eyes wide, and–

[There…there were people who told me to live on]


Upon hearing Iwato’s sudden words, Albert who have turned into an Unknown, raised an idiotic voice.
But Iwato ignores that voice, and continues.

[Well, many things happened. In the past. I killed a lot. Even just now, I killed a lot of creatures(Unknowns) before reaching here. That’s why, what you say is probably right]



Iwato muttered so, and recalls.

『Nii-san……only you……please……don’t leave me……』


About the little girl who said that while clinging to him in tears.

『My dream is to surpass Master, and be able to give advice to people』


About the pupil who said it confidently and living her life with pride.

『……Y-You made me fall in love with you to this extent. So, please take responsibility and marry me, okay……?』


About the demi-human girl who confessed so.
Upon recalling those memories, Iwato smiles as he looks up at the monster in front, and speaks.

[They’re still unreliable and weak. I have to raise them more until they’re strong–I have to protect them]


–That’s why.

Iwato clenches his fists.
Albert who has a sneer in his face, swings his huge fist down.

『Guhaha! Subject of research! You still have use even if you die!! So, don’t worry!!』


Iwato turns his eyes towards the fist.
And, stopped it–with one finger.



Even Albert felt fear upon seeing that, and he retreats a few step.
Upon seeing that, Iwato prepares his fist–

[I made a promise with the most precious people in the world. I can’t die in this kind of place]


At an instant, the Unknown Albert was annihilated with just one blow.

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