World Record Chapter 123

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123. King of Black Coffin vs Digital Ruler

That appeared with the tremor.

「King of Coffin. Firstly, I will say this」

She smiles.
I glare at her while pointing the muzzle at her.
Even so, her composure didn’t waver at all–she just mow down her arms greatly.

「–I may possibly be your natural enemy」

It was a mass of metal.
Large metal created from the surrounding walls.
It approaches from all directions at the force as if crushing the air and I quickly fire the gun at the surroundings.
4 empty cartridges roll down the ground, and the approaching metal–vanishes.

「Vanishing bullet–『Erase』」

Blue light flickers.
That’s something like a special effect of my superpower.
While this ability has a strong side, I had to practice by repetition and experiment in order to master it. It requires a delicate technique of controlling it without any impatience.
In addition to that, the blue light will appear when I use the ability.
That’s just like telling the opponent 『I’m going to attack now』. You can say that this is the greatest and worst demerit or weakness of this ability, but–

「Well, it’s not like anything will change just by understanding it」

Muttering that, I strike my sole to the ground with all my strength.
The next moment, blue light flickers in the surroundings–and in a flash, the surroundings 『froze』.
Power of Existence manipulation–『Freeze・50』
The appliances lying on the floor, are already under the ice.
The machine pillars have already frozen, and the breath became white due to the cold temperature.

「Sorry, but this power is probably the 【strongest】」

This power is purely strong.
Having the ability to nullify any power, and if it can intervene by erasing the power of existence, it can turn anything into nothing.
Even if the opponent has a sure-kill punch, if it intervene with the punch’s power, anyone will be able stop the punch with a finger.
Even the defense that can reflect any damage……Well, it’s the same thing.
The power of immortality, the power of cutting anything, and even a lethal poison will not work at all.
Well, using this power for a long time, I sometimes think that I might lose if someone has a cheat that can instant kill me from a long distance……but when I think about it properly, I have set 『Instant Death Resistance・100』 to my body, so it won’t work at all.
Other than that……let’s see. I don’t like an opponent who came attacking with a one-hit kill attack at the speed of light, but I won’t be instantly killed, so the moment I received the attack, I can just erase the opponent’s power of existence.
I win if I touch them. I win if they touch me.
In other words, what I want to say is.

「Natural enemy? Sorry, but I can’t seem to find any reason why I will be having a hard fight」

Unfortunately, 【Black Pandora】 will never lose.
No matter who the opponent is, it will not change.
Even if it’s the Shutendouji, and even if it’s you.
While exhaling white breath–

「Yes, I don’t think of winning you at all. Even when I looked at you, I can’t think of a way to kill you at all」

Her voice echoes.
At the same time, the ice in front projected greatly becoming countless fangs that cuts the space.
Just before that, a single shadow jumped out of that place, and the sparks of the gun blow together with the superpower activation.

「The power that I think to be the strongest is 『possession of all abilities』, or 『ability snatching』, but even if I have such power, it would be erased when you touch me」

Suddenly, the mass of machines appears from the ice.
Digital Ruler–I don’t know her real name.
Her power is probably……or rather, an ability that can manipulate any kind of machines and devices. Furthermore, it’s not an ordinary power, but for sure, a SSS rank……or even more than that.
The fired bullet only erased the wall of machines without being able to reach her, and I smiled with sarcasm to the Digital Ruler who landed on the ground safely.

「What, if I try, I can even manipulate the power of existence without touching」
「That may be right. Well, it looks like you can’t use it on humans as the difficulty is high, but if you do it……you can probably erase me. What an ominous power」

I agree.
That’s why, I stop this power until here.
I stop growing it.
It’s so that I won’t be out of control when I get on the wrong path in the future or I get manipulated by an unimaginable way.
Well, although there’s no one who can stop me now, it’s still way better than the 『worst』.
After all, when I think of something like『It may be impossible, but I might be able to be defeated miraculously』, I can think of several ways.
Something like that is nothing like the worst.
While thinking, I turn my consciousness to her manipulated machines.
The control……is hard. I can do it if I touch it, but currently, it’s under her control. It’s extremely hard to control it arbitrarily from long range.
Then, what I can do is limited.
I put away my guns into the holder, and prepare both my hands.

「……Bare hands, huh. You seriously want to kill me」

I can see sweats running down her cheeks.
Guns are just feints. The feint is just to make her concentrate on it. It’s just an extra.
Well, normally, the feint will decide the match, but when I think of killing the opponent, I will definitely pick to use bare hands.
I win if I touch her.
I win if she touches me.
In other words, my win is confirmed once we make contact.

To understate it, it’s very atrocious.

……However, I can see in her expression that there’s still some composure left. At first, she boasted that she’s my 『natural enemy』……so she probably have a way to deal with me.
I don’t know what is it, but for now.

「Don’t worry. I won’t kill you. I will just punch you」

Muttering that–the next moment, both of my fists wear a blue light.
At the same time as that, I punch the ground, changing the ice’s shape, and thrusting sharp fangs at her from all directions.
Power of existence manipulation–Application・【Shape Alteration】.
Digital Ruler strengthen her defense with the shield of machines against the ice fangs, and I kick the ground with all my strength while clenching my fists–towards her.


I swing my fist.
The next moment, the air that I punched repelled blows towards her, breaking her defense to nothing.

「T-This long distance……are you a monster!?」
「Well, sorry for being a monster」

Smiling so, I kick the ground and jump to the air.
Before my eyes is the figure of the shocked Digital Ruler.
Covering blue light on my fist, I swing it down.
I resent you, but I won’t kill you.
Because you haven’t tell me where she is.
That’s why, just let me–punch you.
With a cold light in my eyes, I just swing my fist down.
It hits her face directly, and–


Upon seeing her head falling to the ground along with such sound, I open my eyes wide.
My fist pierced her face deeply, and I can only see machineries from the missing cranium. I clench my teeth upon seeing that.
–A scapegoat.
When? Most likely immediately after the freezing or maybe since the beginning.

『Oh, I have already been defeated, huh. How weak』

I can hear a voice coming from a machine.
When I look around–the next moment, I punch the mass of machine that approached me.
My fist with erasing power–couldn’t erase the mass of machines.


Blue light flickers consecutively.
Every time the machine disappears–refrigerator, microwave oven, rice cooker, washing machine–each of those are counted as 『one』, so one activation can only erase one……even if possible, it can only erase a couple of it. The amount of machines is too much for my 『Power of Existence Manipulation』.


My body is washed away by the number.
The wave of machines swallows my body, and I can hear a loud laughter from somewhere.

『I told you, didn’t I? That I am your natural enemy. Your power is probably not suitable to manipulate multiple things. No, even if it is suitable, you didn’t train it to be suitable for this kind of situation because you concentrated on building the power of it. Therefore, it is weak against numbers. ……Well, even if I say that, I won’t have a hard time if I can kill you with numbers」

The next moment after the voice resounded, all of those machines–burn.
Crimson flame wraps up the surroundings.
Power of existence manipulation–『Ash・80』.
Because it won’t stop if I turn the floor and building into ashes, I hold down the power, but with this, the machines burned completely in this room.
When I look around, I can see a speaker on top, and I can hear a cheerful voice from there.

『Even though I may be like this, I am a pursuer of justice who made the world pale. I am the person who played with that Esashi Sana and escaped continuously. I think no one knows the opponent’s weakness better than me, and above all, I am faster than anyone in terms of running away』

Upon hearing that, I’m convinced.
This woman has no intention to fight me at all.
Rather than that, there’s a possibility that the moment she know that I’m coming, she has already escaped. To the extent of even abandoning her comrades and organization.

「……What a troublesome woman」
『I will return that to you』

After coming this far, she speaks out her real intention for the first time.

『King of Black Coffin, I will give you this organization in light of your mad state. In the first place, those idiots who misunderstood my objective, gathered with the mind of 『if we cross the red light together, we won’t be scared』. It was such an organization』
「……Hee, it wasn’t you who started it up, huh」

Digital Ruler affirms.
The Six Demon Spears was not founded by her.
She tried to accomplish her objective without minding people’s opinion.
An instable organization that was created by those who harbor interest in her strength and those who felt peace on her power.
That’s the 【Six Demon Spears】.

『To be honest, I thought it is time to throw it away. Besides, I found an interesting target just recently. I want to play with her–no, I want to play with her by thrusting the reality at her. Ah, by the way, the daughter is being confined at the top floor. I told them to not put a hand on her, but I think it is better to rush there quickly just in case』

My body jumps up upon hearing that.
Although I have the feeling of wanting to pursue this woman and I’m also curious of the 『her』 she’s talking about–to be honest, now’s not the time for that.
I turn away from the speaker and start running.
I can already see the staircase to the top floor in front of me.
The destination is already decided.
There’s no hesitation in my advance–


『Well then, let’s meet again in the near future, Nagumo Iwato-san』


Such voice reached my ears.

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