What’s Your Gender, Princess? 7

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It was only after staring into space for a long while did I react. I shouted at Prince Wumin after seeing that he was still calm and composed: “Prince Wumin! You, you actually…”

It’s not as if I haven’t see a dead person and had never killed someone, but Prince Wumin randomly murdering his relative was the first that I’ve seen.

Prince Wumin gestured at me and calmed me down: “My royal father isn’t here anymore, so I am the Emperor now, but East Yuan Country’s alliance matter is extremely important, and definitely cannot just be decided by a newly appointed Emperor. That previous Grand Adviser has served the court for three generations. At the very least, that matter requires his approval, but he is a cunning old fox, so it is rather hard to make him agree. If my uncle had not died, it would at least require my uncle’s approval —— it is now no longer so troublesome anymore. My uncle is dead —— The King of Xiuyi coveted the emperor’s position and futily attempt to murder the new emperor. The new emperor was too much in grief that he was not aware of it, but thanks to Princess Changyi, he was rescued…”

After speaking, Prince Wumin suddenly lowered his body, searched around the King of Xiuyi’s body, and seriously did find a dagger. After opening the dagger’s sheath, I saw that the dagger seemed rather sharp. Prince Wumin coldly laughed and used the dagger to gently slash his chest, then heavily slashed his own hand: “Not only that, she was also injured. Like this, the Grand Adviser would now agree.”

I stared at him shocked. There were a lot of things I wanted to say, like how did he think of all that in such a short period of time, or how could he laugh so calmly at the moment when the King of Xiuyi’s blood was obviously still on his face… But out of all the thousands of things I wanted to say, I exchanged them for this: “Don’t mess around too much okay? That’s my hand… If you’re going to cut my hand again, I’ll cut off your private part…”

Prince Wumin silently stared at me, and then said: “You think that only you can do that? I can also cut your private part… You even have two…”

After finished speaking, he paused: “No wait, you don’t have…”


After we used speech to mutually attack each other back and forth, we quickly went back to the situation at hand. I said: “What were you doing earlier, what if you didn’t succeed…”

Prince Wumin coldly laughed, put the dagger back in the King of Xiuyi’s hands, and made it look like he had taken it out himself: “If I didn’t succeed, at worst, we’ll die together.”

“…” I was really confused. If it was me who did it, I believe that nobody would be too surprised, after all like the say goes, most people go mental if they had a childhood without love. But it was unlikely that Prince Wumin had a childhood without being loved. He is the only Crown Prince, so being doted on by three thousand people would not even be close. But his merciless action now could only be said to be a development that went the opposite way because he was pushed too far…

After faking this assassination scene, Prince Wumin said: “We can now cry out in alarm.”

I nodded: “AHHH——!”

Prince Wumin immediately also groaned feebly, and then weakly laid down.Seeing my own body like that, I wished I could just die…

The others, including that Grand Adviser and Eunuch Cao, all charged in. After seeing the chaotic scene, they stared in shock: “What happened!?”

I said: “Quickly, call the imperial physician! To protect me, Princess Changyi was stabbed by uncle… no, the King of Xiuyi!”

Afterwards, I would always remember this scene, and feel satisfied. I acted so well, especially when I changed how I called the King of Xiuyi. It had a deep feeling of a indecisive and confused crown prince who had almost been killed by his uncle.

But when I told Prince Wumin about it later, he only sneered at me.

The servants immediately called for the imperial physician. The Grand Adviser ran over and looked at Prince Wumin who was resting on my chest, then looked at King of Xiuyi, who had stopped breathing and said with a trembling voice: “You Majesty, what happened…”

I said: “I was too sad earlier and was preoccupied in my crying that I didn’t notice the King of Xiuyi taking out a dagger to kill me! It, it seems like he wanted to forcibly seize the throne… I didn’t catch that, but luckily, Princess Changyi saw it and kept him off me by using her own dagger to stab the King of Xiuyi…”

The Grand Adviser started dumbstruck, and then sighed sadly: “I always knew that the King of Xiuyi had the intention to seize the throne for a long time, but I’d never expect that he’d do that in front of the late Emperor, and actually…”

He stopped talking, then, unexpectedly plopped in front of me and the late Emperor, and then said tearfully: “West Yang is just too unlucky…”

Even though the King of Xiuyi was unjustly accused, the Grand Adviser’s final words were nevertheless correct. With such a perverted Emperor like Prince Wumin, West Yang is just too unlucky…

After the Grand Adviser finished crying, he looked at Prince Wumin, who was in my embrace, and said: “Princess Changyi…? Are you East Yuan Country’s Princess Changyi?”

“Yes.” I nodded, “She rushed over yesterday to bring news of about North Chang Country’s intention of taking an advantage to attack our country that is currently void of military might. I am intending to call back our soldiers in East Yuan Country to return. They have already grown weary of battle and it is unsuitable for them to stay too long. I also intend to make preparations to resist North Chang Country.”

“This…” The Grand Adviser said with disbelief, “But we already attacked so many of East Yuan Country’s land, and used so much effort to do so…”

“Rest assured Grand Adviser, East Yuan Country has already agreed. If West Yang Country withdraws, even if it would still be East Yuan Country’s land, those areas would still have to give half of their taxes to West Yang Country. In addition to that, East Yuan Country would have to offer up a large amount of gold, silver, valuables, livestock, and high grade silk and fabrics as well. From hereafter, the two countries would be considered allies and assist each other mutually.”

After speaking to here, I pretended to secretly say: “What’s more, if we accept now, we could always become hostile later.”

Grand Adviser stroked his beard and said with narrowed eyes “Then… a sign of our alliance would be…?”

I looked at Prince Wumin who was still pretending to have fainted, and thought that he was dumb. His chest injury wasn’t that severe at all, he only had a deep cut on his hand and nothing more, but he actually would pretend to faint like this… Too dumb…

Fortunately, the Grand Adviser had not seen him slightly blinking his eyelashes. I took his head, which was also my head, and pressed it against my chest: “Princess Changyi is to be married to me.”

“This…” The Grand Adviser stroked his beard again. It seemed as if he would do that every time he thought about something.

After a moment of pondering, he nodded: “Alright then…”

Seeing the Grand Adviser’s approval, I couldn’t contain my joy as I nodded strongly. Suddenly, my hand was pinched. It was only then did I realize that when I pressed Prince Wumin’s head, which was also my head, against my chest, I probably pressed it too forcefully. He looked as if he couldn’t breathe… Thus, I hurriedly released him, and let him gasp for breath while I said to the Grand Adviser: “Royal father’s demise would also sadden the entire country. I ought to mourn for three months but too much has happened, so I would have to mourn for seven days first, then go with Princess Changyi to East Yuan Country. On one hand, that boost West Yang Country soldier’s morale, and also let me meet with East Yuan Country’s royal family.

The Grand Adviser said: “Might as well.”

This line was actually something I thought up myself, and was something that I didn’t talk to Prince Wumin about, so I was pretty nervous. The Grand Adviser’s easy response delighted me but it seems like the person on my chest didn’t seem too happy as he fiercely pinched me on my waist and then continued to be unconscious again.

Later on, the imperial physicians came over and all the other members of the royal family had also all arrived. I discovered something shocking, which was that Prince Wumin unexpectedly didn’t have any brothers. He had around ten sisters, and each and every one of them were beautiful. They all resembled flowers in a set. Some were already in full bloom and some were only budding. No matter the shape or size, they were all breathtaking.

But no matter how you compared them, Prince Wumin was this set’s most beautiful supporting actor —— If the others were all beautiful supporting actresses, and he was a beautiful supporting actor, then why wouldn’t he be this handsome?

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