ENL – Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 – Mount

Ji Fengyan used an entire night’s time to completely refine all of the spiritual energy from that Elusive Dream Ore. Such a big Elusive Dream Ore seemed to be extremely startling when gazed upon. However, after Ji Fengyan finished cultivating, although her Inner Core recovered some, but the speed and rate of recovery made her want to spit blood.

Not even a crack had been healed, so how many years would she need to cultivate for?!

Ji Fengyan mournfully sprawled on the bed. Despite not getting the least bit of shut-eye, her mental processes wasn’t listless at all. Only her eyes were full of resentment.

She really missed that powerful and perfect Inner Core of hers…

While Ji Fengyan on this side was bemoaning about how endless the road to repairing her Core was and planning on how to get more rare ores to quickly cultivate, all of Ji City was already boiling with activity.

The city’s biggest stone gambling establishment’s manager became an idiot in one night’s time. Before, how intelligent he was, and now he’s just as dumb, only knowing how to idiotically sit on the ground and drool. It didn’t matter that the store’s people requested all of the doctors in the city, they also couldn’t find anything wrong. Now, everybody says that this was caused by fear.

After all, yesterday’s gamble between Su Lingsheng and Ji Fengyan in the store was known by everyone in the city. As the manager of that store, being scared of the blame from the Eldest Princess and the Young City Lord and being terrified into insanity also wasn’t a completely unexplainable situation.

Of course, there were a few interested people that said this was just faked by the store’s manager to escape the responsibility.

What the exact situation was, nobody knew.

This news was also received by Ji Fengyan, however she only listened silently for a moment before ignoring it.

Just after breakfast, Ling He hastily ran over, saying that the people delivering the mounts have arrived and to let Ji Fengyan go and choose.

“Mount?” Ji Fengyan blinked her eyes, not understanding what it meant for a time.

“My lady has inherited the Life Annihilation Armour and will have to enter the battlefield in the future. On the battlefield, the demons are both vicious and ferocious, so all life exterminators will partner up and fight together with a mount. I believe that the time is just about right; my lady can first go take a look. According to the rules, the number of mounts delivered the first time around should be quite a lot. At that time, my lady just needs to choose a fierce one and things will be fine.” Ling He stated

“Right, right, right! I feel that the lion vulture is especially strong. Not only does it have powerful attacks, it can even fly.” A guard off to the side also followed along and echoed.

“Last time I saw General Long bringing along a behemoth. That one was like a small mountain, just simply stomping its feet and the earth trembled!

“What does that matter?! At that time, our General had a stone beast and that fighting power is also-“ The person who spoke abruptly perceived that he had made an inappropriate remark and immediately shut his mouth. The General that he spoke about was naturally Ji Fengyan’s father.


“I don’t really seem to have any interest in what you guys are talking about.” What Ji Fengyan cared for wasn’t that person’s indiscreet remark, instead she seriously considered those types of mounts that Ling He and the others spoke about. In her memories, the original owner also had some blurry impressions about those mounts, but… Towards those seemingly gallant and valiant mounts, Ji Fengyan truly couldn’t work up the least bit of interest.

Not immortal!

Not even the slightest bit immortal!

Which immortal would bring along a large, idiotic and stupid beast to travel around everywhere with? Just thinking about it made one feel as if the impression was completely ruined, okay?!

Ling He and the others didn’t understand Ji Fengyan’s thoughts, only pressing her to first take a look. Ji Fengyan reluctantly obeyed, but she held no hopes towards those mounts in her heart.

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  1. AquaticSilver says:

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    • Neruz says:

      There will probably be one seemingly worthless mount that is actually a low level immortal beast that will grow stupidly powerful with Fengyan’s help.

    • Voydom says:

      From what her thoughts about the mounts are, I imagine power alone is not enough … the mount must be smart along the lines of the usual, once beast evolves to xx level, it becomes smart and is able to communicate.

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    Which immortal would bring along a large, idiotic and stupid beast to travel around everywhere with?

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