ENL – Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 – Dreams of the Departed

Under the treatment of Ji Fengyan’s medicinal pills, Ling He and the others became as lively as a dragon or tiger. When all of their weariness was swept away, a few guards had the urge to immediately do three thousand and six hundred somersaults backwards. Only Ji Fengyan cheerfully smiled as she watched their excitement and lazily yawned, “Okay, enough. Since your wounds are starting to heal, then quickly start cleaning this place up. Otherwise all of you are going to be sleeping in the courtyard tonight.”

Even though Ji Fengyan spoke like that, it still couldn’t dampen the excitement inside Ling He and the others. All of them bursted with energy and swiftly started to take action.

Ji Fengyan leisurely took a seat on the courtyard steps. Watching those guards prudently take up a cloth and begin cleaning, she unconsciously rubbed her lower abdomen.

A regular human body was easy to treat, but what could she do about her Inner Core that was shattered by lightning?

While she grew up, all of Ji Fengyan’s focus was on cultivating this Inner Core. The distance from becoming an immortal was only one single Heavenly Lightning Tribulation, but in the end… failure. Her Inner Core shattered, and it shattered quite tragically too. She estimated that with the amount of damage it took and taking into consideration her former cultivation speed, it would take eighteen years at the very least to recover.

Just thinking about how she had to start over again, Ji Fengyan wanted to vomit blood.

If she learned which son of a **** had blown up that building, she would absolutely send them off to see the King of Hell!

Resentfully complaining about her shattered Inner Core, Ji Fengyan raised her head to look at the pitch-black night sky. The surroundings of Ji City was good. Unlike the twenty-fourth century that had concrete and steel everywhere, the spiritual energies of the mountains and forests still remained. All living things and their spirituality remained intact, so perhaps recovering in this beautiful place will be a bit faster.

Ling He and the others were extremely quick. Not even a moment later, they had finished cleaning up a side courtyard, letting an overworked Ji Fengyan go over to rest first. She wasn’t going to refuse. Today, she used two Five Lightning Bombardment Talismans and refined several pills with her spirit energy. With her utterly broken Inner Core, it really did require some effort. As she slinked onto the bed, it didn’t take any time at all before she fell asleep.

In the courtyard, those guards were still finishing up with their cleaning. Maybe it was because the medicinal pills’ effects were really too outstanding, but all of them stayed up the entire night. It was only after the horizon started to brighten did they finish tidying everything up, everyone going off to find a place to sleep.

That night, Ji Fengyan slept uneasily.

In her dreams, thunder and lightning rumbled. Countless electric arcs forced her onto a path of no retreat. She didn’t know how many Heavenly Lightning Tribulations she dodged in her dreams, feeling as if it would have been better if she hadn’t slept at all…

Obnoxious girl, why aren’t you quickly getting up?! Such a great place, why are you still having thoughts about sleeping?!

During the howls of thunder and lightning, Ji Fengyan’s ears suddenly reverberated with the roars of her already deceased master, startling her so much that she immediately sat up on her bed.

Seeing the familiar but strange environment around her, Ji Fengyan felt a bit dazed. Lifting up her hands, she touched her slightly cold face, sensing a bit of stickiness. It was then that she noticed, while she was dreaming in her sleep she had unexpectedly sweated, her simple clothes already becoming throughly soaked. Scrambling off the bed, Ji Fengyan looked out at the brightening horizons before she changed her clothes and walked out of the courtyard.

“Was that old fellow sending me a message from my dreams? My my, such ability! I already crossed over and he still has the capability.” Ji Fengyan thought about that roar at the edges of her ears. It felt real yet also illusory.

She also didn’t know if it was a mistaken feeling but even though Ji Fengyan had slept uneasily, after she woke up, she felt as if her entire body had lightened up a lot. The large amount of spirit energy that she had spent from her Inner Core yesterday had completely recovered at the moment…

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