SLKD – Volume 3 Chapter 6

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Water Meredith family, Paulie Water, Water Magic

“Little Silent, you don’t blame me for going to the demon world behind your back, do you?”

There’s this lingering sense of guilt for lying to her, even though she’s my spirit.

“It’s fine, master, as long as you are safe, nothing else matters.”

“Thank you, Little Silent.”  Confronted by her gentleness, I involuntarily reached out and pat her head.  At this moment…

“Hey!  Human!  Didn’t you say you were looking for the contra-something grass?  Why are you still here?”  I didn’t know why Reidy said that in a displeased tone.

“Uh… let’s go… let’s go now… Little Silent, was what you mentioned a while ago true?”  When met with the hot temper of Reidy, I can only resign myself.

“Yes, Master, there’s Nora Grass growing near my house.”

“I see, then I will have to trouble you again to lead the way.”

Silent Water’s home?  I hope the scenery there won’t bring back her sorrows.

As we exited the cave, Reidy was already leading the way.  Why does she like to walk in the front even when she clearly did not know the way?

“Little Silent, what happened to Dusty when you came?”  While walking, I came to a realization that Dusty was all alone at home.

“It… originally wanted to follow along, but the transfer magic is only limited to the contracted spirit and the Master, so it had to give up and watch as I came here alone.”

“Is that so, then did you prepare any food for Dusty?”

“No, at that time when I felt Master’s spirit fluctuate abnormally, I had a bad premonition. I immediately activated the transfer magic to relocate to Master’s side and therefore did not have time to prepare any food.  However, Master, please be at ease, Dusty can take care of itself.”

“Ah~~ that’s true.”

Dusty was not just any normal dog but one with intelligence, therefore, I did not need to be so worried about it.

“Hey!  Water spirit!  How far is it?  We have already traveled for a very long time.”  Reidy, who was walking at the front complained. Really befitting a pampered lady… not used to walking?

“Just a little while more.”

“You said that half hour ago, I remember that Guntheru mentioned that you lived at Golubzi?  Isn’t that very far?  Furthermore, there may still be demons lurking nearby.”

“You can go home, we did not ask you to come with us.”

Oh? When did Silent Water become capable of speaking this arrogantly?  She can’t possibly still believe that my injuries were because of Reidy, can she?

“I just… I am here because I want to escape from that boring castle…  Since you are staying in the human world, the human world must be a very fun place.”

“Wrong, wrong~~~  The human world is not fun at all, it is very dangerous there, not suitable for you.”

“Humph~~  I don’t care.  Human, I am going back with you to the human world no matter what.”  Reidy probably can’t handle the changed Silent Water and targeted me instead.

“Uh…  Come if you want, nothing to worry, at most…”

Is this real?  Living together with this pampered lady…  No… why is living together my first thought?  She may have a chance at finding her own master and then leave…  Ok, for the sake of letting her find her own master, it should be fine to bring her back, right?  Furthermore, with the Nora Grass, she can roam the human world freely.

“But, if you go just like that, won’t your family be worried?”  At this point, I remembered that this lady had run away from home…

“No problem at all, just let them be worried, they never did care about me before in any case…  Coming back to my point, water spirit, I have been wanting to ask you since two days ago, you can’t be from the Water Meredith family, can you?”

“I doubt it, I am not from your so-called Water Meredith family.  My family consists of my father, my mother, and myself only.”  Silent Water’s expression saddened as she thought of her family.

“Then, is your dad’s name Paulie Water?”

Oh please, lady, can you at least read the atmosphere?

“You know my father?”  Silent Water was somewhat shocked knowing that someone knew her father’s name.

“You can say that…  I can’t even imagine, your family actually lived in this kind of dangerous wilderness for 12 years.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your dad didn’t mention anything to you?”

“Mention what?”

“I see, looks like they really didn’t tell you.  Actually, your family is the same as mine, citizens of the spirit kingdom, but around 12 years ago, you were roughly 4 years old at that time?  Your dad committed some mistakes and got exiled from the spirit kingdom by the Patriarch…  Coming back to your dad, how’s he?  Back in the days, he was actually the successor of the Water Meredith family, in addition to being my dad’s…  HEY.  What’s got into you… stop crying, will you, everything I said is the truth…”

Even if you are telling the truth, you are clearly still wrong.  You shouldn’t let Silent Water remember those heartbreaking memories…  Her father had left this world, yet you still brought up the past of her dad getting exiled from the spirit kingdom?

I remembered this one time when I asked about Silent Water’s family.  When she was talking about her father, her face was full of smiles, but the thought of her father passing away caused her face to change to one full of gloom.  Silent Water really loved her parents very much.

“Silent Water, please don’t cry, your father is a great man, was he not?  He must have his reasons, resulting in that kind of outcome.”  I promptly patted Silent Water’s head.  A maiden’s tears are a sure-fire method to make me flustered.

“I am fine… Master, Silent Water is fine…  Silent Water just didn’t expect Father to have such a past… he never mentioned this to me at all…  If what Reidy said is true… then Silent Water’s father is a very great man… from a good family and yet, was still able to withstand the pain and hard work cutting firewood, building a house, Silent Water’s father… is a great man.”

Silent Water… to be able to think like that, it’s for the best.

“Hey!  What are you guys doing?  Hurry up, your hands are so dirty, stop touching her head!”  The inexplicable lady randomly started to throw her tantrum again…  Then again, I’m touching Silent Water’s head, not hers…  Sigh~~ nevermind, a lady… a commoner like me wouldn’t understand.

—————————— One hour later

“I… I am going to die from all this walking…  Are you two… monsters…  To actually… actually not be tired at all…”  Reidy exclaimed breathlessly and leaned on my back.

“No one asked you to tag along, and also, didn’t you just say that Master’s back is dirty just a while ago?  Come down and walk by yourself then.”

“Don’t want to… I will lie here no matter what… I am dead tired…  Furthermore… lying on this human’s back can replenish the magic in my body.  With such a good benefit, I would be stupid not to do it.”

“Taking advantage of Master like that, won’t Master be tired?  Come down now.”

“Don’t want to.”

“Come down this instant.”

“Don’t want to.”

Listening to Silent Water and Reidy quarrelling, I felt like I was going to collapse.  Could it be that water and electricity are not actually complimenting elements?  Why does it look like they were polar opposite?  Disregarding Reidy’s temper, Silent Water’s previously good temper has been turning worse as the quarrel goes on.

‘Boy, how is it?  Do you feel like vomiting blood now?  Give it a few more years, when you encounter more girls, you will even have the feeling of wanting to die.’

‘No, Freed, don’t predict my future…  I only want to know, how to stop them from quarrelling…’

‘Uh…  Around the time you aren’t here, both of them will probably stop…’

‘What kind of logic is that?’

‘I name this the Lin Xiang effect…’



We have probably walked for about three hours… we finally reached a lake so clear that one could see the bottom, with a small log house near the lakeside… there were two people nearby, sitting on a stump…

“Father?  Mother?”  Little Silent let her tears flow when she realized who the two were, and rushed over.  The two silhouettes reacted like they had heard Silent Water’s voice, stood up, and ran in our direction too…

“Little Silent!  Hold up… “

Silent Water’s parents should have been dead, then the ones standing there might possibly be the illusions of a demon…

“Reidy, come down.”  I hurriedly put Reidy down and chased after her.

“Hey!  Despicable human!  How dare you treat me with disrespect.”

I ignored the complaint of Reidy at the back, and followed in Silent Water’s direction.

“Father, Mother!”  Silent Water with a tear-filled face dashed into the embrace of a blue-haired lady, while the other that looked cool and sturdy spread his arms and hug those two into his own embrace.

“Little Silent… Little Silent, welcome back.”  The blue-haired lady repeatedly kissed Silent Water’s forehead… they look as if they are very close…   Yalide also confirmed that they are spirits not demons, so they must be the parents of Silent Water in the flesh… but…  How are they still alive…

“Mother…  Father..  I am so glad both of you are fine.”

“Our good daughter, we are the ones that are happy to see you doing fine.”

I stood at one corner, watching the reunion of their family… what a sweet sensation… this is a family… my family…  If I could reunite with my family… then… I can die without regrets.

After being immersed in the happiness of reuniting, Silent Water’s father finally noticed my presence, “Little Silent, this human can’t be…”

“Yes, Father, he is my master…Lin Xiang.”

“Oh?  You even went through the contract process?  Not bad… not bad… only he…”

“I forbid you to bad-mouth master, master is very strong, he was the one who took down Genuoduolasu.”

“What?  Really?  That spirit hunter, Genuoduolasu?  So that’s the reason…”  Silent Water’s father nodded his head, probably thinking back on how powerful that demon was.

“I am very grateful to you, master of Silent Water…  Can I call you Lin Xiang-sama?”  The voice that came out of Silent Water’s mother was like Silent Water’s, so soft and gentle, making those who heard it have a sense of bliss.

”Auntie, please don’t, just call me Xiao Xiang.”

This kind of address… really doesn’t suit me…

“Ok… then Little Xiang-sama… come, have a rest in our house”

“Ugh…  Sir, shall we let this go?”

“I understand, Little Xiang-sama”


———————— Silent Water’s home

“And this thunder spirit is…?”  Silent Water’s father questioned when he noticed Reidy following behind into the house.

“I am from Reiworth family, my name is Reidy.”

“Ohh? Reiworth?  Ah~~it’s been so long since I heard that name, is that dad of yours dead?”

“Not yet, my dad is very healthy and he talks a lot about the times back when you two were together.”

“Humph~~that bastard, I am sure he is still boasting about how strong he was when he was young.”

“Actually, that did not happen, although, my dad was constantly reminiscing about you, I really did not expect you to still be alive and well!”

“Oi… daughter of that bastard, does this count as cursing me?”  Paulie Water snickered.

“No no, I wouldn’t dare…”

Reidy’s performance was out of my expectations, is this really the same unreasonable lady?  Why does it suddenly look like she’s a well-mannered noble?

On the other hand:

“Mother…  How did you and father escape from the attack of Genuoduolasu?  I clearly saw both of you…”

“Saw us turning into vapor, right?”


“The truth is, dear Little Silent, we water spirits, are a special kind of spirit, as we have a total of three forms… ”

“I know, I know, the form consists of liquid… solid… gas?  Don’t tell me…”

“You are right, we changed ourselves to the gaseous form, and escaped …”

“But…  Why didn’t you tell me… all this time, I thought…”

“Haha…. silly child, I also wish I could tell you, but in that situation, what could I tell you?  Furthermore, you couldn’t possibly achieve the vapor state with your magic power at that time…  I did not wish for you to fight… and so I had hid many things about water magic from you, with our protection, you never had to fight and seldom used any magic, therefore you had such a low magic power…”

So that was the reason… no wonder previously, Silent Water’s vibe felt so weak and only needed 10 seconds to replenish her magic; which is incomparable to Reidy who needs more than a minute…

“But now, your magic has increased exponentially and has already far surpassed us… we can’t help but be amazed…”  Silent Water mother’s stopped at this point and took a quick glance at me.  To have such a beauty like Silent Water’s mother look at me so suddenly… I could only return an awkward smile.

“The credit goes to my master.”  Silent Water embarrassedly walked to my side and grabbed onto my clothes.

“I get it… I get it… you have a good master… this matter made me feel relieved… then… Little Silent, what is your purpose coming back to the demon world this time?”

“Oh right, master and I want to gather some Nora Grass.”

“Nora Grass?  What do you want that for?”  Paulie Water who was chatting with Reidy asked when he heard the conversation of Silent Water and her mother.

“Father, master said, we humanoid spirits are rarely seen in the human world… no… never seen before, so, give it a thought, if I were to walk in the streets just like that, won’t I be immediately kidnapped by other evil humans?”

“Oh? That make sense, after all, we are talking about humans here… it’s not in my place to judge… but why do you need the Nora Grass? ”

“Master told me that I only have to carry the Nora Grass with me and I will be able to hide my spiritual aura.”

“Oh?  No wonder some spirits utilize the Nora Grass to build their house, to be able to hide their spiritual aura means being able to hide from the attack of the demons and spirit hunters.  If that’s the case… then, you stay here and have a rest, leave the physical labour to us men, right, kiddo.”


—————————— Forest

“Kiddo, what’s your reason for choosing our family’s daughter?”  While walking, Paulie Water turned his head and looked at me with a serious expression on his face.

“Me?  I’m not sure”

“Then, how do you treat my daughter?”

“I treat her as part of my family… is there anything wrong?”

When I replied, Paulie Water constantly stared into my eyes… making my whole body uncomfortable…  Silent Water’s father… such an intense gaze… don’t tell me… you are gay…

“Humph~~ Lucky you still have some conscience.  If, you dare to treat Little Silent like a slave or an object, I will absolutely not let you off… but family… you must be a good master… we humanoid spirits have never interacted with humans before.  Most humans are black-hearted, they do not treat us with respect, they use us spirits as something to replace them for physical labour… of course, this is all but a large percentage of the human race… a small portion are humans like you… so… putting Little Silent in your care, my mind’s at ease.  There is a prophecy… forget it, your meeting with Silent Water is your fate.  Do not let me down and promise me you will protect her no matter what.  Although you look weak, but to be able let Silent Water’s body holds such strong magic, I doubt you are simple as you look…”

“Uh…  I’m only a little bit special.”  Only reincarnated, plus host to the dragon Gods, nothing much.

“Well~~~ nevermind, let’s go, the Nora Grass is just up front, do you see it?  That light silvery grass?”

“Saw it…  Wah!  So large?  How do I pull it out?”

“Cut it…”  Paulie Water collected water droplets while speaking, till it became a crystal clear blade of water… and waved lightly, the Nora Grass was cut just like that.

The blade is made out of water, right?  Water… isn’t water formless?  How can it still be so sharp…

‘Kiddo, don’t underestimate those inconspicuous elements or objects that looks powerless too much.  Isn’t there a saying that goes “There’s nothing that is useless in this world, only an undiscovered use of it”?’

‘Really?  That’s something new.’

“Oh?  Are you ok?  Got scared after witnessing my water blade?”  Paulie Water laughed as he saw me in a daze and thought that I got scared.

“Nah, it feels… so intense ”

“Is it?  Haha, actually this is just so-so, with such a good opportunity, why don’t I let you experience the prowess of water?”

Wah?  A chance to watch a matured water spirit display his water magic skills?  Am I dreaming?  This is so cool…

“You definitely must give me a chance to experience it.”

After the last word I said, Paulie Water started to display his magnificent skills using water magic, this has opened my eyes and gave me a new understanding of water magic.

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