DKC – Chapter 963

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Chapter 963 – To disclose information (4)

At this moment, a group of black-clothed people wordlessly approached and surrounded them.

This group of black-clothed people, how could Su Luo not be familiar with them? Also, how could Zi Yan not know them too?

The two people who suffered under them empathized with each other, in such a short time, they had been chased to be killed by these black-clothed people while fleeing all over the place.

Seeing the black-clothed people appear, Yunqi’s expression became somewhat ugly.

Su Luo and Zi Yan exchanged a glance, they had a feeling that this matter was somewhat fishy.

Because these black-clothed people stood in an unusual location, they formed a semicircle behind Yunqi’s back. Just as if…. as if they were his subordinates.

Very quickly, their guesses were confirmed.

The leader of the black-clothed people took two steps forward, and bowed to Yunqi: “Young Master, us subordinates arrived late, we ask to be punished.”

Young Master….?!

Su Luo’s brows knotted tightly, a shocked expression flashing through the depths of her eyes.

She could never have imagined that this group of black-clothed people were Yunqi’s subordinates.

Then, what was his relationship with Yan Xia, that old witch?

Yunqi knew the matter was about to be ruined and couldn’t help but to send a sharp glance at that black-clothed leader.

“Step down!” His voice was cold and ruthless, filled with an ice-cold murderous aura from hell.

The black-clothed leader’s body moved slightly, and as expected, he obediently stepped down.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth tore into a mocking sneer: “Ouyang Yunqi, is this the thing you wanted to explain to me?”

Since the beginning when he first saw her, he had already known she was the target of that old witch Yan Xia’s pursuit.

No, maybe he got her information even a step earlier than that.

Then, when he personally went to the dock to greet the little Princess Yulin, was that matter as simple as it seemed on the surface?

Whenever Su Luo recalled how Yunqi advanced step by step with a devised battle plan to force herself into a trap, a gush of rage that seemed to come from nowhere would nearly surge out of her throat.

Right now, Yunqi had a very complicated expression.

However, how could he explain this?

Say that these black-clothed people were not ones he called over? Would she believe him?

For a moment, the atmosphere turned cold, the surroundings issuing a strange factor.

Su Luo tauntingly sneered, and glared forcefully at Yunqi.

Yunqi was mentally exhausted, with endless helplessness, he looked at her who was across from him.

Such a short distance, all of a sudden, he felt that the distance between them was very far.

Yunqi knew that if they were really to fight today, the two of them, including Su Luo, would definitely not be able to escape.

As a result, he half-muttered a promise, and waved his hand soon after: “You guys can go.”

The appearance of the black-clothed people destroyed his plans, now, how angry Yunqi was inside, only he would know.

Su Luo coldly smiled, her deep gaze looking at Yunqi: “Really going to let us go?”

“Go.” Yunqi’s dark eyes contained intoxicatingly soft waves.

“Okay then, we are going.” Su Luo, without demure, grabbed Zi Yan, turned around and was about to leave.

She was afraid if she stayed a second longer, Ouyang Yunqi would change his mind.

However, they hadn’t even taken seven steps before the black-clothed people who stood behind Yunqi scattered and reformed a circle to surround them, encircling the two of them, not leaving a a crack.

A mocking expression flashed through Su Luo’s eyes, she turned her head to look towards Yunqi: “What? You want to go back on the words you just said?”

Yunqi’s indifferent eyes were like sharp swords, bursting forth with specks of cold aura, shooting towards the leader of the black-clothed people.

That group of black-clothed people all listened to the orders of the black-clothed leader.

The black-clothed leader kneeled on one knee towards Yunqi, with his back straight, but didn’t say a word.

His posture was clearly one of waiting to receive punishment.

At the same time, it was a posture to threaten Yunqi with.

“You dare to disobey?” Yunqi’s tone was flat, calm without a thread of unevenness.

But Su Luo was clear that before her, it was merely the calm before the approaching storm.

It seemed that these black-clothed people only listened to that old witch Yan Xia’s words. Yunqi still was unable to command them.

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