DKC – Chapter 831

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Chapter 831 – Variant Red Acacia Tree (7)


Luo Deyi was frightened, scared, afraid and also in pain. She loudly screeched, her voice loud enough to be heard all over the Dark Forest.

Su Luo and the others were close to the lake and there were no obstacles around it. So, all of them saw Luo Dieyi’s miserable experience.

Su Luo and Zi Yan’s eyes met…. Both had an extremely complicated expression in their eyes.

“Eh…..” Su Luo didn’t know what to say.

“What an intrepid little dragon….” Zi Yan nodded her head in silence.

“Only, he is still small….” Su Luo didn’t know how to explain this.

“So small and already so valiant….” Zi Yan sighed deeply.

Su Luo noticed that the more she said, the more she would make the matters worse, so she helplessly shrugged her shoulders.

Compared to the two of them of Su Luo’s party, the color of Luo Haochen’s face could be described as a black pot.

So black that even water could drip out.

He was just about to go save Luo Dieyi personally, however, at this moment, another unforeseen event took place.

Not sure what the little divine dragon had done, but the Variant Red Acacia Tree unexpectedly started swinging back and forth, as if doing the Yangge (1) dance.

Just when Su Luo couldn’t continue watching, and wanted to go take back the little divine dragon——

Suddenly, a green light flashed by.

That Variant Red Acacia Tree suddenly pulled itself up by the roots on its four thick root stems, just like four legs. With a ‘whoosh’ sound, it directly ran forward!

Su Luo simply looked on, dumbfounded.

What was this f*cking world? Even trees can grow four legs like an animal to run and jump about?

Su Luo felt that her view of this world had been broken and was rewritten.

“What are you doing, still staring foolishly? Quickly chase it!” Zi Yan reacted quicker, she grabbed Su Luo and flew to chase after the tree.

Su Luo finally returned to her senses and quickly accelerated to catch up.

Luo Haochen was also stunned by the scene in front of his eyes.

Originally, he had wanted to personally help Luo Dieyi, but seeing Zi Yan and Su Luo chase after the tree, he immediately changed his mind.

“Split off, two people to save the Miss!” Luo Haochen loudly instructed.

Really unlucky!

At this critical moment, Luo Dieyi, this girl, not only couldn’t help, but also dragged him behind!

He saw it clearly, when Luo Dieyi was kicked flying, that pair of Golden Silkworm’s silver threaded gloves were not on her hands.

“Damned Red Acacia Tree!” Luo Haochen cursed in his mind. Wait till he catches it, he’d burn it as firewood.

Up until now, Luo Haochen still didn’t know, it was not the tree that kicked Luo Dieyi flying, rather, it was that constantly cute little dragon.

The Red Acacia Tree ran really fast.

If Su Luo hadn’t already learned the first form of the Spirit Dance Steps, she would have been thrown off long ago.

But now, she was still steadily running in the lead.

Luo Haochen saw Su Luo’s speed and was inevitably shocked!

Before, he had all along thought that Su Luo was Zi Yan’s attendant, so he never thought her worthy of being looked at directly.

Now, he realized, that matters weren’t like that at all.

This girl, who on the surface seemed to be no higher than fifth rank, but her speed was not slower than the seventh-ranked Zi Yan. She actually could steadily run up ahead in the lead.

How could Luo Haochen let a girl run in front of him?

He clenched his teeth and concentrated all of his spirit powers to his feet, his long legs were as fast as lightning.

However, what surprised him was that no matter how fast he was, Su Luo was constantly one step ahead of him.

This discovery simply shocked him.

Zi Yan, who was running side by side with him, noticed this and sneered: “Looks like you’re just so-so, too.”

“Shut up!” Luo Haochen shouted back angrily.

“If you have the ability, then run ahead, why be so fierce.” Zi Yan laughed coldly, then extended her hand towards Su Luo, “Girl, carry your older sister for awhile.”

Su Luo smiled knowingly, caught Zi Yan by her arm, and pulled her up to run side by side with her.

Luo Haochen, who was running behind them, nearly started to spit out blood.


1) Yangge dance – A traditional dance in northern China where you sway your hips and wave a handkerchief the foot work is simple four cross over steps. Yes this translater (June) knows the steps… I am after all from Northen China 😛

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