DKC – Chapter 771

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Chapter 771 – Cultivation breakthrough (9)

The second person….

The third person…

Until the end, when nearly everyone was staring at Su Luo with an identical expression. Their mouths were opened wide, their eyes staring until they were round as a circle.

All of them had their attention fixed on Su Luo.

The Jade Lake’s fairy was the most shocked among them.

“You, you, you….” Today, the Jade Lake’s fairy had already been shocked until she was on the verge of collapse. When she saw Su Luo appear, immediately, it seemed as if she saw a ghost.

Her slender finger pointed at Su Luo, eyes opened very wide, stammering, nearly unable to speak.

Su Luo walked, step by step, towards Li Yaoyao.

Right now, her mouth was hooked in a wickedly cold smile, like the Asura who had walked out of hell. That smiling expression took measure of her and carried a strange ray of light.

Finally, step by step, Su Luo pressed Li Yaoyao, looking at her with a smile that was not quite a smile. Her tone carried a touch of cynicism as she said: “ I heard, you spread the news of my death everywhere?”

Li Yaoyao stared at Su Luo in shock, and was forced to retreat, step by step. Now, her mind was nearly driven mad.

Wasn’t this little slut dead? Wasn’t she blown to death by the ninth-ranked spirit pinball? How could she have walked out of there and still be alive right now?

Why was it like this? Why?!

Su Luo menacingly pressed in, step by step. Her mouth was hooked into a wicked, grim smile: “Seeing me walk out alive, must be very unexpected, right?”

With a ‘bang’ sound, Li Yaoyao bumped into a pillar. The bump almost made her fall down.

However, Su Luo still wouldn’t let her go, and she looked down from above at Li Yaoyao who had stumbled: “Ninth-ranked spirit pinball, your Li family is really generous. I, Su Luo, in you guys’ eyes, is worth a ninth-ranked spirit pinball.”

Even though Su Luo did not directly say that Li Yaoyao used a ninth-ranked spirit pinball to smash her, but the meaning in her words was the same.


Once Su Luo said these words, immediately, nearly everyone at the scene was astonished!

Su Luo didn’t die!

In order to kill Su Luo, Li Yaoyao actually used a ninth-ranked spirit pinball to smash her!

How could a ninth-ranked spirit pinball be something Li Yaoyao, in the younger generation, be able to take out whenever she wanted? How could there not be the support of the older generations?

Able to stand in the throne room, none of them were fools!

Such a simple mental puzzle, almost everyone knew it.

As a result, without Su Luo stating it clearly, everyone had clearly understood the truth.

“No, no, you are lying!” Just at this moment, it seemed as if Li Yaoyao had woken up from a dream. She yelled at Su Luo: “What ninth-ranked spirit pinball? What nonsense are you saying?”

“Li Yaoyao, you still won’t admit to it? Ha ha, do you want me to tell everyone why, when you went out, that you had changed all of your clothing?” Su Luo, with a ghost of a smile, lifted an eyebrow.

“Shut up! I order you to shut up!” That segment of memories was the one that Li Yaoyao hated the most in her heart. Now, being brought up by Su Luo in front of everybody, she was so furious that she wished she could rush up and tear Su Luo into pieces!

Seeing Li Yaoyao’s, this kind of extremely frantic condition, everyone was somewhat puzzled.

Wasn’t the Jade Lake’s fairy supposed to be graceful, composed, gentle and amiable? The her today, compared to the normal her, was like two completely different people.

However, with regards to the question Su Luo tossed out, everyone clearly wanted to hear the gossip. Each and every one of them was looking at Su Luo with curiosity.

Now, all of a sudden, a bright idea occurred to Li Yaoyao. She loudly shouted to Su Luo: “Since you have come out of the Demon Cave, then, how many pieces of Fire Source Stones do you have in your hand?!”

Hearing this sentence from the Jade Lake’s fairy, everyone’s face showed a complicated expression.

What the Jade Lake’s fairy was thinking, they had all realized.

Hearing what was said, Su Luo, not without some regret, took out the Fire Source Stones from within her chest pocket and helplessly said: “I only got two pieces, not as many as yours. Alas, it really is a pity.”

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