DKC – Chapter 734

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Chapter 734 – Su Luo’s Death (4)

But the problem was, she had already passed two rounds in a row! If she passed another round, then she would be Grandmaster Rong Yun’s disciple!

If Su Luo was truly accepted as Grandmaster Rong Yun’s disciple. At that time, even if Su Luo did not ask for favors from Grandmaster Rong Yun, the entire continent still would look upon Su Manor as very important.

Grandmaster Rong Yun only needed to say the word, then Su Manor could immediately reach the heavens in one step. Even the Jade Lake’s Li family must also give Su Manor face.

As a result, Su Zian carried the heavy pressure by the Jade Lake’s Li family. He wholeheartedly shouldered the pressure, waiting for the results of the disciple selection before making a decision. No matter how extremely forceful Li Yaoxiang’s side pressured him, Su Zian continued to bear it, even though he was on the verge of collapse from it. It was merely that he wasn’t sure if he could hold out until the end.

From others’ perspective, ten days’ time would pass in an instant.

However, from Su Zian’s perspective, a day dragged on like a year.

Enduring and enduring, finally, Su Zian endured to the last round of the match.

Su Zian sucked in a deep breath of air: Su Luo ah, Su Luo. This time, everything will depend on you, if you cannot win the third round, you can just get out of Su Manor!

This time, everyone did not assemble in the throne room. Instead, they came to the Demon Cave, a distance of a day’s travel from the imperial capital.

At this time, besides Grandmaster Rong Yun, Su Luo and Li Yaoyao, there were many others who were here to watch the spectacle.

For example, Su Manor and Liu Manor…..every aristocratic and wealthy family from the Imperial Capital had sent representatives to watch. The entire scene was bustling and very lively.

Places with many people would definitely have a lot of spirited discussions.

“You tell me, this time, who do you think will win?”

“Do I even need to say it? It definitely will be Jade Lake’s fairy!”

“Exactly, not only is the Jade Lake’s fairy’s strength greater than Su Luo, in addition, you know this is the Demon Cave oh. This is the place where the Jade Lake’s fairy could be considered the host, like fish in water.”

“That may not be true. In the previous rounds, didn’t you all say that Su Luo would certainly lose? However, she still staggered along and charged through.”

“You also said that she had staggered along and charged through. However, it could be seen that she had already exhausted her abilities. What’s more, the Jade Lake’s fairy hasn’t used all her strength, it can be said that she was being polite and going easy on Su Luo.”

“Right. It is definitely like this, she is giving Su Luo some points!”

When Beichen Ying’s trio heard these people’s words, they rolled up their sleeves and were about to beat them up.

What do you mean by Li Yaoyao going easy on Su Luo? Motherfucker, Li Yaoyao wished she could actually throw Su Luo far away. Why would she go easy on Su Luo? They didn’t know how hard Su Luo had to prepare for this exam, but Beichen Ying and the others were there to see it all.

Su Luo pulled Beichen Ying and the others to a stop. She was all smiles as she said: “Don’t go.”

“Sister-in-law!” Exclaimed Beichen Ying, unable to accept it.

“After the results come out, at that time, they would be slapping their own faces with ‘pow, pow’ sounds. That would be more pleasurable.” Su Luo unconcernedly said.

Beichen Ying thought a bit and felt that this way was also good. Seeing them slap their own faces was truly more pleasurable.

These three extremely handsome youths fiercely glared at that group of gossiping people. They obediently stood behind Su Luo in a half-circle.

Grandmaster Rong Yun pointed towards that sinister cave opening, and shot Li Yaoyao and Su Luo a slight glance: “Inside the Demon Cave, there are Fire Source Stones, whoever can bring out the most wins.”

“Fire Source Stone?” Everyone’s face had a huge question mark.

The price of a Fire Source Stone was very high, but since the Jade Lake’s Li family could even take out purple-colored crystal stones, how hard could it be to get a Fire Source Stone?

What if somebody was to cheat?

Naturally, Grandmaster Rong Yun had already thought of a countermeasure: “Those Fire Source Stones have already been marked by this apothecary. No one could pass off a fake one for the real thing.”

The mark was his unique spiritual signature, so even an expert stronger than him could only erase the mark, but could not substitute an fake unmarked one for the real one.

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