DKC – Chapter 721

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Chapter 721 Rong Yun’s bias (8)

Su Luo stepped out of the throne room. The first person she saw was Beichen Ying.

This child’s head of hair was a chaotic mess. He looked messy and cut a very sorry figure. His complexion seeming travel worn and exhausted. However, his eyes were deep and alive.

With both hands crossed over his chest, he leaned on the red pillar flamboyantly, with deep eyes that contained a smile as he looked at Su Luo.

Su Luo smilingly patted his shoulders: “You arrived too late, otherwise, you would have seen a good play. Truly regretful.”

Beichen Ying grasped that purple-colored crystal stone in his hands tightly, and placed it behind his back. His expression had a touch of lament: “That is truly regretful.”

From an angle that Su Luo could not see, a changed expression flashed through his eyes.

These few days, he had hurried day and night to finally make a round trip between Beichen Palace and the Eastern Ling capital.

Because he was afraid of ambushes set up by the Jade Lake’s Li family, he had notified Lan Xuan and Anye Ming. He asked them to impersonate him and lure away the opponent’s experts.

Afterwards, he quickly rushed to the Imperial Palace. Originally, he wanted to directly go in. But instead, he stealthily flew to the roof to watch.

He had calculated everything, only, he could never have calculated that Luo girl would actually win the first round by relying on herself.

This time, in the end, he still was of no help.

Su Manor.

The news of Su Luo’s draw with the Jade Lake’s fairy in the first round was
passed around very quickly.

Su Zian who originally was paying an abnormal amount of attention to this, naturally knew the results immediately.

The second he knew of this news, he immediately sank into ecstasy!

He truly never expected that that loathsome girl would actually be this hardworking. She was able to pass, standing side by side with the Jade Lake’s fairy.

Even if it was just luck, so what, luck was also a part of one’s strength.

Su Zian was currently waiting for Su Luo to return, and wanted to wantonly praise her. He wanted to make up for the lack of father-daughter feelings for these many years.

Su Zian couldn’t help but secretly repent. These years, he truly did not treat Su Luo well. Among his children, he often neglected Su Luo, to the extent that their father-daughter relationship became estranged.

However, it didn’t matter, from now on, he would treat that girl as a pearl in his palm. Concentrating all his doting on her, he believed at that time, their father-daughter relationship would advance by leaps and bounds.

Just when Su Zian became more and more excited and happy from these thoughts, suddenly, a letter flew in from the window.

At this moment, Su Zian had his hands on the table. The dagger with the letter attached inserted perfectly in the crack between his fingers!

How strong was this expert who threw the dagger, and how accurate was his strength of control over the dagger?

It must be said that Su Zian was a fifth rank expert.

Su Zian looked at that letter, his eyes flashing with astonishment. He rushed out to chase after this person and inspected all around. He discovered that the opponent had already disappeared.

That’s right, if someone capable of secretly throwing the dagger into the crack between Su Zian’s fingers, it meant his strength was much greater than Su Zian’s. Then, how could he be caught by Su Zian.

Even if Su Zian could catch up, then what could he actually do?

When he understood this, Su Zian resolutely returned to the great hall. He looked at the letter that appeared so mysteriously, his eyes squinting dangerously.

He had a very bad premonition.

The night was pitch-black as ink.

Su Zian shut himself in his study.

The doors and windows were closed tightly, the entire room was covered all around in pitch-black darkness.

Su Zian’s complexion was hard to distinguish in the gloomy darkness, none could see it clearly.

At this moment, he held the letter that was delivered this afternoon. It was very clear that the wax seal on top of it had already been broken.

Su Zian opened the letter, and very carefully looked at it once more. In the end, he angrily threw the letter on the table!

The words written on it was very clear.

Su Luo was not his, Su Zian’s, daughter.

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