DKC – Chapter 495

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Chapter 495 – Life and death duel (2)

“Twing, thump, twing, thump——”

Just at the moment they were startled, the sound of arrow after arrow shooting into their flesh came in an unbroken succession.

“Ah, ah, ah——”

The pirates that were hit immediately screamed repeatedly, the cries of pain were non-stop and extremely tragic.

Originally, these pirates were still strutting around very arrogantly, but with a slight brush of Nangong Liuyun’s sleeves, all of their bodies were hit with arrows.

The lucky ones weakly toppled onto the deck, wailing in anguish again and again.

Some stood unsteadily and directly rolled into the ocean. In a split second, they were washed away by the sea until they were nowhere to be found.

Nangong Liuyun’s accuracy and control had simply reached perfection.

He didn’t let the arrow enter vital parts of their bodies, rather, he shot it into their arms, thighs and places where meat was thick with coarse skin.

If everyone thought that this was Nangong Liuyun being merciful and kind-hearted, being lenient with his actions, then they would be gravely mistaken.

The tip of the arrow was smeared with extremely toxic poison, the people that were shot were going to die anyway. Him shooting the arrows towards their non-vital parts was merely to let them suffer a little longer before dying, and nothing more.

Now, Nangong Liuyun was holding onto Su Luo, calmly standing in the middle of that narrow, hollow wood.

At this moment, his brocade robe danced lightly, he had a smiling expression like a handsome noble son in the troubled world, standing alone among this generation. He was so exceedingly refined, it was as if at any moment, he would be promoted to become an immortal.

He had a careless smile on his face, that was laid-back and as light as clouds and gentle as the wind, as if the surrounding tragic sight and desperate scene wasn’t even the tiniest bit related to him.

Su Luo couldn’t help but sigh secretly in her heart.

Those people that became the enemy of this man, how unfortunate could they be? This kind of Nangong Liuyun, who would dare to have him as an enemy?

“Is this stage show still fun to watch?” Nangong Liuyun bent over as he smilingly looked at Su Luo.

Killing people like cutting grass, wearing a smiling expression, and also saying that this was merely a staged show…Su Luo felt that compared to him, she didn’t even have the demeanor of a killer.

“If Luo girl is still dissatisfied, then…” A shallow, unrestrained smile appeared on Nangong Liuyun’s face, his beautiful eyes were brilliant and overflowing with color, as if he had again found something fun to play with.

Once these words were said, the people that were still alive on that boat was immediately scared pale.

Especially that middle-aged, vulgar fellow.

His martial arts cultivation, among this crowd of people, was considered the best, so when Nangong Liuyun reflected back those arrows, he was also the fastest to avoid them.

Not to mention before, he had pushed himself too much into the limelight. A bird that pokes its head out, gets shot, this reasoning, he hadn’t understood since the beginning.

Just based on those few disgraceful sentences he said about Su Luo, how could Nangong Liuyun forgive him?

Nangong Liuyun naturally would attend to him the most.

Altogether, just counting the arrows alone that swiped by his body.

On his head, face, body and surroundings…every time, all the arrows swiped by, leaving behind a very small cut. It was not enough to take his life, but this kind of poison had a special trait——

That it was itchy.

An unusual itch.

Now, this middle-aged vulgar fellow’s entire head and face was swollen like a pig’s head. Even that pair of eyes was also swollen be beyond recognition.

“Spare our lives, noble swordsman, chivalrous female, it was our eyes that had failed to recognize Mount Tai. Breaking ground over the head of the god of the year, Tai Sui’s, we beg you guys. Consider the fact that we are all poisoned, please spare us.”

Nangong Liuyun, relying on just one move, no, he didn’t even need one move to make all of them despondent enough to spit out blood. How could little fries like them dare to contend against such strength? Perhaps even the boss wouldn’t be able to use ten moves in the hands of this expert.

This person was simply too strong, didn’t know from where he popped out from.

Nangong Liuyun merely swept them with an indifferent glance, he didn’t even bat an eye.

That middle-aged vulgar fellow was also one who could read people, his ability to read someone’s body language was not lacking, otherwise, it was unlikely for him to have crawled up to this position.

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