DKC – Chapter 466

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Chapter 466 – Mountain of flames (1)

Li Aotian, who was chasing behind her with a malicious expression and a grim gaze, tenaciously pursued any scent of Su Luo she might have left behind.

His originally sinister face right now had bloody scars scratched by sharp claws, with the flesh flipping outwards and the wound so deep that even the bone could be seen. It would cause people who saw it to be shocked by this ghastly sight and to be scared witless.

There were also many wounds on his body. Fresh blood dyed his entire robe red, and the smell of blood was very strong.

However, seeing his speed which was as fast as a stormy wind, made it seem as if it was all external wounds, while his strength didn’t seem to have suffered much.

On the contrary, there was already no silhouette of the huge, foolish bear, didn’t know what its current state was.

While Li Aotian was pursuing, at the same time, he coldly crooned: “Loathsome girl, cherish well this last bit of opportunity to breathe. Very soon, you will never need to breathe again.”

That huge, foolish bear had been very difficult to deal with, if it was not for the fact that it had just given birth not long ago, he absolutely could not defeat it.

A magical beast was a magical beast, even under the circumstances where its strength had been reduced, it could still fight to a draw with him. Ultimately, he was preoccupied with hunting down Su Luo, that loathsome girl, so he had no choice but to toss that little foolish bear back. Otherwise, they would still be fighting.

“Loathsome girl, see where you can run to now!” Li Aotian’s expression was cold and gloomy, with a grim laugh, a vigorous spirit force condensed under his feet in a split second.

Immediately, a brilliant ray of light burst out from under the soles of his feet, his speed was at its pinnacle, leaving behind a savage. shadowy image in the sky.

That astonishing speed swept past the forest, tightly chasing after Su Luo’s back.

“Oh no!” Su Luo, by chance, turned her head around. She saw that behind her, not far away, was a savage shadow stepping on top of trees with the utmost speed, coming over and pursuing her.

Through her naked eyes, it could clearly be seen that he had almost arrived with violent speed!

Su Luo’s expression changed slightly.

She knew Li Aotian was enraged and had no plans to intermingle with her again. Rather, he was prepared to directly kill her.

His patience had already arrived at the lowest point.

The little divine dragon seemed to have sensed Su Luo’s deep worry, and gave two howls of ‘awoo’. A white, brilliant light erupted from his body and wove towards both of Su Luo’s legs.

“Sssss——” Su Luo immediately inhaled a deep breath of air.

What did she discover?

After the little divine dragon’s white light was added to the soles of her feet, her speed actually increased. She visually estimated that her speed had increased by ten percent or so.

Su Luo was puzzled and looked at the little divine dragon: “What’s going on?”

She sensed it was not only her speed that was amplified, even her strength had followed along to also increase by ten percent.

The little divine dragon: “Awoo, awoo, awoo——” A new ability, can increase Master’s strength by ten percent!

It really was like this! Su Luo’s expression was overjoyed and continued to inquire: “Is it just by ten percent?”

The little divine dragon: “Awoo, awoo, awoo——” Every time she rose one level, he could give master an increase of another ten percent.

If it was not for the fact that they were on the road fleeing right now, Su Luo wished she could grab the little divine dragon and madly kiss him a few times.

This reward was simply too wonderful.

When she was at the fourth rank, her strength could be increased by ten percent, when she was fifth rank, then it would be amplified by twenty percent, when she was sixth rank it would be thirty percent….and so on, she was simply blessed.

However, it’s a pity her strength was too weak right now, even if it was increased by another ten percent, it still didn’t have much use.

All of a sudden, Su Luo felt danger getting closer.

Just at this moment, she exploited the ten percent increase in speed under her feet, and released the spirit dance steps, once again displaying this marvelous technique.

In a flash, her body leaned to the left at a strange angle and slid a far distance away.

Her speed was astonishing and also left behind a remnant shadow.


Just at this time Su Luo’s figure slid away, a huge palm strike heavily landed at the place Su Luo was a moment ago!

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