DKC – Chapter 446

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Chapter 446 – Softly fragrant and romantic (3)

Su Luo was immediately speechless.

Already wounded to this degree, and still this in love with being clean?

Seeing him determined to be this way, obstinate like a little old man, in the end, Su Luo was unable to dissuade him, so she compromised: “Okay, okay, sit here, this young lady will wait upon you.”

At an angle, Su Luo couldn’t see the corner of Nangong Liuyun’s mouth lifting slightly into a smiling expression of having gotten his way.

Nangong Liuyun leisurely reclined on the mattress of the bed, watching Su Luo busily rushing about because of him. She was running back and forth, this gave rise to the full satisfaction and bliss in his eyes.

Su Luo had an entirely different mood from his.

This deserted mountain on an isolated island with nothing, and he as a great young master of the house, still had so many demands. If it were not for considering that he had received a serious wound, she would not felt like dealing with him.

Su Luo gave a heavy sigh, stooped down to fetch a bucket of fresh water to return, and also added a portion of Celestial Spirit Water inside.

If others were to know that Su Luo was this extravagant, very likely, they would have gone insane.

Celestial Spirit Water, at that time, such a small bottle, and Su Manor had considered it to be an extremely precious treasure that was guarded seriously at the residence.

But now, Su Luo had picked up half a bucket of Celestial Spirit Water, poured it into a huge circular tub, and then stirred it carefully to get it evenly distributed.

Subsequently, Su Luo again used her fire attribute’s capability to directly heat up this tub of water to the appropriate temperature. She felt it was more or less ready, then Su Luo recalled that she hadn’t brought soap.

She couldn’t help but look to the sky and sigh.

She vowed to wait until she returned to the empire, there she would equip all the necessary goods for everyday living in order to prepare for use in times of need. Otherwise, an empty space was only suited as a decorative item, and not cleverly used as a great secret tool for leaving home to travel.

Nangong Liuyun noiselessly appeared, and passed to Su Luo a handful of grass: “Take this.”

“This is?”

“Aromatic Soap Grass.” Nangong Liuyun gave a cough and said: “It’s much easier to use compared to regular soap. It also has a sweet scent.”

Su Luo received the grass in a daze, suddenly, she returned to her senses.

Ever since they entered the cave, she had helped him heal by cutting off the rotted flesh, when did he still have the time to leave the cave? Then in the end, from where did he bring out this handful of Aromatic Soap Grass?

Suddenly, Su Luo recollected that when she first entered the cave to find a path, she didn’t see him, could it be at that time…Su Luo’s complexion darkened slightly and unenthusiastically cast him a glance.

“So it turns out you had already been prepared since earlier.” Su Luo crossed both hands over her chest, her gaze landing on his body was as light as a feather.

Nangong Liuyun gave a slight cough and turned his face away, but his tone was still tough: “This king was soaked in seawater for an entire night, unlike someone who had a layer of ice as protection!”

This bastard certainly said it on purpose! Deliberately mentioning that matter to give birth to guilt in her heart.

Su Luo admitted it, every time she remembered this matter, she would be extremely remorseful about last night’s event.

“Okay, wasn’t blaming you.” Su Luo snorted twice.

“Also not considering why this king’s wound was so serious.” Nangong Liuyun grumbled some more, with a complaining tone, he said: “At that time, if this king had complied, how could I end up like this right now?”

Immediately, Su Luo’s entire face blackened. What was this bastard doing? Complaining that he didn’t comply with the Jade Lake’s Fairy in the Joyous Conjugal Room?

Nangong Liuyun cast a glance at Su Luo and again muttered with a faint blaming tone: “Also not examining, if it was not because of chasing after someone, how could more injuries be added to this king’s wounds. To the point that this king can’t even bathe himself?”

This was taking all his injuries and completely unjustly placing them on top of her head? Su Luo choked on a breathe of air, but couldn’t send it out in anger after all.

“Fine, fine, fine, it was all my fault, I will take responsibility till the end.” If he was to continue speaking, even living in this cave would also be her fault.

Only now did Nangong Liuyun arrogantly raise his chin, with both hands behind his back, and he leisurely said: “Of course it is.”

Su Luo did not feel like taking notice of this rogue, and pulled him to sit on the stool.

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  1. Bunnyfufu says:


  2. dysry says:

    “I will take responsibility till the end”

    Are they now unofficially engaged? Thanks for the chapter

    • June says:

      Nope I think Su Luo was too exasperated by Nangong Liuyun to notice what she said…just like any mother being driven crazy by a bratty kid 😆

    • RoflCat says:

      Well, he got that 3 month ‘trial’ promise out of her.

      Now if he’d stop being so arrogant she’d be nicer to him.

  3. Erebus says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

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    thank you—!
    -clicks tongue- he’s heaping all the blame on her—! su luo, don’t be too taken in! ah, but i suppose it’s too late, lol!

  5. DarwenGwein says:

    The only way out is to game him right back, Su Luo! Don’t get sucked into his pace!
    This was taking all his injuries and completely unjustly placing them on top of her head? Su Luo nearly choked on a breathe of air, but her face slowly composed itself, hiding her anger.

    “I see. The existence of this young woman seems to be quite dangerous for you. That you would nearly lose your life because of me, it’s too terrible. How could I face the world if I forced his highness Prince Jin to his death? I’m afraid that is not a burden I can bear.”

    Her words monotone and sincere, Su Luo turned towards the exit of the cave with steady steps. The almost invisible smirk on Nangong Liuyun’s lips froze, and when Su Luo had taken several steps with no sign of returning, called out.

    “Where go you now? Is it so unreasonable to wait upon This King after the lengths This King has gone for his wife? How costly must be your gratitude if This King has not yet earned it.”

    Su Luo stopped her feet, but did not turn around, her voice unchanging.

    “As you have been saying for quite some time now, is it not my actions that have endangered you? Is it not my fault that your life hangs in a precarious balance? You have certainly earned my gratitude, and now I grant you my repayment.”

    Su Luo glanced over her shoulder, her jet black hair waving and cascading with the movement of her head, the white skin of her neck peeking through like sparkling stars in the night sky. With a sidelong glance, her bright and cunning eyes locked with Nangong Liuyun’s.

    Normally when they were alone like this, Nangong Liuyun would see in those eyes a delicious defiance, or an adorable confusion. These eyes however were filled with apathy, as though the concern in Su Luo’s words might as well refer to a pitiful butterfly she had accidentally stepped upon.

    Nangong Liuyun felt an ache in his chest unrelated to his injuries or disease. In fact, it felt most similar to a pain he received many years ago… His face darkened, and he could make no reply. Why would this feel so similar? At his silence, Su Luo resumed her exit.

    At the mouth of the cave, Su Luo offered her parting words.

    “Rest easy, Your Highness Prince Jin. I relieve you of the responsibility for my life, though I’m still not sure when you took such a thing upon yourself. Consider this internal demon of yours conquered, for you will never have to deal with her again.”

    Though we all know Su Luo’s potential for cool lines falls to zero as soon as Sexy Stue enters a scene, so fat chance of that…

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      Would you like to write some Fanfic? People would love to see papa dragon fanfics.

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        I still need to read a lot more Xianxia before I can reliably write fiction for it. The Taoist mythos is deceptively complicated, and I haven’t figured out what you can BS in your writing yet. Also need to get more familiar with the Eastern specifics to respect; it’s subtly different from Western concepts, but I suppose that’s most interpersonal views between cultures.

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    want to slap both of them…. the cool lines! where’s the cool lines? the author said that the two are two-faced and sharp-mouthed? where’s these traits?

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      I sometimes feel that the author completely forgets that SL was an assassin in her previous life, that she is supposed to quick-witted in dealing with people..

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    Romance scenes are supposed to make a girl’s heart go bathump-bathump..
    Why is it that I feel exasperated at their “romance”?

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    Does SL have to give into NL’s demands. You cant spoil a child. Show him whos in charge

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