DKC – Chapter 424

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Chapter 424 – A narrow escape (6)

“Beichen Ying, you dare!” The crown prince’s eyes were malicious, he shouted loudly with violent fury.

“As long as we wipe out all of you, who will know it was us who killed all of you?” Beichen Ying seemed to really have this intent, and shot a meaningful glance towards Lan Xuan, them two. The three of them formed a circle and simultaneously approached the crown prince.

The crown prince’s mind became somewhat frantic, pointing at him while cursing in rage: “Beichen Ying! Nangong Liuyun, however, has already made an oath! You guys, don’t come over! You guys stand still by this prince’s orders!”

It was really like what Beichen Ying said, to kill someone here, in order to silence them, this place was simply too suitable.

“Second oldest is second oldest, we are us. We never swore not to kill you oh, stupid crown prince.” Beichen Ying smiled happily as he got nearer to the crown prince, the other two were also getting closer.

A fearful expression came across the crown prince’s eyes.

Nangong Liuyun indeed did swear an oath, however, he didn’t swear it on behalf of these few childhood friends of his.

He knew that these few individuals extremely loathed him, maybe they really would….

The three of them, with Beichen Ying, formed a triangle and surrounded the crown prince who was in the middle. Now, the crown prince looked like a trapped, condemned beast.

Just at this most critical juncture.

Suddenly, from the ground came a slight noise.

“Not good!’ Beichen Ying surreptitiously had a bad premonition all of a sudden, he hastily retreated backwards.

Suddenly, this stone room seemed too strange, why was it that there were traps and snares everywhere?

Now, a hole appeared out of the ground from nowhere, it directly swallowed up the three in Beichen Ying’s group, along with the crown prince. The four people simultaneously dropped into the black hole.

In a split second, the four people’s figures vanished without a trace.

In a blink of an eye, the ground once again was restored to its original state. It was as though a black hole had never appeared previously.

Su Luo bit her lower lip and pressed up tightly to the wall, deep worry lines flashed across her eyebrows.

In the end, what was going on? Why was it that people would vanish in an unbroken succession?

It seemed as if imperceptibly, there was a hand manipulating everything, and they were like the chess pieces in the opponent’s palm, being toyed with by him.

Now, there was not much time, and she didn’t know if Beichen Ying and them would meet with a mishap…also, there was Nangong Liuyun…A worried expression flashed through Su Luo’s eyes.


Su Luo felt that in front of her eyes, it had gone black, a man’s image that stood straight appeared in front of her.

She lifted her eyes and encountered a pair of eyes that was full of maliciousness and rancor.

“Li Aotian!” Su Luo clenched her teeth and exhaled out in a low voice.

Now, the corner of Li Aotian’s mouth burst open in a coldly detached and sneering smile. His sinister gaze stared fixedly at Su Luo, unblinkingly staring at her, and giving a person an eerily strange kind of feeling.

Su felt her back become a little chilled.

Li Aotian finally opened his mouth, his tone was as tender as if speaking to a sweetheart: “What, afraid?”

This kind of Li Aotian was ten times scarier than when he was being coldly detached.

He closed in step by step, Su Luo could only continuously retreat….

What to do? The killing intent in Li Aotian’s eyes were just that obvious, Su Luo could see it with one glance.

He wanted to kill her.

Furthermore, it was not the kind that would be settled with one cut, rather, it was the kind where she would constantly be tormented…until she died.

Su Luo had never once wished she had peerless formidable strength as she did now.

Now, she was only a third rank whereas Li Aotian was a sixth rank. In his eyes, she was a piece of fish meat on top of a chopping block, no matter how he slaughtered, she lacked the strength to resist. .

In his pair of eyes, clearly, he had considered her to be a dead person, a dead person…

Su Luo sucked in a deep breath, her complexion was calm and easy-going. With an indifferent smile, she said: “Li Aotian, why is it that only you are fine?”

“Aren’t you also fine?” Li Aotian forcefully got closer step by step, with a smile that was not a smile, as he approached Su Luo.

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      “Your family must be so proud of you. I do wonder how they would look at the dumped brat though. Would she take up the role of an aged auntie with no hope of getting married?”

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