DKC – Chapter 422

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Chapter 422 – A narrow escape (4)

The huge, black-colored boulder smashed down, paused just a little, and then directly rolled towards the position where those two were!

This huge boulder ignored everyone else, as if only possessing endless hatred for Su Luo, clinging to her and not letting her go.

The huge boulder carried sufficient spirit force to engulf everything as it rolled over to crush them!

Whereas, there was only a smooth wall behind her and Nangong Liuyun!

There was no way to avoid it.

Nangong Liuyun, with his back pressed up against the wall, concentrated all the spirit force he had into both his hands to hold off the rolling and crushing force of that huge boulder.

The huge, black-colored boulder was stopped momentarily, but it seemed to be getting angry and roared. It constantly raised its power where it was stopped, the ground echoing with sounds of friction, its strength abruptly increasing dramatically.

Now, the huge boulder was like a crazy magical beast, unreasonably and wholeheartedly moving forward with vigor. Whoever tried to obstruct it, would be killed by it!

Even though Nangong Liuyun’s expression was unperturbed without a single ripple, but Su Luo saw that his forehead was coated with a thin layer of perspiration that condensed into beads that tumbled down.

It could clearly be seen that the pressure on Nangong Liuyun was surely very great.

“Go quickly!” Nangong Liuyun burst out and shouted towards Su Luo.

Now, Su Luo’s heart was somewhat anxious, however, she didn’t listen to his words to leave immediately.

If she was to leave, then what would happen to Nangong Liuyun? His hands only had to loosen a little before he would be crushed by that furious, really huge boulder. At that time, his chances of survival would be bleak.

“Go! Go quickly!” The sweat on Nangong Liuyun’s face rolled down continuously.

Those eyes that were eternally glittering with being in control of everything, now were matchlessly imposing.

Beichen Ying and them two saw him like this, also anxiously ran over to help, but their strength compared to that of the huge boulder, differed too greatly.

Just when Su Luo was at her wit’s end, the ground produced a burst of creaking noises.


That wall behind Nangong Liuyun unexpectedly, and without any reason, disappeared. The strength that was supporting his back was immediately gone.

“Nangong!!!” Su Luo urgently charged towards Nangong Liuyun’s back, she planned to use her own strength to support his back.

However, Su Luo had only taken the first step before the Jade Lake’s Fairy pushed her aside, and only the Jade Lake’s Fairy herself …

“Third senior brother, be careful!” Li Yaoyao quickly threw herself towards Nangong Liuyun, it was as if her entire person was clinging onto his body, firmly holding him.

Su Luo was ruthlessly knocked into the wall, her head became somewhat dizzy.

Just at this moment, suddenly, the huge black-colored boulder gave a world-shaking, bellow and sent out all its strength in a split second, knocking Nangong Liuyun back——

In that moment, Su Luo didn’t have enough time to react——

One could only hear the sound of crashing, a smooth wall dropped from the sky and once again filled in the gap where it had become empty.

But Nangong Liuyun, the Jade Lake’s Fairy, and also that black-colored, really huge boulder, unexpectedly disappeared without a reason.

That wall fitted in seamlessly, just as if it had never disappeared before.

However, Nangong Liuyun really did vanish.

Su Luo stared blankly at the scene in front of her eyes, and for a split second, couldn’t react.

“Oh heavens, this is…” Seeing the words that suddenly appeared on the wall, Beichen Ying was simply stupefied. He turned his head to look at Su Luo with an unimaginably shocked expression.

Su Luo was attracted by his attention, raised her eyes and looked over at him.

However, Beichen Ying jumped up as if his butt was set on fire, and rushed past, leaning his body against the wall, as if he could obstruct the writing on top of the wall this way.

However, how could the movements of the body be faster compared to her gaze?

When Su Luo’s gaze focused on the words on the wall, her entire body became motionless with a shocked expression in her eyes.

“This…is impossible.” Su Luo shook her head, little by little, her voice was soft and weak, as if she was mumbling to herself.

Lan Xuan and Anye Ming also saw the words on that wall, both of the expressions on their faces were also very complicated. Momentarily, they didn’t know what was the best way for them to go and comfort Su Luo.

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