DKC – Chapter 399

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Chapter 399 – Amethyst Fish Palace (21)

Li Aotian really wished to enter the Secret Collection Library a step earlier than everyone else. Seeing the crown prince this selfish and narrow-minded, he had no choice but to also agree.

The two of them concentrated all their spirit force and poured it into the body of that Amethyst Crystal Fish.

Su Luo curiously peered around at them.

Was linking up with the Amethyst Crystal Fish really this difficult?

In any case, it was easy for her to connect with her Amethyst Crystal Fish.

After a drop of blood, it recognized her as its owner, and she only needed to touch it with her mind and she could communicate clearly with the Amethyst Crystal Fish. She could also sense that emotion of deep admiration from a child coming through its body to her.

When Su Luo was in the midst of indulging in flights of fancy, Nangong Liuyun once again pulled her to take another few steps back.

Beichen Ying and Lan Xuan, these several people, still hadn’t taken notice of this action. When they turned their head around, thinking to speak with Nangong Liuyun, they saw he had fallen back many steps.

What kind of clever person was Beichen Ying? These several people had grown up together with Nangong since little, with regards to his two-faced, wise and farsightedness, they naturally worshipped heartily. Everybody’s rapport was very deep and extremely good.

Beichen Ying saw Nangong Liuyun’s position, without saying anything further, with a ‘whoosh’ sound he scuttled to stand behind Nangong Liuyun.

Lan Xuan and Anye Ming also didn’t fall behind, their speed was as fast as whirlwind, with two ‘whoosh’ sounds, they also at last arrived at Nangong Liuyun’s side.

Their voluntary movements, these actions, were somewhat big. Not to mention, they had been the focal point of many people’s attention all along, so each and every move they made was stared at by countless gazes.

Seeing them repeatedly flee back, a trace of panic appeared on everyone’s face. Without waiting for them to utter a question, the matter occurred without any ominous signs.

Nevertheless, it could be said that the crown prince and Li Aotian’s attention were completely focused on the little Amethyst Crystal Fish’s body.

In the wake of more and more spirit force, the red color on that Amethyst Crystal Fish become brighter and brighter. It became increasingly scalding to the hand.

Now, even with the crown prince’s cultivation level, he also felt it was hard to hold on to it.

Li Aotian felt that something was wrong.

Based on the secret written records in the Li family’s treasure storehouse, it never mentioned that it would be this troublesome to open the link to Amethyst Crystal Fish. Moreover, it would also not be burning hot to this degree——

Just when a faint sense of unease emerged in Li Aotian’s heart.

A catastrophe without the slightest warning signs occurred.

One could only see the flaming red Amethyst Crystal Fish in the crown prince’s hand momentarily look like a huge bomb, a loud ‘bang’ sounded, at lightning speed, it openly exploded!

All the spirit force he and the crown prince had poured into it just a moment ago, changed into a powerful, oval-shaped force that unfurled into the surroundings.

Li Aotian’s reaction was fast, his body was nimble, with speed as fast as lightning, he retreated back.

However, because he was caught off guard, his chest was still burned by that sudden explosive force.

He could clearly smell the stench of scorched flesh coming from his chest.

Even Li Aotian was like this, then the crown prince was even more tragic.

One could only see that the hand he used to hold the Amethyst Crystal Fish was blown to pieces. His face was painted black, completely unable to recognize his original features.

His body was lit up like a raging inferno from the explosive burst, flames were scattered all over his body, and half of his hair was nearly charred.

However, it seemed the crown prince was wearing a soft protective armor on his body. As a result, his body still did not suffer too much harm. It was merely that anything above his neck seemed exceedingly shabby and atrocious.

Apart from Li Aotian and the crown prince, this time, there were a great number of people who were affected by the explosion.

There were a few smart ones who, after seeing Beichen Ying group’s actions, had also followed in retreating back beforehand. However, the overwhelming majority of people, because of curiosity, and wanting to see the Amethyst Crystal Fish in order to be the first to burst into the correct path, their figures therefore hadn’t moved.

Thus, when the explosion’s fluctuation assumed an oval shape that arrived to engulf everything, a lot of people were affected by that berserk force.

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