DKC – Chapter 273

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Chapter 273 – Romance in Prince Jin’s Manor (9)

This man was born into high status, and his martial arts cultivation was unparalleled. His power almost overflowed into the heavens, while his entire body was an enigma. This made people puzzled and also gave birth to a sense of curiosity in their hearts.

Su Luo stretched lazily. She dilly-dallied for a good while before getting up to leave the bed.

She asked a servant, and found out Nangong Liuyun had indeed left very early this morning. He had only made it clear that she should obediently stay inside the manor.

He had left first thing in the morning? Don’t know if his body was still in pain or not…Su Luo thought while eating breakfast.

After finishing breakfast, Ling Feng automatically appeared in front of her.

Ling Feng saw Su Luo, his mouth lifted a little. He shot her a glance that was neither cold nor hot. He held his sword and silently stood at the side.

Ling Feng never expected that the boy servant from yesterday, after washing clean, was actually Su Luo. Now, he was somewhat speechlessly looking at the sky. He was just saying that that secretive little boy servant was giving him an odd feeling. So, as it turned out, his gut feeling wasn’t mistaken.

“Where did Nangong go? When will he return?” Su Luo turned sideways while walking to ask Ling Feng.

“His Highness’s whereabouts have always been kept secret. It’s better that Miss Su doesn’t ask.” Even asking was a waste of time, the normally indifferent Ling Feng added this sentence in his heart.

Su Luo was just about to roll her eyes when Ling Feng once again added another sentence in a timely manner, “His Highness said, if the fourth Miss Su woke up in the morning and missed him urgently, might as well take her to the Western Grove courtyard to sit around a while. That courtyard has His Highness’s portraits.”

A breath was stifled in Su Luo’s throat.

This Nangong Liuyun! Who missed him? She was merely asking casually without thinking about it!

Su Luo unhappily glared at Ling Feng: “Such a conceited and arrogant guy. He really think he is a peacock, spreading his tail, bewitching everyone. And also to miss him urgently, I truly have nothing to say to that, not going.”

Ling Feng’s mouth rose a little, in the end he did not respond.

Able to assess his home’s Highness this way without endangering their life, there was only this person in front of his eyes, that didn’t even know or appreciated it, the fourth Miss Su.

Ling Feng’s expression remained unperturbed: “Since Miss Su won’t go to the study, then you should deal with these account books.”

Ling Feng waved his hand, immediately, a row of servants approached in a line. Every one of them had both hands holding very thick accounting books that were piled up so high, it was blocking their line of sight. Their footsteps were shaky and swaying, it looked as if it was very dangerous.

Su Luo looked at those account books, then lifted her eyes to look at Ling Feng with suspicion, opened her mouth and stammered: “What do you mean deal with these account books? Speak human language.”

Both of Ling Feng’s hand was holding onto his sword, his indifferent face was calm as he deemphasized what he said: “His Highness made clear, these things are all matters his future princess must do. Since you now have nothing to do, then just deal with all of this.”

Su Luo smiled a smile that was not quite a smile, and while casting him a glance, she unhurriedly said: “You also said that this things are matters the future princess must handle. Why should this Miss look after it? I’m not going to meddle in affairs that are not part of my position.”

Ling Feng’s face that always seemed to be have nerve paralysis was now hooked into a rare, faint smile. Towards the servants holding the accounts books swaying left and right, he coldly snorted, saying: “Before His Highness left, what he instructed, do you still remember?”

A row of six servants all said in unison: “We remember His Highness said that Miss Su is already His Highness’s woman. She is the future Princess Jin, her position is guaranteed and should get sincere treatment in this house!”

Ling Feng satisfiedly nodded his head. His gaze landed on Su Luo’s face, light as a feather. He merely raised an eyebrow and did not speak.

A breath seemed to be stifled in Su Luo’s chest.

That guy who ruined her reputation!

Why say she was already his woman? Clearly they hadn’t done anything okay?!

Fancy that last night, she was still worried about his illness, so extremely worried that even in the middle of the night, she still couldn’t sleep. Later, she even took out Celestial Spirit Water for him to drink. Was this how he repaid her?

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