DKC – Chapter 203

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Chapter 203 – A new beginning (2)

Should I go look for him? Nangong Liuyun’s beautiful, demonically alluring face appeared in Su Luo’s mind and also his forceful, overbearing temper.

That day when she came back, he apparently had some words to say, but she changed the topic. Ultimately, she had to hurriedly rush back to her courtyard.

It had already been quite a few days that she hadn’t seen him.

However, should she go look for him?

Su Luo shook her head, right now, she still could not stand shoulder to shoulder with him. Even if she went to look for him, what was the use?

Similar to the affair that occurred today, why would Su Zian and the Crown Prince be afraid of Beichen Ying? It was because of his own strength and his family background.

So to speak, in the end, it was still strength.

Currently, she should not be tangled up in the question of whether to see Nangong Liuyun or not. What she ought to do was to raise her cultivation level. To strive to stand at the summit of the strong as soon as possible.

Only at that time, would she have the chance to choose and also the strength to safeguard her happiness.

Su Zian’s actions this time were considered very fast.

In less than two hours, Wisteria Park was tidied up.

Lu Luo also moved in together with Su Luo.

Once she entered the courtyard, Lu Luo’s eyes simply could not handle what she was seeing. A pair of eyes full of stars blinked, as if extremely moved.

“Miss! This is where we will live in from now on?” Lu Luo was so excited that she had completely lost her normal composure. Even though she was speaking to Su Luo, her eyes however were looking all over the place with joyful surprise.

“It’s merely a residence, what’s there to be excited about? Wait until later…” Su Luo suddenly stopped her mouth.

Because she saw a row of four maids as pretty as flowers standing in front of her.

Each and every one of them was fertile, thin as a swallow and had an elegant countenance. This looked like the scene of a beauty contest, and not as if they were here to serve a person.

“Good day to the fourth Miss.” The four maids said simultaneously.

Su Luo frowned slightly.

When she was at the courtyard far from here, there was just Lu Luo and her, mutually depending on each other to live. Everything was also very simple, but now that there were these extra maids serving her, moreover…Su Luo’s gaze swept around once.

Without having to think, within these four maids there was certainly Madam Su’s people.

After instructing Lu Luo to grow more cleverness, Su Luo looked after herself and entered the bedroom.

At night, Su Luo laid on the bed, her mind was thinking of many things.

Now that she had cultivated to the second rank bottleneck, if relying on her own efforts, she didn’t know how long she would stagnate at this stage. However, if she had crystal stones to help, then it was another cup of tea altogether.

Crystal stone…Su Luo’s pair of beautiful eyes became more and more bright.

With the adorable little dragon that could automatically hunt for any treasure present, why would she be afraid of losing when betting on crystal stones?

What’s more, the gold coins dug out from the hole was still hot. Since it was delivered by people with kindness, then not using it would be a waste.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth perked up into a sarcastic smile.

Madam Su, Su Xi, Su Jingyu…Wait for it. Later on, your daily lives will absolutely be exciting!

The second morning, Su Luo had already gotten up earlier.

After she finished making herself presentable, Su Luo, in front of all the servant’s faces, established Lu Luo’s unique and unmatched position as the head maid. Afterwards, she held the adorable little dragon and walked out.

Because of the secret of her space, Su Luo therefore had no intention of taking Lu Luo girl with her.

In the garden, hundreds of flowers strived for beauty.

A burst of cool breeze slowly arrived. The fragrance assailed the nostrils, gladdening the heart.

Seeing the beautiful, wonderful butterflies fluttering among the flowers, the adorable little dragon struggled to get down from Su Luo’s embrace.

The foolish and silly, adorable little dragon’s thoughts were easiest to guess. Su Luo recalled that butterfly being pounced on from before and with the body accidentally destroyed without leaving a trace, and the corner of her mouth moved. She rubbed his head: “Alas, stop making a disturbance. Later when we go out, you can then play, all right?”

If other people caught sight of a snow-white puppy puffing out fire…Su Luo couldn’t help but touch her forehead. Towards that kind of outcome, she would be somewhat speechless.

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