DKC – Chapter 180

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Chapter 180 – A hundred mouths can’t be refuted (4)

“Qing’er, You….” Su Zian and Madam Su both bit their lips. They nervously and expectantly looked at Su Qing. Awaiting news about what they were hoping for, from her mouth.

Su Qing lightly smiled and nodded her head slightly, “Qing’er was lucky and did not dishonor her name. This time’s seclusion into closed door cultivation helped me advance to the fourth rank.”

Her words were clear and nonchalant. However, it possessed a kind of arrogance of looking down on people that was proud and aloof.

Indeed, being able to advance to the fourth rank at her age, her prospects were simply beyond measure.

It was important to note that apart from His Highness Prince Jin, whose formidable and abnormal innate gift allowed him to advance to the seventh rank before twenty years old, even surveying the entire Eastern Ling empire, people who were capable of advancing to the fourth rank at her age could be counted on one hand. Only a very few people could be counted.

Having heard what was said, Su Zian was immediately surprised but ecstatic!

“Good! Good, good, good! Simply great! I, Su Zian, having really amassed a lot of fortune and virtuous deeds for most of my life, only then the wonderful daughter that I was longing for had come! Hahahahaaa——” Su Zian was so happy that he laughed heartily. He had an expression of being extremely proud of himself.

Madam Su was even happier. She held onto Su Qing’s hand and smiled unceasingly. She nodded her head and repeatedly praised her daughter.

Out of the corner of Su Qing’s eyes, she glanced at Su Xi who was at her side. Seeing her lovable and charming little face with her red lips starting to pout, Su Qing’s gaze casted towards Su Zian and smilingly said. “Congratulations to Father and Mother for two simultaneous happy events in the family.”

“Oh? Besides your news, there is an additional happy occasion?” Su Zian said with a gentle voice.

Right now, he simply dearly loved Su Qing to the bones.

“Daddy still doesn’t know, right? This time, Xi’er’s luck is even better. She had a fortuitous meeting on the road. Now, she is already at the third rank.” Su Qing smilingly said.

“Third rank? Xi’er, is this true?” Regarding this matter, the happiest was none other than Madam Su.

Each and every one of her children had become a person worthy of respect, allowing her to be very satisfied.

“Ah!” Seeing everyone’s eyes concentrated on her own body, Su Xi’s originally prideful expression suddenly became somewhat shy. She put on the appearance of a lady, lowered her head and nodded.

“Good! Very good! Simply great! Indeed, the heavens have really assisted my Su family!” Su Zian was unable to suppress being proud of himself and started to laugh heartily: “Really worthy of being my, Su Zian’s, daughter. Really capable of earning face for your father!”

He slanted his head towards Madam Su with a yielding and laughing voice and said, “Madam wife, you gave birth to good daughters. Each and every one of them is worthy of respect. This general is overjoyed. Unlike those two concubine’s daughters. One compared to the other, is even more useless and good-for-nothing; annoying and bothersome. Haha. The ancients truly did not deceive me. The fruits from the first wife compared to the concubine’s are indeed as different as the sky and earth!”

Su Zian now completely lacked any misgivings about Su Luo’s mood. In front of everyone, he hardly tried to mask his show of love and bias towards the other two daughters.

A thread of previously absent mocking expression flashed through Su Luo’s eyes.

A third ranked Su Xi?

A fourth ranked Su Qing?

It really was indeed formidable, ah. Their cultivation practice spread was really fast, ah. She was really about to die from envy, ah.

Compared to them, she really was a second-rate little loser, in the family, the one with her head was at the lowest position.

However, if Su Zian knew, that Su Luo had merely used a month’s time to advance from nothing to the second rank, it would very likely scare him to death.

Because even Su Xi, the little genius that he had always labeled as gifted, had started her cultivation practice at five years old. She had cultivated for the entire eight years and merely reached the pinnacle of the second rank. If it was not for a coincidental opportunity this time, who knew when she would break through to the third rank.

However, Su Luo had reached the second rank only using the short period of a month, exactly thirty days.

This kind of cultivation speed, not merely surveying the Eastern Ling empire, even surveying the entire continent, one would not find another’s cultivation speed that could compare to hers.

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