DKC – Chapter 175

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Chapter 175 – Schemes within a scheme (7)

Su Luo snatched it away and looked at it, immediately, she was struck dumb.

Could it be that the gods especially favored her?

Was she really the bastard daughter of the goddess of fortune?

At this moment, even she herself somewhat believed it.

The thing being held in the adorable little dragon’s mouth was none other than a gold coin. It glittered with golden light, authentic-looking, it was a gold coin cast by the imperial government.

What was strange was that this gold coin had some moist soil on it.

“Where did it come from? Is there more?” Su Luo turned over and got off her bed, and in high spirits, held the adorable little dragon. She poked at his head.

This baby was simply too cute. Everytime she landed in a predicament, he would always lend a helping hand.

Su Luo discovered that he had astonishing insight with regards to treasures.

In a nutshell, he had the instinctual ability to hunt down treasure.

Within the range of his body’s ability, as long as there was a treasure, it wasn’t capable of escaping his exceptionally sensitive nose.

He could actually find a gold coin in this dilapidated little courtyard. His ability was really too formidable.

“Awoo, awoo——” Both of the adorable little dragon’s eyes shone, he bit Su Luo’s trouser leg, indicating that she should follow after him.

This gold coin had moist soil on it, quite clearly, it had been dug out of the ground. Could this dilapidated little courtyard really have some buried gold coins?

Countless questions flashed through Su Luo’s heart. Her footsteps automatically followed after the adorable little dragon, leaving him ahead to show the way.

The little thing only ran for a short while before stopping. He lowered his head towards the little hole and started wailing “awoo, awoo…”

Here, there was a huge Locus tree and it was also in Su Luo’s courtyard.

Su Luo went closer and looked, both of her eyes shone like the adorable little dragon’s.

Sparkling, shining gold coins were piled full in a trunk. She visually estimated that there were about ten thousand gold coins in there.

How could there be so many gold coins in this place? Su Luo did not let the riches go to her head. She continued to think and felt that something about this seemed fishy.

She cautiously picked up some soil and placed it under her nose to carefully sniff at.

Again, she picked up that single gold coin to scrupulously examine it.

There was no problem with the soil, nor any problem with the gold coin…However, when Su Luo saw the number for the year on the back of the gold coin, her mouth hooked into a non-existent cold smile.

The wooden trunk was clearly made to look old, it even had a faint odor of decay. Everything about this seemed to indicate that this wooden trunk had been buried for a long time.

However, the year on the back of the gold coin…ha, ha, it was actually cast this year. This, how could it be possible?

In her courtyard, a pile of gold coins of unknown origins had appeared…For what purpose?

Who arranged this? Also, who had designs on her?

Su Luo looked at these gold coins, her mouth curving into a very dangerous sneer.

These gold coins, it was a waste to not take it.

Su Luo had originally thought to place all these gold coins within her space. However, she suddenly recalled the previous time when she was being chased by Er Huang…The space matter, she should still be more cautious of such a wonderful thing. If she was not careful and other people found out, then she would never experience another peaceful day.

As a result, Su Luo deliberately made a few roundtrips. She slowly moved the gold coins in small batches into her own courtyard.

Finally, she took a shovel and filled the little hole, then flattened it, restoring it to the previous condition.

Behind the wall, a sharp pair of eyes silently gazed at Su Luo. Watching her when she discovered those gold coins and her eyes shone with greed. Then, watched her as she split the gold coins into small batches to be carried away time after time….

Her eyes flashed with a sinister radiance, a cruel and cold smirk emerged at the corner of her mouth.

Afterwards, she quietly turned and left.

One could only see her figure rapidly flash by and quickly arrive at a dignified and grand courtyard.

This was the central housing where Madam Su resided.

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