DKC – Chapter 160

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Chapter 160 – The final craziness (2)

“Okay then, I swear on my life! At the Sunset Mountain Range, I, Liu Ruohua, indeed really did see Su Luo together with His Highness Prince Jin. This is absolutely true, if there is a thread of falsehood, I shall suffer Heaven’s thunderous mandates and be split by lightning!” Liu Ruohua’s expression was steadfast, her right hand was raised as she made the vow. Her eyes were full of sincerity.

Su Wan had originally believed in Liu Ruohua, now, she was completely convinced. Her expression started to ease up and she let out a heavy sigh. “However, Sunset Mountain Range is separated by thousands of mountains and many lakes rom here. How did Su Luo come back within such a short period?”

“What! Su Luo really came back?” Liu Ruohua’s pair of eyes widened in disbelief.

“Yes, just now when I went to find her, she was there!” Su Wan didn’t want to mention the awkward situation she had landed herself in today because of this. She didn’t want to be ridiculed again.

“She really came back…” Liu Ruohua exclaimed in admiration, in a kind of ‘as expected’ manner.

Sure enough, her premonition was not wrong. At that time when they were chasing after Su Luo trying to kill her, they didn’t succeed. Then the time after that, she was also unlikely to be so easily killed off.

At the Sunset Mountain Range, the last time she saw Su Luo was when her team was chasing after her to kill her.

At that time, because of the sudden appearance of the Divine Dragon that had started to chase after them to kill them, they had to disperse and run away in all directions.

And afterwards, it was the Jade Lake Fairy’s personal maidservant who found her. They wanted her to lead them to where they could find Su Luo.

Even though that maid did not say anything, through a woman’s intuition, Liu Ruohua clearly felt her murderous intent towards Su Luo.

It was also because of this that she led the others to find Su Luo without any objections.

She originally thought that Su Luo would be killed by those people. Now, it appeared that Su Luo’s ability to live was truly strong. She even came back with all the hairs on her tail in place .

Su Wan frowned. “Give it some thought, how did Su Luo so quickly make this round trip?”

“Was it because of His Highness Prince Jin’s Dragon Scaled Horse?” Liu Ruohua somewhat disbelievingly speculated.

“Absolutely impossible!” Su Wan rejected it completely. “ It is said that the Dragon Scaled Horse wouldn’t even recognize the Jade Lake’s Fairy. How could it possibly acknowledge Su Luo? You should know, she doesn’t even have the strength of a first ranked martial artist. She is just a good-for-nothing!”

Liu Ruohua’s mouth formed a mocking smile.

“You guys were all deceived by Su Luo. Whether she really is a good-for-nothing with zero innate talent or not, I don’t know. However, Su Luo’s fighting skills were fast, nimble and agile, absolutely not to be trifled with. At that time, Su Luo even dodged Liu Weiming’s assassin skills. Do you feel that she really is a good-for-nothing?” After some thought, Liu Ruohua finally told Su Wan the secrets she had uncovered.

“What did you just say?! Su Luo was able to dodge Liu Weiming when he attacked with his assassin skills?” Liu Weiming at that time, had the strength level of a third or fourth ranked martial artist. Even when he used all his strength, Su Luo was still able to avoid it?

This, how could this be possible…

Only, supposing this conjecture held water…

Suddenly, Su Wan recalled that day at the lotus pond when she was mysteriously kicked!

That day, that kick had sent her into the water, and even brought Su Xi in too. Finally, there was also a fire that drew the crown prince and a group of people over….

This was clearly man-made!

Things that were closely linked and joined seamlessly together, this was definitely man-made. Otherwise, no matter how coincidental it seemed, it still could not have occurred together in so timely a manner.

Could it be…All this was planned and executed by Su Luo?

If Su Luo really was hiding her strength, then it was possible that she had really done it!

It couldn’t be avoided that with this sentence, Miss Su Wan actually came upon the truth. That crisp, efficient Buddha Mountain Shadowless Kick was sent by Su Luo, moreover, she didn’t do it just once.

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