DKC – Chapter 1430

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Chapter 1430 – Roaming Dragon List (28)

At this moment, even if her name was being blackened, Su Luo’s heart wasn’t a bit displeased.

“Sorry for implicating you.” Nangong Liuyun held Su Luo’s hand, eyes filled with apology.

“It’s because you are worried about me. It’s not like I’m an irrational little school girl. How could I blame you? Moreover, you could stand here all along, ignoring your status, I’m very grateful for it.” Su Luo hooked her arms into his, totally disregarding anyone else present. She raised her head to smile sweetly at him.

Su Luo was not good at expressing her feelings, so it was always Nangong Liuyun who wrapped around her, forcing her to respond to his affection. This was the first time that Su Luo clearly and openly told him that she really liked all the effort he had put in.

“Foolish girl.” Nangong Liuyun’s slender finger hooked her white, jadelike nose.

The two people’s very sweet appearance immediately broke a lot of women’s hearts.

Su Luo could feel an innumerable number of jealous gazes on her body, but she didn’t mind it in the least. Rather, she wrapped Nangong Liuyun more tightly to her, her manner becoming more intimate.

In the crowd, a black figure stood there unmoving. The gaze she looked at Su Luo with had a red scarlet provocation in them.

“Su Luo, didn’t expect that your luck would be this good. Even till now, His Highness Prince Jin still doesn’t loathe you.” The miss dressed in black’s voice was low, hoarse and muffled as if it was squeezed through a door.

“You must live well, wait for me to take your life!” The miss dressed in black laughed coldly, then she turned around and disappeared among the crowd.

Li Yaoyao watched those two being so intimate, the murderous aura was like a raging flame in her eyes. She furiously instructed the youth across from her: “In the next round, I’ll try to get you to be matched against Su Luo. At that time, I order you to personally kill Su Luo!”

The youth dressed in blue across from her, he appeared ice-cold and arrogant. When he heard Li Yaoyao’s words, the corner of his mouth hooked up slightly. The mocking flavor in his eyes was very clear: “If you are willing to pay the price.”

“I….” When Li Yaoyao heard this sentence, she felt it was as difficult to bear as if she had swallowed a house fly. She clenched her fist tightly, but she still forced herself to agree, “You should feel assured. The promise that was said, I certainly will honor. As long as you help me kill that slut!”

“Okay.” Li Aochen’s words was indifferent, but carried a trace of indescribable self-confidence.

Li Yaoyao looked at him, desperately biting down on her lips and turning her face away in hatred.

Su Luo….Li Yaoyao, gnashing her teeth, grinded out these two words, even if she had to suffer this humiliation in silence, she would also take revenge!!!

This time, although there were still comments among the masses, however, it’s not as intense as before.

Su Luo’s group returned to Southern Mountains.

Next, it was the competition to enter the top seven from the top thirteen. The opponents would be unprecedentedly strong, Su Luo simply could not be careless.

Just when Su Luo was about to go into closed-door cultivation, a decree arrived from the imperial palace. It turned out that Emperor Jing wanted to see Su Luo.

“Why does he want to see me?” Su Luo looked at Nangong Liuyun in puzzlement.

“Maybe it’s to…praise you?” Nangong Liuyun unconcernedly raised an eyebrow. Nangong Liuyun had never had much patience towards Emperor Jing. It could be seen how much Nangong Liuyun could hold a grudge.

“Praise? Are you telling a joke?” Su Luo tossed that so-called imperial decree into Nangong Liuyun’s arms, “If your old man doesn’t curse me, then that’s already considered pretty good.You still hope he’ll praise me? Simply a fantasy story okay?”

“If you don’t want to go, then we won’t go. In any case, it’s not like he is important.” Nangong Liuyun lovingly embraced her, in passing, he tossed the decree to the ground.

The eunuch that came to pass on the decree, his face swelled to a very red color.

Without a doubt, he was angered to death by Nangong Liuyun.

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