DKC – Chapter 140

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Chapter 140 – Dark mist (2)

Half of all of the pills he refined? Even Su Luo was so shocked that it took a while for her to wake up.

The amount presented really was worthy of being offered by Apothecary Leng; it was indeed a cost of massive proportions. As expected of a spendthrift!

“Half…” Su Luo was well-versed in methods of haggling over the price, so she muttered out half a phrase not agreeing yet not disagreeing; all the while she still gave her opponent enough space to think.

The biggest weakness of people like Apothecary Leng, who spend their entire life immersed in research on medicine, were their single-mindedness and impoliteness. An apothecary was the best model for this type of person. .

He saw Su Luo’s hesitation and couldn’t help but become worried and hurriedly said. “If half is not enough then two third! The stock of refined immortality pills that this old man has accumulated from many years , two thirds of it will be given to you. How about it?!”

Such a wealthy and overbearing Apothecary Leng! This bold, imposing manner and extravagance almost even made Su Luo choke.

However, what kind of person was Su Luo? She was a model of treacherous miss trying to take advantage of someone while trying to sell an obedient front to others.

They only saw her face revealing having an incredibly small, pained expression, half-heartedly and undecidedly looked at Ling Feng, then looked at Apothecary Leng as if still unable to make a final decision.

Ling Feng immediately turned his face away. He really didn’t have the heart to see a person of good moral standing and reputation like Apothecary Leng being led by the nose by this little girl.

Apothecary Leng with a very serious and deadly earnest expression stared at Su Luo. Both of his hands had a death grip on the sack with crystal stones, as if saying if you dare steal the bag then I will start yelling at you expression.

“Then…Okay. Since it’s Apothecary Leng who asked then of course I will give you face. Then this is thus settled.” Su Luo hesitated for awhile before agreeing.

She would never tell Apothecary Leng that she actually wanted to extort knockout drugs, poison, **** such type of pills. Who knew that Apothecary Leng would be so sincere. If she didn’t take the opportunity to rip off even more then she would have felt that she had let down this golden opportunity bestowed by the Heavens.

If there are convenient advantages that I don’t take then the fury of heaven’s will may split me in half with lightning.

At this time Apothecary Leng released a breath of relief and wiped at the non-existent cold sweat on his forehead. Momentarily he felt that this girl was more difficult to handle then even the most profound immortality pill recipe.

Immediately Apothecary Leng wanted to return to his manor and start refining this immortality pill.

After three days of refining, Apothecary Leng personally came over cupping a delicate little embroidered box.

At the same time, in his horse carriage there was also a ten centimeter long wooden box.

He handed the wooden box to Su Luo. “This old man’s collection for many years are mostly in here, quickly take it!”

They had been collected for so many years and in a moment were given away. Apothecary Leng had been somewhat unable to cope with his feelings. However his expression was very joyful; could this old man really succeeded in becoming an Elite Apothecary?

Su Luo had asked, and Apothecary Leng, with only a few strokes of the whiskers of his goat like beard, had happily laughed straight away.

Su Luo’s heart clearly understood. This old man certainly did get promoted, otherwise he wouldn’t be so generous. But when she see the inside of that box….

“This is what you called two third of your stuff? So little?” Su Luo was somewhat dumbfounded.

How come it was so different from what she had imagined? Two third ah, shouldn’t it be at least a trunk of stuff? How could it be such as small case?

Apothecary Leng glared at Su Luo as if looking at an idiot, blew at his beard, scowled and angrily rebuked. “Such a girl, what kind of stuff do you think this old man refines? Do you think it’s the three types of indiscriminate knockout drugs, poison,and **** like?”

Su Luo suddenly had an urge to cry…

Who knew that Apothecary Leng would proudly continue to say. “All the things this old man refined were unique secret recipes. Didn’t you see those people kneeling in front of this old man’s manor door? Even one of the pills in here could make those people scoop out their hearts and hand it to you. You girl who don’t even know the good from the bad could even dare to look down on it.”

“But….” What does she need those hearts for!

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