DKC – Chapter 121

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Chapter 121 – Infuriated to the point of discarding all rational thoughts (7)

It seemed even the Dragon Scaled Horse had sensed its owner’s weakening breath and it neighed agitatedly. Casting out its hooves, it bolted forward.

At that moment, the Dragon Scaled Horse’s running speed was comparable to flying.

Within the carriage, Su Luo tightly hugged the unconscious body of Nangong Liuyun which was starting to stiffen. Her heart was filled with extreme regret!

If… if she had not punched him with her fist, would the result have been different?

Nangong Liuyun, nothing bad must happen to you…

A single teardrop silently fell onto and rolled down Nangong Liuyun’s bloodstained face, leaving behind a clear white streak.

In less than two hours, the Dragon Scaled Horse pulled to a stop at the entrance of a lavish manor.

Ling Feng hurriedly jumped off the carriage.

Having seen the Dragon Scaled Horse’s approach, a steward had already excitedly rushed out from within the manor.

The steward was around fifty years old. He had eyes that were both bright and alert, and a physique that was straight and strong. One could tell at a glance that he was a martial artist, and not a weak one at that.

He saw Ling Feng and his expression flashed a trace of excitement. “Has His Highness arrived?”

Ling Feng anxiously shouted: “His Highness is injured! Stop tarrying and quickly come help!”

Obviously, this lavish and ornate manor was for Nangong Liuyun’s private use.

Hearing this, Steward Xu was instantly horrified!

His Highness Prince Jin was injured? His Highness Prince Jin could actually be injured? With His Highness Prince Jin’s level of martial arts proficiency, how could he be injured? Steward Xu felt that this was simply too preposterous.

However, when he saw Ling Feng hurriedly jump out of the Dragon Scaled Horse carriage, while carrying the bloodsoaked body of Prince Jin, he felt his heart would stop beating.

“What- What happened to His Highness? Who was it!” Steward Xu’s eyes flashed with alarm and anger.

Ling Feng bitterly glared at Su Luo but kept his silence. He lengthened his strides to dash into the house instead.

Su Luo’s body was covered with Nangong Liuyun’s blood, and thus at the moment, looked a little pitiful. Calmly, she nodded towards Steward Xu: “Hurry and get the best doctor to come. His Highness Prince Jin has gone into the Recoil of Madness.”

When Steward Xu saw Su Luo, his prideful ability to keep calm disappeared, he could not help widening his pair of eyes in shock.

All who served by His Highness’s side knew that His Highness was extremely fastidious, and that no one was allowed within one meter of his whole body, especially women!

This Dragon Scaled Horse carriage, other than Ling Feng who drove it, no one else was allowed to enter.

However, when he lifted the carriage curtain earlier, he clearly saw His Highness collapsed in her arms… … His Highness had actually allowed this Miss to get close to him? To ride in the Dragon Scaled Horse carriage, which even the Jade Lake’s fairy was not allowed to enter?

Immediately, the way Steward Xu looked at Su Luo changed. It no longer contained a guarded precaution towards outsiders. His present gaze even held a thread of deferential humility.

“Miss, how may I address you?”

“Su.” Su Luo replied plainly.

“Miss Su, sorry to trouble you, but please enter and take care of His Highness. Ling Feng may not be able to give him proper care with his rough manner. This old servant will now go and invite the best Apothecary!” Steward Xu nodded solemnly towards Su Luo before he turned away and left taking great strides.

To suffer Recoil of Madness during cultivation, a general doctor, no matter how brilliant, could do nothing. He could only seek an Apothecary’s help in this matter.

Within this Nanming prefecture, lived an Advanced Apothecary.

Not to mention in the small Nanming prefecture, even within the entire Eastern Ling Empire and on the whole continent, Advanced Apothecaries were very rare.

Steward Xu knew that this legendary Advanced Apothecary was eccentric, arrogant and temperamental, almost to the point of making people bitterly detest him.

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