DKC – Chapter 1207

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Chapter 1207 – Harboring each of their own thoughts (4)

Su Luo tilted her head and thought for a long time, then, she slanted a glance at Mo Yunfeng with a ghost of a smile.

Catching Su Luo’s gaze, Mo Yunfeng’s heart shivered slightly from being cold.

This miss’s eyes were very bright, very clear, as if they could clearly see through to the secrets in the deepest part of a person’s heart. Even based on his cultivation as a ninth-ranked expert, he still somewhat couldn’t stay calm.

The corner of Su Luo’s lips raised up faintly: “Central Palace? I heard it has beautiful mountains and rivers and charming scenery?”

Mo Yunfeng quickly nodded: “It’s exactly like that, if Miss Su really went there, you would definitely love Central Palace’s scenery.”

Mo Yunqing stood on one side and coldly smiled. Come, just come, once she arrived at the Central Place, it meant coming to her territory. She, as the host, would properly entertain Su Luo!

“Don’t go!” Zi Yan tightly grabbed onto Su Luo’s arm, “If you go, it would be like a lamb in a tiger’s den, at their mercy! You must consider it clearly!”

Su Luo smiled at Zi Yan, “People of the lakes and rivers say that Central Palace is an upright famous family, always chivalrous with excellent reputation. How they can do those kinds of things ah.” Su Luo tilted her head and her gaze met Mo Yunfeng’s, the corner of her eyes curled up, and she smiled, “Young Master Mo, what I said is correct, right?”

Mo Yunfeng’s face was full of smiles and he repeatedly said: “What Miss Su said is exactly right, if you all could come to Central Palace to sightsee for a few days, Central Palace would definitely receive everyone properly, and wouldn’t let you guys suffer a bit of grievances.”

This among “you guys”, doesn’t include a person called Su Luo.

Su Luo’s blood was a rare treasure in the world, an ordinary person drinks it could extend their lifespan, seriously ill people drink it could be cured without medicine. If a cultivator drinks it, they could raise their cultivation! Such miraculous blood, how could Central Palace let others take advantage of it?

The head of the family had already passed these words down, no matter what price, they must bring back the girl named Su Luo to Central Palace. Raise her as “Human Blood Medicine”!

Also, they must be fast, because this news must be concealed. So, before other powerful families made their move, they must get control of Su Luo first.

It seemed as if Su Luo completely missed the insincere smile that flashed through his eyes, her lips hooking up slightly: “Since Young Master Mo invited us with great kindness, then, if we don’t go, it would appear very rude ah.”

“Miss Su is smart and reasonable, good at understanding others. Worthy of being able to speak on Brother Nangong’s behalf, much better than my unworthy younger sister.” Mo Yunfeng pulled Mo Yunqing to his side.

Unfortunately, Mo Yunqing’s chicken nest-like hair right now was too vexing to the eyes, it blocked more than half of her face, making her seem ugly and ridiculous at the same time. How could she still be that lovable, charming and agreeable Mo family’s Third Miss from before?

Su Luo looked at them with a smile that wasn’t a smile.

In fact, Su Luo knew, this trip to Central Palace, they had to go even if they didn’t want to go.

Central Palace turning up in full strength was only to intercept her. Don’t be fooled by Mo Yunfeng’s good attitude, in fact, they were just using diplomacy before force. This time, if Mo Yunfeng wasn’t successful in inviting them, following this, they would use force.

It wasn’t because Su Luo was afraid to fight, rather, it was because Central Palace turning up in full strength was too strong. Also, Nangong Liuyun’s injury still hadn’t fully recovered, if they were to recklessly charge out now, it really wasn’t wise. Let alone to say that when experts exchanged blows, only idiots would join the fight with real weapons. A smart person like Su Luo, naturally had her plans.

Su Luo’s and Mo Yunfeng’s line of sight met in mid-air, they both had their own calculations.

Mo Yunfeng saw that Su Luo had agreed, and his glance then landed on Nangong Liuyun’s body: “Brother Nangong….”

“Su Luo can completely represent this king.” Nangong Liuyun took the initiative to say.

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