DKC – Chapter 1202

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Chapter 1202 – Something major has occurred (6)

Su Luo lifted up her eyes, with a somewhat ridiculing expression as she looked at Mo Yunqing.

When Mo Yunqing saw Su Luo’s face, her eyes immediately opened wide until they were round, and her figure stiffened while standing there!

This face… was simply a beauty that was not of this world. Her facial features were perfect, without even the slightest flaw. Even Mo Yunqing, who was normally the pickiest woman, stared in awe at Su Luo.

Normally, everyone all spread that Li Yaoyao was as beautiful as a fairy, unmatched by anyone. However, right now, this young woman was much more beautiful than Li Yaoyao. Additionally, that clear aura and unperturbed calmness, which emanated from within, definitely could not be faked. For her to be compared with Li Yaoyao, it was truly like the difference between cloud and mud.

After a moment of lifelessness, Mo Yunqing very quickly recovered her senses.

An intense envy flashed past Mo Yunqing’s eyes, who had just recovered her senses! ‘Why would she grow to be even more beautiful than me? This was simply unforgivable!’

“Just who are you?!” Mo Yunqing’s pair of eyes was full of bitter resentment and envy, without hiding it, she glared openly at Su Luo.

Su Luo speechlessly touched her nose. Just one gaze and she had already offended Mo Family’s third miss? What kind of luck was this?

Su Luo returned the glare unhappily: “If you ask then I answer, doesn’t that make me lose face?”

Su Luo copied Beichen Ying’s way of speaking.

In a flash, Mo Yunqing’s anger soared to the sky. The whip in her hand suddenly lashed out: “Just who are you? Why are you standing by Older Brother Nangong’s side?!”

The moment Su Luo heard this, immediately, her interest greatly increased.

So, it turned out that this Mo family’s third miss had already known Nangong Liuyun from before? Perhaps, could it be that she already had feelings for him?

Thinking up to here, Su Luo’s eyes narrowed halfway and with a ghost of a smile, she cast a glance at Nangong Liuyun.

Nangong Liuyun’s expression was as per usual. His pitch-black eyes contained fascinating soft waves: “Luo Luo, what’s the matter?”

‘What’s the matter? What else could be the matter? You womanizer who goes around sowing your wild oats.’ Su Luo unhappily glared at him.

Nangong Liuyun indeed did not think about this matter. To him, the reason for Su Luo’s glare was an unfathomable mystery. He couldn’t help but touch his chin he gathered closer and flicked Su Luo’s forehead: “You, this girl, in the end what is the matter?”

When Mo Yunqing saw Nangong Liuyun, suddenly, her face was full of smiles. Her smile was gentle and soft like water, smiling like a flower: “Older Brother Nangong!”

Nangong Liuyun unperturbedly cast her a glance, frowned, and then brought his attention back to Su Luo. He asked diligently and tirelessly: “Girl, what’s the matter? Where aren’t you feeling well?”

“Older Brother Nangong!” When Mo Yunqing saw Nangong Liuyun ignoring her, she immediately pouted her little mouth and raised the volume of her voice, “Older Brother Nangong, I’m Little Qing ah. Don’t you remember Little Qing ah?”

Su Luo suddenly felt a loathsome chill run through her whole body.

This voice was coy as if from a completely different person from the aggressive voice Mo Yunqing had used to interrogate Su Luo earlier.

Su Luo and Zi Yan exchanged a look, both had a speechless expression flashing through their eyes.

Su Luo simply took a step back and retreated behind Nangong Liuyun, letting him deal with Mo Yunqing.

Mo Yunqing and Li Yaoyao’s temperaments were somewhat similar. Su Luo didn’t wanted to provoke this lunatic.

Su Luo wanted to keep the peace, but Mo Yunqing absolutely would not allow Su Luo to retreat.

“You, I order you to stay right there!” Mo Yunqing pointed at Su Luo in a rage. When she raised her eyes to look at Nangong Liuyun, there was a questioning expression in her eyes, “Older Brother Nangong, just who is this woman? Why is she allowed to stand by your side?”

Nangong Liuyun used a looking-at-an-idiot expression to look at Mo Yunqing. Then, he apathetically threw out a line: “If you wanted to get this king’s attention, then congratulations, you’ve achieved it.” Because Miss Mo Yunqing had truly succeeded in nauseating His Highness Prince Jin.

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