DKC – Chapter 1196

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Chapter 1196 – Nangong Liuyun awakens (11)

As soon as she learned that Li Yaoyao would make her secret known to the public, Su Luo indeed was somewhat worried, but Nangong Liuyun’s words made her eyes shine.

With Nangong Liuyun’s protection, what could she possibly be worried about? Let alone to say that now, she was at the eighth rank, an average person was not her opponent.

Everyone decided to stay in the Snowfield Plateau to cultivate, but the Heavens didn’t seem to care for them.

“Ah.” Su Luo exhaled lightly.

“What’s wrong?” Nangong Liuyun affectionately rubbed her little head.

“I feel… my pubic region is heating up.” Su Luo lifted her palm-sized little face, her hesitant face had a trace of puzzlement, “Moreover, I can’t seem to control my legs, as if I’m about to go and ride the wind.”

“Uh?” Everyone looked at each other in dismay.

What was going on? Why would she feel as if she was about to elevate like an immortal? Everyone looked at Su Luo with mystified gazes.

“I…” Su Luo’s gaze darted around and finally fixed on Nangong Liuyun’s body, “I can’t control it!”

She had just finished speaking when Su Luo’s body was like a flash of light, and in an instant, disappeared in place.

Everyone that was left behind, looked at each other in dismay——

In contrast, Nangong Liuyun immediately reacted. He anxiously shouted loudly: “Luo Luo——!!!”

But, no matter how loudly and heart-wrenchingly Nangong Liuyun shouted, just like this, Su Luo disappeared into thin air, not leaving the slightest trace.

“Where did Luo Luo go?” Beichen Ying’s eyes were wide open until they were round. He felt that his brain couldn’t keep up with what had happened before his eyes.

“Luo Luo seems…to have flown away.” Zi Yan thought for a long time, and then finally stammered these words out. Suddenly, a light flashed through Zi Yan’s eyes and she shouted loudly, “That’s right! Just now, the scene of Su Luo’s disappearance was very similar to Li Yaoyao’s!”

At that time when Third Senior Brother was about to kill Li Yaoyao, Zi Yan was simply too excited, so she watched without blinking, afraid to miss a single detail, therefore, she remembered everything very clearly.

Zi Yan’s words immediately reminded Nangong Liuyun.

Nangong Liuyun very quickly calmed down, in contrast, his face actually had a trace of being pleasantly surprised as he faintly said: “Rest in place, and wait for Luo Luo to return.”

If Luo Luo really… then during this trip to Xian’s Wood Residence, Luo Luo’s harvest was really in defiance of the natural order.

Although Beichen Ying and Zi Yan didn’t know what Nangong Liuyun had up his sleeves, but seeing him so calm, they also felt relieved.

Nangong Liuyun sat down in place to meditate, very quickly, he entered the cultivation state.

Beichen Ying and Zi Yan didn’t have Nangong Liuyun’s strength to be calm as water. The two people’s hearts were simply too curious, as a result, one jumped up on a tree and the other dashed up to a hilltop. They surveyed the scene from high above, trying to find something, but all they saw was the vast white of the snow, apart from this, there was nothing else.

What’s happening to Su Luo at this time?

In fact, even she herself was very confused.

She only felt that her body was like a ray of light, in a flash, she flew very far.

When Su Luo opened her eyes again——

She discovered a troop was walking in the snow.

Su Luo hadn’t seen clearly the situation with this troop when her body, with a ‘clang’ sound, smashed into the horse carriage in the front.

This horse carriage was luxuriously decorated, with exquisite workmanship. However now, Su Luo completely couldn’t pay any attention to it.

Now, she was completely unable to control her body, she could only let her body fall down!

One could only hear a ‘clang’ sound, and Su Luo’s pair of legs directly broke through the roof of the carriage. Now, her strength was about one thousand five hundred kilograms and she directly sat down.

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