DKC – Chapter 1171

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Chapter 1171 – Critical moment of life and death (5)

Very quickly, two iron tower-like strong men slowly walked up onto the stone stage, hands behind their backs, standing there motionless.

Zi Yan let out a strangled sound.

These two people obviously were not ordinary, at least with strength at the ninth rank. But how could she who was at the seventh rank and Beichen Ying at the eighth rank beat them?

At this time, Su Luo’s heart was also tangled.

Su Luo suddenly asked Nangong Liuyun: “Those two people that are above the tenth rank, how much grasp do you have in defeating them?”

A dark shadow enveloped Nangong Liuyun’s handsome face: “One tenth.”

“What if I stalled one of them for ten breaths’ time?” Su Luo asked diligently.

“Three tenths.” When experts exchanged blows, even one second could make a big difference.

“Then okay.” Su Luo, at this moment, finally decided. She grabbed the nervous Zi Yan with her hand and said in a low voice: “First you wait a bit.”

“Oh?” Zi Yan turned around and looked at Su Luo in confusion.

Su Luo took the small stone from her space, quietly stuffing it into her hand. Her expression had a trace of seriousness: “You must remember, when your life’s in danger, smash this rock at the opponent. It ought to save your life.”

Just now, Su Luo discussed this with the little stone in her mind.

Although the little stone was very much unwilling, but he was still unable to contend against Su Luo’s stubbornness.

For Su Luo, in this life and in the previous life, Zi Yan was the only friend that pleased her eyes. She didn’t want anything to happen to Zi Yan.

Zi Yan took the stone Su Luo passed to her.

This stone was about the size of a chicken egg, its entire body was red. Besides this, there wasn’t a trace of spirit energy fluctuations.

She looked at Su Luo skeptically…. What is this thing?

Su Luo smiled: “You shouldn’t look down on it. At that time, it struck with all its strength and heavily wounded that old witch Yan Xia.”

Hearing Su Luo say this, a bit of joy appeared in the depths of Zi Yan’s eyes: “Then that’s simply great.”

Originally, she didn’t have a thread of certainty, now, she was a bit more confident.

Su Luo thought about it, and stuffed another bottle into Zi Yan’s arms: “This is corrosive powder, take it and use it according to the circumstances.”

Zi Yan’s eyes were filled with worry, she hesitantly asked: “Then what about you?”

“You shouldn’t worry. I still have two spirit pets and a plant spirit pet. When the time comes, I’ll use them all if I need to.” Su Luo said confidently.

Zi Yan saw Su Luo full of confidence, so she also believed in her and nodded: “Okay! We’ll do everything to eliminate these two so there’s less pressure on you guys.”

“Okay.” Su Luo smilingly patted her shoulder.

Zi Yan and Beichen Ying slowly walked up to the stage.

The fight was about to start!

At this moment, Su Luo’s gaze watched them closely.

The two iron tower-like strong men each faced off against Zi Yan and Beichen Ying.

Beichen Ying and one of them got caught up in an irresolvable situation.

But speaking of Zi Yan’s situation.

She, as an insignificant seventh rank, forget about fighting, she couldn’t even avoid this guy. She was simply lifted up like a little chick in his hand.

Zi Yan secretly came up with a fighting plan, but now, she wasn’t in a favorable position to use her skills.

That iron tower-like strong man looked directly towards the stage below. He clearly recalled Li Yaoyao’s matter from before and felt that if things dragged out, matters could change.

Therefore, he ruthlessly lifted Zi Yan up with both hands.

“Ah!” Zi Yan shouted anxiously.

However, this time, the iron tower-like strong man had no intention of tossing Zi Yan out. One could only see his legs lowered, putting all his strength into his hands!

“Not good! He wants to tear Zi Yan into pieces!” Su Luo immediately became anxious!

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