DKC – Chapter 1159

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Chapter 1159 – Unexpected (9)

There was a splendorous and majestic palace.

Because it was concealed in the hollow of the mountain and also because of heavy snowfall, therefore, they completely didn’t discovered it.

But Su Luo, with just one random look, saw the boundary.

“Go, go over there.” Nangong Liuyun led the way, with Su Luo walking beside him.

Behind them walked everyone else, panting for breath.

Such a short distance, if it was normally, these experts would fly over in less effort than it took to blink an eye. But now, they actually walked for a whole hour. Afterwards, they were tired to the point of panting and almost fainted, only then did they finally arrive at the palace gate.

On the palace’s horizontal board was a name.

“Hell’s Palace Hall.” Beichen Ying blinked his eyes, “I’ve never heard of it ah.”

Zi Yan unhappily said: “We’ve been wandering around in the snow for two days, apart from snow, there’s more snow. This is the only building we’ve discovered, regardless of what is said, we still ought to enter and have a look.”

Suddenly, Su Luo smiled.

“Let’s go in, it’s right in here.” Su Luo said with certainty.

“You’re just this self-confident?” Luo Dieyi coldly snorted, “What if inside is filled with hidden mechanisms with concealed weapons?”

Su Luo carried the little divine dragon in her arms, slowly and deliberately stroking the scales on his body, she faintly smiled: “You don’t want to enter, then don’t enter.”

Her little divine dragon had an automatic treasure-hunting ability. Just now, the reason why she climbed up a tree to look all around was also the little divine dragon’s idea.

That vermillion gate of the Hell’s Palace Hall was under a restriction.

After Nangong Liuyun unsealed the restriction, only then was the party of people able to enter.

The area inside the Hell’s Palace Hall was very large, a person couldn’t see the end with one glance. The floor was covered in white marble, white like snow, it gave off a faint glow.

There was a strange calmness in the surroundings.

“Why do I feel so cold ah?” Zi Yan suddenly felt goosebumps arise all over her body. Moreover, this cold, was the kind of chilled-to-the-bone feeling, which was from being seen as prey.

“I feel many gazes are looking at us.” Beichen Ying lowered his voice and whispered.

Not only did they feel it, Situ Ming also discovered a difference.

He pulled Li Yaoyao behind him and his whole body rapidly entered a battle-ready state.

Although he had repeatedly sustained injuries and lost a lot of blood, however, one still shouldn’t look down on Situ Ming’s fighting strength.

Just at this moment, a faint thunder came from the sky.

Soon after, this sound of thunder became nearer, closer and closer……

“Hahahahaha——” This wildly laughing sound, laughter that made everyone dizzy. It almost made everyone fall to the ground and unable to get up again.

Nine Different Palace Halls’ master?

This old guy was finally willing to appear!

Zi Yan made a fist, and said towards that wildly laughing voice in the sky: “You are too stingy of a person. Didn’t even give us a map! Moreover, also didn’t give us any tips.”

Nine Different Palace Halls’ Master ‘haha’ laughed: “Little girl, want to live, wherefore is it such an easy matter? Depending on a person isn’t as good as depending on yourself, don’t you understand?”

“Don’t understand!” Zi Yan heavily snorted, “At the moment, when all is said and done, there’s only a day’s time, you say, what ought to be done?”

The aloof and remote Nine Different Palace Halls’ master swept a glance over everyone and kindly asked, “You guys are sure you don’t need to rest a bit?”

Su Luo pulled at Nangong Liuyun, whisperingly asked: “In the end, is this the black soul palace halls master or the white soul palace halls master?”

Su Luo’s intuition determined that this was the black soul palace hall master, but was somewhat uncertain.

Nangong Liuyun’s eyes were half-narrowed and hiddenly made a gesture.

Black palace halls master, naturally, it was still that black palace halls master. However, at this moment, his pretense of being the white palace halls master was really good. Why on earth did he do this, he wanted to continue to lure them into being fooled?

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