DKC – Chapter 1154

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Chapter 1154 – Unexpected (4)

Right when everyone was resting, the Ginseng Baby that had disappeared earlier, ran eagerly to infront of Su Luo.

Su Luo saw his plump appearance and thought he was extremely cute. So she rubbed his little head and pulled him into her lap to tease and play with it. Su Luo even pulled out a bottle of Celestial Spirit Water for it to drink.

“Ought to give this to you.” To return the favor, Ginseng Baby extracted a slender root from his body and gave it to Su Luo with a deadly earnest expression.

“This is…” It looked like the tassel on a ginseng.

Ginseng Baby pursed its lips into a mysterious smile, after that, he let his legs loose and ran far away.

Su Luo shook her head and forced a smile. However, since it was a present from the Ginseng Baby, she decided to accept and keep it as a souvenir.

The ninth layer’s portal wasn’t at all easy to find. Everyone searched for a full seven days before finally finding it at the bottom of the coffin.

Making good use of these seven days, everyone’s injuries were more or less recovered.

Passing through the transportation array, the party arrived at the ninth layer.

The moment they stepped out of the teleportation array, Su Luo felt that it was somewhat hard to breathe.

Nangong Liuyun made a prompt decision and grabbed Su Luo’s hand. A steady flow of spirit energy was transmitted from his palm into her body. With Nangong Liuyun’s spirit energy supporting her, Su Luo was barely able to feel a little better.

This place was a world of ice and snow.

As far as the eye could see, all around was a vast expanse of white. Above and below them, all of it was big and heavy snowfall. It was truly deserving to be called, not only in name, but also in reality, Snowfield Plateau.

Luo Dieyi had just taken two steps forward, and she was soon shouting: “What’s going on? Why is the pressure on the mind so strong in this place?”

Not only Luo Dieyi felt it, everyone present all felt the same way.

Indeed, the pressure on the mind in this ninth layer was enormous, like a viscous liquid condensed in the air, as if sticking them firmly in place. It was extremely difficult even to just take a step forward.


A resonant laughter suddenly broke out in mid-air.

Everyone was very familiar with this laughter because it had appeared before them many times before.

The master of the Nine Different Palace Halls?

He had disappeared for so long, and now, the old man was finally willing to make an appearance.

Amidst the vast white expanse of the sky, a massive face slowly appeared, practically covering up most of the sky.

“Never expected that you little rascals would actually reach the ninth level alive. Hahaha, not bad, not bad. Although someone cheated, but…” The master of the Nine Different Palace Halls recalled how the other side had given him a bottle of Nine Fragrance Exquisite Wine and decided to turn a blind eye, “You guys feel the pressure on the mind, right! You’ll be engaged in a battle in this kind of environment.”

“This isn’t fair!” Li Yaoyao shrieked.

In this sort of situation, the pressure was so heavy that they could barely breathe. Moreover, they couldn’t even take a step, let alone to mention fighting under these circumstances.

Despite how much Zi Yan loathed Li Yaoyao, she was in complete agreement with Li Yaoyao’s point of view this time. This was simply the rhythm of throwing one’s life away.

Unexpectedly, the master of the Nine Different Palace Halls howled with laughter: “How can the so-called death grade be so easy to pass? Oh, let me tell you guys! This ninth challenge is where the death grade truly begins! Starting from now, your team members will die, one by one! In the end, only two people can live! Hahaha——”

The master of the Nine Different Palace Halls’s laughter was like waves of heavenly thunder, vibrating their eardrums until it felt extremely painful, making them dizzy and lightheaded.

Only two people can live?

Hearing this sentence, everyone was immediately stunned.

They never expected that the elimination rate would be this high.

Out of a party of eight people, only two people would live?

“Now, you only have three days’ time.” The master of the Nine Different Palace Halls’ voice seemed to carry some kind of bewitchment, “Within these three days, as long as there are only two people left, then it will be considered as having passed the ninth challenge. When the time comes, the reward will be very generous oh.”

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