DKC – Chapter 1120

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Chapter 1120 – The Seventh Challenge (4)

Seeing Nangong Liuyun taking over the conversation, Su Luo stood quietly by his side. She smiled as she looked at him, stating that she would follow him blindly.

“Oh! The man sings and the woman follows, you guys are well-matched.” The Seventh Young Master smiled faintly and casually said, “This intelligence quiz hum… naturally, it is not that much fun. Let’s do this by the number of people. Each of you’ll come up to answer the question one by one. If you answer correctly, I’ll consider that you’ve passed this seventh challenge. If you answer wrongly… hehe——”

“What will happen if we give the wrong answer?” Su Luo asked with a faint smile.

“If the answer is wrong, then you’ll have to leave behind one item you are carrying as a souvenir for this young master.” The Seventh Young Master said in a manner that was neither urgent nor slow.

“Only leave behind one item we’re currently carrying will be fine?” Li Yaoyao followed closely with this question.

The Seventh Young Master shot her a smiling glance that was not quite a smile and repeated it again: “Uh-huh. As long as you guys leave behind one item you’re currently carrying is fine.”

“Then fine, I’ll bet!” Li Yaoyao said loudly.

Although she wasn’t carrying a lot of things, but she could scrounge up a few items. Otherwise, she could always just leave behind her bracelet. That’s what Li Yaoyao was thinking in her mind.

Su Luo, however, frowned slightly. She kept feeling that the matter wasn’t as simple as Li Yaoyao thought.

Just when she was about to say something, Seventh Young Master then added another sentence, “As for the time it takes to answer the question… it’ll be based on how long it takes for this young master to catch a fish.”

“This isn’t fair!” Li Yaoyao protested loudly.

Everyone knew that the time it took to catch a fish wasn’t fixed. Sometimes, one wasn’t able to catch a fish for a long time. Other times, one could catch several fishes within several breaths’ time.

“Luck is also a part of one’s strengths.” Seventh Young Master cast a cold glance at her, “Unfair? Then this young master will toss you into the sea, do you think that’s unfair?”

When Su Luo heard what was said, she couldn’t help but shake her head secretly.

Sometimes, this Seventh Young Master appeared to have a graceful and noble air, but sometimes, he was completely unreasonable. Really made it hard for people to see through him.

“This young master is here to inform you guys and not here to seek your opinions.” This Seventh Young Master’s expression grew cold as he pointed at Li Yaoyao. “You, come out. This first question will ask you to answer.”

Li Yaoyao really wanted to protest!

Because Seventh Young Master’s fishing hook had already been in the water for a long time, which meant that all the time they’d spent talking earlier had wasted her time to answer the question.

This was just too unfair!

However, when Li Yaoyao’s gaze encountered the Seventh Young Master’s, her pupils immediately shrank and she did not dare say even half a sentence more. She very much believed that if she dared to raise any objections, this Seventh Young Master, who lacked any tender protective feelings for the fairer sex, would definitely throw her into the sea.

“Seventh Young Master, please ask your question.” The only thing Li Yaoyao could do was to urge this living Yama, King of Hell, to ask the question without delay. So, she would have just a little more time to answer the question.

However, Seventh Young Master didn’t even give her this little bit of hope.

She could only watch as Seventh Young Master gazed out into the distance and creased his eyebrows slightly. He appeared to be in deep thought about what question he should give her.

Li Yaoyao nervously stared at that float on the surface of that tranquil sea, afraid that that float would sink from being bitten by a fish.

Right when Li Yaoyao was nervous to the extreme, the angel-faced but evil-hearted Seventh Young Master finally asked the question.

“Considering you’re the first customer after I’ve opened the shop, this first question… I’ll make it a bit easier.” The Seventh Young Master fished neither urgently nor slowly, and leisurely threw out this sentence, “Does Little White look a lot like his elder brother? Guess the proverb.”

Does Little White look a lot like his elder brother?”

What sort of topic was this? Completely no way to come up with an answer!

Originally, Li Yaoyao had thought that the topic would be on the subject of historical and classical texts, or cultivation methods. If it was like that, she would have a superior advantage over Su Luo.

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