DKC – Chapter 1093

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Chapter 1093 – The Fifth Challenge (3)

Su Luo speechlessly licked her lips.

The reward that was won back with great difficulty disappeared this fast, in the time it took to take a breath.

However, what comforted Su Luo was that the decayed air on the little stone’s body gradually scattered. It now had a faint thriving vitality.

Seeing this, without demur, Su Luo took the Fire Source Stone Essence in Nangong Liuyun’s hand and also tossed it into her space.

Sure enough, just like what happened now, another bright light enveloped the Fire Source Stone Essence, immediately following that, the Fire Source Stone Essence disappeared again.

The little stone really could eat!

Because the little stone had already recognized Su Luo as master from a drop of her blood.

Therefore, Su Luo could feel that sudden thriving vitality from the little stone.

She could feel that the little stone was very happy, very merry, moreover, it still opened its mouth, crying piteously for food.

Unfortunately….there were only these two chunks of Fire Source Stone Essence, there weren’t anymore.

Li Yaoyao saw Su Luo without demur, snatching away the Fire Source Stone Essence from Nangong Liuyun’s palm, and an angry look appeared on her face.

This woman!

Before, Third Senior Brother had already given her the Plant Essence, now, she even snatched the Fire Source Stone Essence!

However, Li Yaoyao lifted up her eyes to see Nangong Liuyun’s face, full of love and indulgence towards Su Luo. She suddenly felt some gas stuck in her chest, making her feel unwell from being choked.

All the people involved endured this award ceremony, if she jumped out, then she would become the vile person!

Really about to infuriate her to death!

Nangong Liuyun’s sharp eyebrows lifted up slightly, his gaze meeting Su Luo’s.

Su Luo nodded her head without being asked.

The two people communicated wordlessly, and the bystanders couldn’t make sense of what they saw.

Only the two of them understood.

Just at this moment, the face in mid-air suddenly smiled: “Now, it is too premature to determine the victor. I’ll stealthily tell you guys that the final outcome of these challenges will depend on the total score oh.”

The total score? Nangong Liuyun’s pitch-black as ink eyes flashed slightly.

This point, he had already guessed.

However, Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo being well aware of this didn’t mean that everyone else had also guessed it.

After this was said, the happiest person was none other than Li Yaoyao!

“The sum of all the scores! In other words, now, my team is number one!!!” Li Yaoyao almost jumped up from her excitement.

Su Luo gloomily exchanged a glance with Nangong Liuyun.

The speech became prophecy.

If it was based on the total score from the four challenges from before, Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun, this team’s score, were not the highest.

The sum of the four challenges from before, the scores were:

Beichen and Zi Yan: 70+75+60+30=235

Li Yaoyao and Situ Ming: 70+35+74+74=253

Luo Dieyi and Luo Haochen 80+40+50+25=195

Nangong and Luo Luo: 50+51+75+75=251

As for Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun’s team, unexpectedly, they had 251 points!

That’s right, it was 251 points .

Who told them to have such low scores for the first and second challenges.

“Humph! Still lacking compared to us, what do you have to be proud of!” Li Yaoyao coldly snorted towards Su Luo and tauntingly sneered.

Su Luo remained silent and rubbed her nose.

Besides being depressed, wherefore was she proud?

However, Li Yaoyao’s current mood changed greatly, with a light echo of being a little crazily insane. Su Luo didn’t intend to lower herself to her level.

“Come, bring your Frost Grass. Follow me to the fifth challenge. Hahaha, oh, the very splendid fifth challenge!”

Once the words were said, that face gradually faded away.

Everyone only felt their foreheads becoming dizzy. After the dizzy spell, when they opened their eyes, the scene had changed once again.

Everyone was clear, now, they had already arrived at the fifth challenge.

Just now, although the master of the Nine Different Palace Halls said it so lightly, but it sounded like it would make a person tremble with fear.

Faced with the unknown fifth challenge, everyone’s hearts was inevitably somewhat apprehensive….

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