DKC – Chapter 1087

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Chapter 1087 – Plant Essence (7)

“Miss Li, you want to move against me?” Su Luo slanted a glance at her as if she was looking at an idiot.

A thread of rage flashed through Li Yaoyao’s eyes!

“You really believe I won’t dare to kill you?” Li Yaoyao’s body leaned forward, leaning close to Su Luo. She slowly and deliberately said it in a threatening manner.

“That’s right, you wouldn’t dare.” Su Luo’s expression was full of smiles.

Situ Ming, in an ice cold manner, gazed at Su Luo: “Miss Su, give some thought to your life, speak fewer words.”

Even Situ Ming believed that if Li Yaoyao wanted to kill Su Luo, that it would be an extremely easy matter.

The corner of Li Yaoyao’s mouth revealed lights of victory.

She proudly raised an eyebrow with the posture of a victorious person on top: “If you beg me, then I may let you live.”

Who would have thought that Su Luo would laugh out loud with a ‘pfft’ sound.

“What are you laughing at?!” Li Yaoyao slapped the table in a rage, “You really think I won’t dare to kill you?”

Li Yaoyao extended her arm and was just about to pinch Su Luo’s neck.

If Su Luo was pinched by her, based on her current weak body, everything truly pointed to disaster.

A strange malicious luster flashed through Li Yaoyao’s eyes.

If she could kill Su Luo, then it couldn’t be better!

“Yaoyao, stop!” Situ Ming’s eyes were swift with quicker hands. With one grab, he pulled Li Yaoyao’s hand to a stop.

“Second Senior Brother!” Both of Li Yaoyao’s hands were imprisoned, and she couldn’t help but to glower at Situ Ming.

Situ Ming had no choice: “If you kill her, you think Nangong Liuyun will let you go?”

Everyone knew Nangong Liuyun cherished Su Luo to the utmost.

If anyone dared to touch a single one of Su Luo’s hair, that would definitely be a disaster on the level of exterminating the entire family. Why would Yaoyao still not understand this even till now?

If Situ Ming hadn’t mentioned it, then good, but once he said it, the jealousy and anger in Li Yaoyao’s eyes flourished even more!

“Second Senior Brother, let go now! If I don’t make a move now, then there won’t be an opportunity in the future! Third Senior Brother is not here, who would know it was us that did it?!” Li Yaoyao said this and again tried to rush up.

“Yaoyao! Why do you still obstinately persist in going about things the wrong way, even now? If Su Luo really dies here, no matter who is the murderer, everyone, without exception, will be massacred by Nangong Liuyun, do you understand or not!”

Situ Ming was so angry that even the muscles on his face trembled!

Li Yaoyao bit her lower lip, and very fiercely glared at Su Luo.

Li Yaoyao originally didn’t believe it, but Situ Ming’s gaze was unprecedentedly serious. The warning in his eyes gave Li Yaoyao no choice but to believe it.

No wonder this little slut was so confident that she wouldn’t dare make a move against her, so it was because of this!

“Humph! Consider this your lucky day!” Li Yaoyao, with a wave of her hand, that teapot containing the Fairy Tea fell down with a clang sound.

At the same time——

Two snow-white colored balls leapt towards that Fairy Tea at the speed of light!

The teapot was snatched away by the little divine dragon before it landed on the ground.

The little divine dragon held the teapot with both paws, with ‘glup’ sounds he poured it into his belly. That expression was one of extreme satisfaction.

On the side, the little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox stood up on tiptoes, running around the little divine dragon in circles. Its whole face was full of anxiety and longing, with its nine little tails impatiently waving to and fro.

However, the little divine dragon didn’t have the slightest concept of being affectionate towards the young, so he lifted the teapot up high, drinking it and enjoying himself to the fullest.

“Awoo awoo——” The little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox was shorter than the little divine dragon, it was still shorter than the little divine dragon even on tiptoes.

She could only helplessly use her two little paws to grab the little divine dragon’s claw and continuously try to pull it down to her chin while cutely wailing ‘awoo, awoo’.

The little divine dragon swatted away her little paws and continued to drink.

“Awoo awoo——” The little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox was so anxious that tears nearly fell out.

Finally, the little divine dragon, saw that there was only a mouthful left, before reluctantly handing the teapot over to the little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox. He even patted her small head in passing.

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