DKC – Chapter 1069

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Chapter 1069 – White Jade Bridge (11)

Because he felt that in the thick fog, was a pair of sharp and scorching eyes. It was staring fixedly at him.

That reaction from the body itself towards a crisis made him prudently stop his footsteps.

Just at this time.



A countless number of footstep sounds rushed towards Nangong Liuyun from all directions.

Nangong Liuyun tightly gripped the sword in his hand.

A tide of magical beasts rushed towards him, it’s not a bother to him. But, if he was even a little inattentive, his Luo Luo might be injured.

Very quickly, the white jade bridge, from front and back, on both ends, had a countless number of Iron-spined Cheetahs rushing over.

It was a full one hundred Iron-spined Cheetahs!

Moreover, every one of the cheetahs’ strength was very powerful.

Every cheetah’s body gave off a faint purple-colored aura, as if glittering with purple light. Those sharp and fierce teeth glittered like frost and snow, malevolent and terrifying.

Each and every one of the Iron-spined Cheetahs sinisterly opened wide their bloody mouths, bellowing, snarling, noisily spraying out blood-colored breath. Their four hooves were like iron, and like the wind, they rushed towards Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun who were surrounded in the middle.

The hard surface made of white jade shook faintly, issuing a deafening noise.

These orderly iron hooves sounded as if they were one, trampling the entire white jade bridge until it nearly collapsed.

Su Luo’s thin eyebrows knotted tightly.

If she didn’t remember it wrong, before, the sounds that the different group gave off wasn’t this intense.

“Luo Luo, stay in the diagram and don’t move.” Nangong Liuyun had protected Su Luo completely.

He split out thirty percent of his strength, drew a circle and asked Su Luo to go in.

This was a protective cover, even if it was the Iron-spined Cheetahs, don’t even think about stretching a claw in.

“But….” If she goes in, when the time comes, the most they could get was fifty points, right? Didn’t it mean that they had lost for sure?

“These Iron-spined Cheetahs, every one of them is at the summit of the ninth rank in strength. With one breath blown by them, you will be dead.” Nangong Liuyun’s words weren’t just to scare people.

In fact, the Iron-spined Cheetahs at the summit of the ninth rank indeed has astonishing strength.

Now, Su Luo was in such a fragile state of health, she absolutely would be blown to the ground by one breath.

“Summit of the ninth rank?” Su Luo felt that this challenge was too defiant of the natural order.

“If it is the summit of the ninth rank, then how did the other groups from before cross?” Su Luo, who was staying in the protective cover, completely safe, still was puzzled by this.

“If I didn’t guess wrongly, right now, we are inside a virtual world, and these Iron-spined Cheetahs will be at a corresponding level according to a person’s strength.”

“Hahaha——” A domineering howl of mad laughter came from the sky, “Boy, not bad. Out of these four groups, only you could think of this point, not bad, not bad.”

“You guessed it right, these stupid animals are indeed according to the challenger’s strength, and are lower by one level accordingly. Now, all of them are existences at the summit of the ninth rank.”

Su Luo immediately stood up, and said with hidden bitterness: “Then what about me? I’m only at the sixth rank ah!”

That wild domineering voice laughed until he sounded increasingly crazy: “Hahahahaha——little girl, you can be ignored and disregarded!”

Finished speaking, this voice disappeared and couldn’t be heard again.

Su Luo’s face was wrinkled until it looked like a bitter melon from being ignored and disregarded.

“Ignored and disregarded?” Were there any words that were more hurtful than this?

Our Su Luo, with luck that defied nature, for the first time, was miserable.

Nangong Liuyun pursed his lips and wanted to laugh, but was afraid that if he laughed, it would strike a blow to this girl. He had no choice but to turn his head away.

“Out of the question! No matter how low, I cannot be ignored or disregarded! As for the process, Nangong Liuyun, you come over and think of a way!” Luo girl was furious.

“Okay.” With a flash in his eyes, Nangong Liuyun came up with an idea.

Now the group of Iron-spined Cheetahs had arrived in a tide-like surge, that huge imposing aura nearly drowning them out.

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