My Favorable Rating Does Not Rise

Alternative Name: 好感度が上がらない
Author: Kanan (かなん)
Artist: conoco
Category: Japanese Light Novel
Status: –
Source: Amazon
Translator(s)/Translation Group: forgetfuldreamers
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As the only daughter of a wealthy merchant, Rikka had been spending her days peacefully. On one such day, her father brought back a surly young boy. Bewildered by him, who was filled with wariness, a pop up screen suddenly appeared right before her eyes. In there were things like his name, age, and favourite food – his status had been displayed! Once she saw that, Rikka’s memories resurfaced. It appears that this world was the world of an otome game her little sister used to play in her past life. What’s more, according to the screen, the young boy’s favorable rating for her was an impossible minus 30……!?


A favorability of over a minus
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  1. Anonymous says:

    There’s nothing here

  2. Reincarnatedbox says:

    Did you stop translating?

  3. Very Interested says:

    Someone knows the site in ncode of this serie?

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