Disciple – Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: Don’t Die Anymore

“Master!” Zhu Yao jolted, and was instantly dumbfounded. She had waited ten days for an answer, but she did not expect that what she waited for was his decision to ascend. The hell, this was definitely a godly development. “I’m getting along quite well, and I don’t mind who it was who brought me to this world, and what he’s planning to do. There’s no need for master to help me investigate at all.”

“Stupid!” Yu Yan shook his head, yet his expression was especially gentle, as he stroked her head. “I have already lived in this world for nearly twenty thousand years. Even if I don’t ascend, there’s a need for me to enter the reincarnation cycle, and similarly, I will still leave this world that way.”

“…” The hell, she had forgotten that even practitioners had their own lifespan. Was master reaching the end of his lifespan? This was the first time she ever despised her master’s age. She finally managed to enlighten him, yet, they had to once again experience separation. This was only a little worse than being friend-zoned. “Master, when are you going to ascend?”


Zhu Yao lowered her head. It was no wonder he went missing so frequently in these recent days, he had been preparing the matters for his ascension. And the reason why so many formations had suddenly appeared on Jade Forest Peak, was most probably preparations for his ascension as well.

“Alright!” Zhu Yao clenched her teeth, and finally managed to suppress the sourness that was constantly being emitted from her heart. Taking a deep breath, she took a step forward, hugged the back of his head, aimed at his lips, and strongly bit it. “Don’t worry, I will head up to look for you very soon. You just have to wait patiently up in the heavens. And I will say this again, if you dare to fool around with flowers and tender grass¹, I will castrate you when I see you!”

Yu Yan did not say anything, and simply smiled gently. It was the first time Zhu Yao had ever saw his smile in the truest meaning. That smile was something she could not describe with words, she simply felt that the most beautiful thing in the world would still be unable to compare to his current expression. She simply wanted to kiss onto it, and hide that smile, which only belonged to her.

On the day of Yu Yan’s ascension, Zhu Yao watched the entire process from the peak of Jade Forest Peak. On that day, the sky of the entire cultivation world was covered with heavy bolts of tribulation lightning. Eighty-One Ascension Heavenly Lightning Bolts. Each bolt of lightning was larger than the entire Jade Forest Peak, and every single one of them struck towards her master, lighting up the entire sky.

She was standing not far from him, as she dumbfoundedly watch that person who had been standing at the center with a straight back, as though he was receiving those bolts of tribulation lightning without even feeling an itch. Even his clothes did not have a single crease from the strikes.

A total of eighty-one lightning strikes.

A welcoming light of various colours descended from the sky, and it’s as though a heavenly sound could be heard. Countless heavenly laws could be faintly sensed. And hundreds of birds cried out in unison, as they circled around that heavenly light.

That figure she was extremely familiar with, slowly rose towards that sky.

Her heart felt empty, and she was unable to discern what it was missing.

Until he lowered his head, and hastily called her out. “Zhu Yao.” It seemed like he had some things to tell her.

She was startled for a moment, before she flew towards that colourful radiance, and stopped a foot away from him. “Master?”

Yu Yan reached one of his hands out, circled around her back, and gently pushed her. She fell into his embrace just like that, and she nestled against his chest.

On the day her master ascended, he told her two things.

The first: “I shall wait for you up above!”

Mn… She kind of felt that something was off?

The second: “Stop dying randomly already!”

Mn… She still felt that there’s something strange here?

After telling her these two things, her master had even done something very embarrassing. With lightning speed, he kissed her, and then, as though he was escaping from the site of crime, he ascended.

Zhu Yao held… her painful teeth which were struck by his forceful kiss, and was left completely speechless. Master, if you don’t know how to kiss, say so earlier. Come back, I can teach you!

In any case, the incident on that day caused a very huge commotion. Because of that ascension event, on that day, seemingly all Ancient Hill Sect disciples had come out to spectate it. All of them hoped to comprehend a hint of the Heavenly Dao during his ascension. Hence, on that day, the entire sect was stunned by the scene. Although they might not have seen that lightning speed smooch, when her master called for her before he left, everyone had heard it extremely clearly.

“Little… Little martial aunt.” Sect Master Zi Mo was currently shocked to the extent where his jaw was about to fall off. He simply looked dumbfoundedly at the person floating in the air.

Though, the little girl behind him had happily stretched out her head, and her smile was especially bright. “Master.”

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded with a prideful and cold attitude. She knew that currently, the entire sect most probably had the intentions to discuss some gossips. However, naturally, she did not want to explain her own love story, hence, she showed the official expression which her master had most often used. Prideful, and cold.

“Little martial aunt, you… how did you return?” It must be said that Zi Mo was thoroughly shocked. Didn’t this little martial aunt of his fall two hundred years ago? But why was she currently standing in front of him, alive and well? And he was even unable to determine her cultivation. This was definitely illogical.

“I had some encounters.” Zhu Yao basically did not plan to explain at all, as she glanced at the little bun behind him. “Send my disciple to Jade Forest Peak a month later.”

After finishing her words, without even waiting for his reaction, she flew back to Jade Forest Peak, and along the way, she sealed the formations as well.

That’s right, elder sister is this prideful and cold.

Before her master left, he gave Zhu Yao his storage ring. In other words, she had inherited all his wealth. While managing his remnants- ah pui! While she was managing his wealth, she found a bag filled with mystic weapons and mystic artifacts. There were even books on mystic arts and secret techniques, materials for refining weapons, and etcetera. Looking at all these, her head began to ache.

The hell, there was basically everything here, but why wasn’t there even a single piece of spirit stone? Weren’t spirit stones the currency used in the cultivation world? Her master was actually poor to the extent that he did not even have a single piece.

Zhu Yao could slightly feel a little squeeze in her heart. Could it be that she had to first sell these weapons if she wanted to spend money in the future?

After confirming that there really wasn’t a single piece of spirit stone, Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and took out a book of mystic art. This was the Five Lightning Art which her master had told her to familiarize with as fast as possible. Her cultivating speed was fast, but, there wasn’t much improvements to her mystic arts. The reason why her master gave her permission to take in her disciple only after a month later, was to give her this period of time to familiarize herself with mystic arts as fast as possible and to stabilize her current realm.

She did not know if any conflicts would occur while training in human practitioner’s mystic arts in her current body, after all, she was now a dragon. However, there wasn’t a single bit of discomfort when she used the mystic arts she had learnt before. It seemed like the methods to cultivate were all the same.

Zhu Yao decided to head into close-door training under the cold lake for a month. Only when she saw the water reflection, did Zhu Yao finally understand why Zi Mo was so certain when he called her little martial aunt. The hell, the look of her human form, looked exactly the same as her initial body when she first transmigrated into this world.

Zhu Yao missed this look of hers a little, after all, this was her true look. Sesame had said that when a demonic beast took on a human form, it would transform into a look which it thought would be the most perfect. However, she had never thought that she was perfect, at the very least, her chest was not perfect!

Zhu Yao was a little upset. Though, it was good that she knew the Transformation Art. At worst, she could one day change into another look to play around with.

A month passed by in a blink of an eye, though, it was still sufficient for her to familiarize herself with all the lightning mystic arts. In the storage ring, other than the various mystic arts, there were also two jade tablets which caught her attention. One was a jade tablet which contained arts involving the weapon refinement aspect. Using her divine sense to inspect it, she realized that, other than the methods to refining artifacts, some of her master’s experiences were inside as well. While the other involved formations of the five elements. Inside, arrangements and the controlling methods of various formations were recorded in detail.

Her master specialized in artifact refinement and formations, and he especially had very deep knowledge of formations. In the cultivation world, there were no formations created by anyone else which could beat her master’s, and even the Great Mountain Barrier Formation of Ancient Hill Sect was designed by her master as well. Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, and decided to first learn about formations. Her master once taught her a few simple formations, but, after all, she was the successor to Jade Forest Peak. If her expertise in formations was too weak, wouldn’t that shame her master’s name? Mn, she definitely had to make up for this aspect.

Just when she pulled out that jade tablet, she suddenly realized something white was placed at the very corner of the ring, and it even looked rather familiar. When Zhu Yao retrieved it to have a look, she realized it was actually a jade pendant, and it even looked the same as the jade pendant her master used to hide his body back at Tasyoluk.

It seemed to be a leftover.

However, this jade pendant did not have her master’s divine sense. With yearning thoughts, Zhu Yao held onto it, and after pondering for a moment, she decided to wear it, as a keepsake.

When Zhu Yao walked out of the cold lake, she sensed a presence approaching, and it seemed to be a disciple from Sword Peak. Willing her divine sense, she unsealed the Jade Forest Peak’s formations. In but a moment, a disciple wearing the sect’s uniform arrived at the mountain top.

“This disciple greets grand-martial aunt!”

“What is it?”

“The Sect Master has instructed this disciple to invite grand-martial aunt over to Main Peak to participate in the Spirit Vein Ceremony.” The disciple said.

Only then did Zhu Yao recall that children born in the cultivation world would have their spirit veins tested for the first time when they were five years old. Bao Bao was Zi Mo’s daughter, so naturally, it would be a matter of utmost importance to him. Theoretically speaking, since Zi Mo was a duo spirit veins holder, and his wife was a duo spirit veins holder as well, their child’s spirit veins would not be that worse off either.

If there’s something to blame, it would be the great fame that Jade Forest Peak carried. In all of history, only lightning spirit vein disciples had ever been accepted in. So, naturally, a child like this, who had already been accepted as a disciple when her spirit veins had yet to be tested, would cause dissatisfaction among the people. Hence, this ceremony that Zi Mo intentionally made, was simply a way to give his own daughter some support.

Zhu Yao understood this completely.

Hence, following that disciple, they arrived at the great hall in Main Peak.

When she arrived, there were already many people in the hall. Not only were there the various Peak Lords, there were the Nascent Soul elders of various sects, and even the three Sovereigns were present as well. Feng Yi was sitting on one of the highest seats. She had once again restored that mountaintop flower look she always had, but, her eyes no longer had the prideful look they once had, instead, they evidently looked dead and solemn.

Recalling the matters of back then, Zhu Yao still felt a little awkward. Forcing herself to bring out an ice-cold expression, she walked over, and unreservedly, sat at the very center. As someone who came from Jade Forest Peak, she had to be as mighty as this, after all, since she was taking in a disciple, she was the leading role today.

Other than Feng Yi, the other two Sovereigns were a little surprised as they turned their heads to look at her. Others were unable to see it, but the three people were able to see it all too clearly. The cultivation level of this legendary little junior-martial sister who reappeared after two hundred years of disappearance, had already reached the Demigod stage. A Demigod in two hundred years? What kind of joke was this?

The two of them silently suppressed their shock. Were all practitioners of Jade Forest Peak this monstrous? The two of them silently made contact, and then, they silently looked at Zi Mo. They began to wonder if the main lead testing her spirit veins today, would be raised into a little monster in the future as well.

Zi Mo first acted courteously. After seeing that everyone had arrived, he then instructed a few words, and had someone bring her own daughter out.

Bao Bao’s name was Xia Lewei. That’s right, the Sect Master’s surname was Xia, not Zi. Zi Mo was simply his Daoist title.

Xia Lewei was brought out by the Sect Master’s wife. Initially, she was obediently and quietly holding onto her mother’s hand, but when she saw Zhu Yao, she instantly got excited, and cutely called out. “Master!”

If she had not been held by the Sect Master’s wife, the little radish would have already charged over.

“Mn.” Zhu Yao lightly responded, as a form of reply. Then, she continued to act prideful and cold.

  1. Fool around with flowers and tender grass: Basically, it’s fooling around with women behind Zhu Yao’s back.

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