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Monohito – Prologue

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He was a magician.

He was a kind magician.

He was a cruel magician.

He was the strongest magician.

He was the weakest magician.

He was a happy magician.

He was an unhappy magician.

He was a rich magician.

He was a poor magician.

He was an aggressive magician.

He was a timid magician.

Various things were spoken about him.

And in the end in various ways he died.

It seems, at his end,

surrounded by family,

or surrounded by friends,

or by himself,

or due to sickness,

or stabbed,

or eaten

or burnt,

he died.

So it was handed down, the story of the magician.

Magician who defeated a dragon.

Magician who was defeated by a dragon.

Magician who crossed the sea.

Magician who sunk in the sea.

Magician who saved the hero.

Magician who obstructed the hero

Magician who flew through the sky.

Magician who tasted the earth.

Magician who deceived people.

Magician who was deceived by people.

The child pesters, the mother narrates, the child becomes a parent, and tells their child…

The story continues for many years.

Finally at the end of the magician’s story, he dies.

The story so far and the story after this.

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3 Responses to Monohito – Prologue

  1. Yamikur says:

    lots of contradictions here . it seems very interesting

  2. Syoryuken says:

    umuu!!! nice prolog!….

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