Monohito Chapter 25

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Monohito Chapter 25 – A Teacher’s Melancholy

The principal of Rhonks magic school, Aridos, has sighed many times.

Every year the noise increase is gradual, it becomes lively when reaching the final stages of the magic school’s summer holiday, but this year it became noisy in one go, it became busy.

The teachers have the remainders of their summer holiday cut short for school duty, Aridos is of course more busy than any teacher.

Feeling relieved at the start of the new school term, this is the first time Aridos has experienced this since becoming a teacher.

Why it like that towards the new school term, it’s because the causes for his sighs no longer increase.

The cause for the sighs, it goes without saying that it’s the transfer students.

With no less than one-third of the year having passed by, it would usually be said please take the entrance examination next year.

However Aridos became aware that this year’s transfers absolutely had to be stipulated, and so he had been sighing.

To begin with, the number and quality of this year’s transfer students is strange.

Last year a letter of introduction was received from the royal family of a neighboring country, there certainly was a student who transferred into Rhonks magic school midway.

“Thinking about it now, I miss those days of being panicked by the mere letter of introduction from a royal family.”

“Haa, it’s certainly like that, thinking about the current situation, it didn’t need to be to that degree.”

At the end of the first day of the new school term, Kyrie is sitting down in the principal’s office for a meeting with Aridos.

Kyrie came to report the details of the uproar during today’s duel, but before he knew it he was having an earnest talk with Aridos.

“This year, with the extremely interesting student call Riheed-kun at the head, transfer students who we otherwise wouldn’t come into contact with have come.”

“I saw the princess for the first time. It was a mysterious feeling, even though only half my flowing blood is from the forest people, I almost unconditionally prostrated myself.”

Kyrie recalls that time with a calm smiling face.

Hearing of a girl coming for the transfer examination with a letter of recommendation from the queen of the forest people, when Kyrie was called to confirm the contents of the letter, it caused vertigo.

It was impossible, that’s because the gist of what was written is that the daughter is entrusted.

And when Kyrie actually meets the princess of the forest people, he became self-aware of the forest people’s blood flowing through him, a sense of respect and awe welled up from the depths of his heart towards that figure.

“Yea. Even if nothing is said, there’s the persuasive atmosphere that that I’d instinctively believe she’s a princess.”

“The general department really isn’t sufficient. I don’t have the confidence to go against conflicts every time they pass each other in the hallway.”

“Frightening…, recalling it is frightening, Maou’s child, and how’s the state of the dragon people’s child?”

What was frightening for Aridos, more than when the Maou’s child came, the time when the child of the dragon people came was remembered.

The dragon people clan has few exchanges with people, one transferring to the magic school caused an uproar, the body which is enveloped in dense magic power gives an ominous feeling, the growing old Aridos is still the guardian of the pupils and was reflexively going to take action.

“In her case, if her magic power is suppressed it will have little influence to the surroundings, so it’ll likely be all right. I encountered her when she was measuring her magic power with a private measuring instrument, it wasn’t as ominous as it was at first. However it still seemed to be somewhat uncomfortable. At any rate, it seems that intimidating feeling is unrestrainable.”

“Hmm. I think that magic power discharge is all right in the case of dragon people, but it could have adverse effect on humans. Though it might be uncomfortable, I regret it must be firmly suppressed. That intimidating feeling must be managed.”

“That’s right. On the contrary I feel relieved about the fairy clan’s child. The fairies manner is exactly as stories spoke of. But as would be expected of the spirit family, the private measuring instrument put out quite the numerical value. It’s not possible to imagine it from that childish figure.”

Kyrie who was in charge of the private measuring instrument today recalls coming across the transfer students and unintentionally smiles.

“It was quite the hardship, sorry. However, those who know the origins of the transfer students is limited. With the exception of Kyrie-kun, I wasn’t able to designate who would be in charge of the private measuring instrument where it’s very likely that they would all gather. To begin with there are person’s with unclear origins.”

“To say nothing of the number one problem child, there unexpectedly was the Sky clan thought to only be in legends.”

“Well actually there’s the dispute about the beast-person clan that’s even come out among the teachers.”

“There’s a country that oppresses those with snow white feathers and clear magic power, there could be an attack in the near future. It’s a crime as is.”

Even the calm Kyrie who usually receives everybody equally, couldn’t keep his calm after seeing the Sky clan who are named the children of god inside the stories.

Kyrie remembers the divine atmosphere of the alleged Sky clan transfer student.

“The teacher in charge of her is one who talks of the beast-person dispute.”

“Why’s that!?”

Not thinking regarding the principal’s words, Kyrie unusually raises his voice.

“To think a teacher like you can’t resist. Thickheaded isn’t it.”

“…Ce-certainly it’s so. Excuse me.”

Recovering himself from the principal’s words, Kyrie thought it was decided he would be in charge of her.

When thinking about it he has nothing but admiration for the principal’s wise judgement.

“Then, what about the number one problem child?”

“U…, I’m really sorry.”

Recalling why he is here, Kyrie apologizes awkwardly.

“It can’t be helped since it’s a school regulation. To think there’s a student who grasped it. It was my mistake.”

“Let’s amend it at once.”

“Let’s. There’s some procedure that goes into amending that. There’s also work required with the transfers. One thing after another.”

The principal racks his brain about the problems appearing one after the other.

“So then, have you found out his origins?”

Aridos questions Kyrie about the number one cause of these troubles.

This year’s Rhonks magic school transfer students, all have their origins concealed, but in the first place there’s one’s whose cannot be verified.

“No, I enquired with Mikene-san about the person himself, but nothing became clear. Do you know of the forest to the east of our country?”

“Yea, I know it. It was famous for a period as the demon’s forest. There was a rumor that no matter how many times they enter, people would find that they’ve turned back to the entrance.”

“That’s right, it’s that forest. That seems to be his home. The above was heard from the person himself but it’s not the main point. The other transfer students can’t be asked.”

The two moan together.

To forcibly ask more, in the worst case that they finally come across some dangerous secret, to say nothing of the magic school, it could be dangerous for the country, the two who understand they’re not thinking too much, decide to not investigate into the number one problem child.

Actually, because the Mikarune household is guaranteeing that person’s identity, it can’t be helped even if this and that is said.

“His magic power even surpassed the private measuring instrument. There’s today’s report as well.”


Hearing what was added to Kyrie’s report, the principal becomes slow for a moment.

“Th-the teacher in charge of measuring is surely confused seeing noise of today’s duel, it’s a possibility that he concealed his magic power when the report was made. And he measured with a private measuring instrument?”

“Yea, and this time he wasn’t concealing his magic power. To begin with, it was an action out of curiosity. When Litris-san heard about the magic power concealment, it became such that she wanted him to test it out on private measuring instrument made by her household. The result, his magic power concealment didn’t fool it, however the measuring instrument was surpassed. The magic power he possesses is terrifying.”

“Hmm, really mysterious eh…”

Aridos, who hears Kyrie’s report, just manages to catch his breath and calms himself, and again states his impressions of the number one problem child.

“That’s so. And afterwards, he poked his nose into a quarrel between the attack department and special department leading to that noisy duel. It’s a problem with the attack department students, though it seems the special department student tried to use a curse in the hallway.”

“Both should be firmly punished. The details of that magic isn’t understood.”

“I don’t understand it.”

Kyrie shakes his head as if given up.

“Kyrie-sensei has troubles, take care. If you don’t know then the other teacher’s might manage.”

“I also don’t have complete self-confidence. Well, I’ll get by somehow. After all is said and done they are my cute students.”

Aridos, who heard Kyrie’s hopeful words, was convinced that his judgment wasn’t wrong.

After that, it was decided the principal and teacher’s discussion would be extended in a bar.

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