Legend Chapter 63

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On the road leading to the city of Gilm, a carriage had currently stopped.

……Yes, stopped rather than fled.

If you could see the area beside the highway, anyone would understand.

A battle between monsters and humans was currently being fought.

Though it was a common occurrence for people traveling along the highway to be attacked by monsters, this time it was different. Normally, the monsters were the attackers and the people were the ones fleeing. But this time, it was the people who were attacking……no, a single person was trampling them.

「Wretched Orcs, lament over your bad luck of attacking us as you die!」

The girl said so while swinging a large weapon.

The weapon was slightly longer than an long sword and looked like an ordinary sword. However, when wielded by the woman, the tip of the sword extended out, bending like a whip. There were also blades at intervals along the whip. It was a so-called sword whip. Though it was normally a magic item that required advanced skills to use, the girl wielded the sword whip as if dancing.

TLN: Technically it’s not a true sword whip but a retractable one. It’s basically a sword that can extend and turn into a sword whip with magic.

A beautiful girl was dancing beautifully. Her features were like a work of art and her sharp eyes displayed her strength and determination. She had a sex appeal particular to girls in their late teens who were nearing womanhood. In addition, she had luscious blonde hair with the golden threads stretching from her head to the the middle of her back. The ends of her hair were rolled up in the drill hair hairstyle.

Like her sword whip, the amour covering her body was also a magic item. It’s effect was to grant the wind’s blessing, increasing the speed of the person who had it equipped. It also gave the ability to read the wind. Her golden cape, that matched the colour of her hair, was a magic item that protected her back, providing the effect of danger perception. On her feet, she wore Shoe’s of Sleipnir that allowed her to make several steps into the air. The necklace that she hung at her chest increased her magic defense, sandwiched between two big hills which wouldn’t cease to draw the eyes of men.

Admirably, the girl who was covered with magic items wasn’t relying completely on the effects of the items but had mastered how to use them.

「What’s wrong, don’t you want to obtain me? Then show your power! I will never leave my body to a man weaker than myself!」 TLN: Ehh……so basically, she’s a battle junkie.

Shouting like so, the girl wielded her sword whip. Fiercely, she whirled the sword whip around as if dancing. Though he realised it was aiming for his life, the Orc still lost his life while admiring the good looks of the girl. Blood splattered and several drops of blood fell onto her white skin as she forcefully cut off the neck of the Orc. The blood only became makeup, highlighting the beauty of the girl.

Her figure was beautifully brilliant but also cruel. She also had the charisma and dignity of a commander that drew people’s eyes. She could be described as both the god or goddess of war and the goddess of beauty.

Yes, the girl who had just taken down more than 10 Orcs by herself was Elena Kerebel. The daughter of Duke Kerebel, who not only won fame for her activities in Mireana Kingdom but the Bestir Empire as well. She was a famous person known as the General Princess within neighbouring countries.

Two knights watched their boss from a short distance away.

「As expected of Elena-sama. Orcs are nothing much.」

The female knight watched Elena, who seemed to be hunting Orcs while dancing, with an enchanted expression. She was in her late teens, a little younger than Elena. Her name was Ara Skarlay, one of the members of Elena’s escort. Her surname indicated that she was a noble, she was the third daughter of the Earl Skarlay, who belonged to the Nobles faction.

「Ahh, our Miss is beautiful but also scary, or should I say that she’s beautiful because she’s scary……」

A knight in his early twenties, Vel Sails, gave a wry smile in amazement. He was also a member of the escort and was the second son of Viscount Sails, who also belonged to the Nobles faction.

Along with Marquis Brassin’s second son, Kuust, these two people made up Elena’s escort and were heading to Gilm on the orders of Duke Kerebel to protect her.

「Still, Orcs appearing on the highway……it’s strange that even Orc Archers and Orc Mages appeared.」

Ara muttered while looking admiringly at Elena. Vel heard those words and replied in his usual light tone.

「I heard that there recently was a subjugation force sent out from Gilm to destroy an Orc settlement nearby, perhaps these are the survivours.」
「……You, even knowing the events in such a remote frontier.」

Vel had a wry smile as he saw the look of surprise on his colleague’s face.

「Naturally. I have to gather information as it is the city we’re heading for, as the person working behind the scenes. The city of Gilm isn’t part of the Nobles faction but the Neutral faction. Moreover, it’s the territory of Margrave Rowlocks, who is regarded as a big shot in the faction.」
「……That’s true. We can’t neglect gathering intelligence in order to protect Elena-sama.」
「Well, because Elena-sama is stronger than all of us together, there’s not much meaning to an escort.」
「Hey you-!」

Facing Ara who shouted at him, Vel turned his eyes to Elena to change the topic.

「Look there, the fight will be over soon. We will be late to arrive in the city of Gilm if we are delayed cleaning up. I also want to collect some of the magic stones of the Orcs Elena-sama defeated.」
「I don’t think there’s a need to collect the Orc materials in particular.」
「Don’t say that. You know, if we take the magic stones and sell them at the city of Gilm, don’t you think we will be able to raise our familiarity a bit?」
「Then, is just the proof of subjugation fine?」
「Well, as for that……at any rate, we haven’t registered with the guild. It would be silly to register with the guild just to sell the proofs of subjugation.」
「If you say so, it’s so. But even if you don’t belong to the guild, you can still sell the proofs of subjugation.」

While Ara nodded, Elena, who had wiped out a small party of Orcs without a scratch, approached them.

Rather than the colour of fatigue on her face, her breath didn’t even seem to be disturbed. However, the colour of her cheeks were reddened slightly due to the intense activity she had done. The violence had only seemed to increase her sex appeal. Though the person herself wasn’t interested in love, her appearance gave off an appeal that would attract many people. It was an unfortunate thing for both her and the people around her.

「Should I say, as expected of the frontier. I did not think we would come across such a group of Orcs along the highway in the middle of the day.」
「Thank you for your hard work, Elena-sama. Have this. You have blood on your cheek……」

Ara gently held out a silk handkerchief.

「Thank you Ara.」

While gently wiping the blood off her cheek with the silk handkerchief, she called out to Vel to cut out the magic stones from the heart in the Orcs’ chests.

「Vel. Though it’s fine to recover the magic stones, do it quickly. It will be troublesome if other monsters smell the Orcs’ blood and approach.」
「Yes, I’ll finish it at once.」

Following her orders, Vel skillfully removed the magic stones from the Orcs. Looking from the side, you could tell that he was experienced with the work.

That was natural. After all, they had been attacked many times on the way from the Imperial Capital to the city of Gilm. After subjugating them, he would take the magic stones from the corpses. His finesse was not inferior in comparison to adventurers.

Showing his deftness, Vel quickly finished taking out the magics stones from over 10 Orcs and casually tossed them into the bag that held the magic stones from all the other monsters.

「Elena-sama, the magic stones have been collected, let’s leave this place. As Elena-sama said, it will be troublesome if new monsters come, attracted by the smell of blood.」
「Umu~, let’s do that. There’s still some distance to the city of Gilm. You two keep it up for a little longer.」
「What are you saying. If I’m at Elena-sama’s side, I’m always fine!」
「Fufu~, Ara is in high spirits. ……Vel, are you ready?」
「There doesn’t seem to be any damage to the carriage. ……As expected, it’s impressive.」

Vel glanced at the carriage for an instant.

At first glance, this carriage looked like an ordinary carriage. There were few people who could tell that it was actually an advanced magic item. This was because it was given the effect of concealment to stop it from gathering attention. It had also been altered by space magic and held a luxurious 30 tatami room inside. Moreover, because the carriage itself had be reinforced with magic, it was very sturdy, arrows and blades are basically useless against it. It could grant the effect of boosting the abilities of the horses pulling the carriage and the horses pulling the carriage were outstanding warhorses, even for the Mireana Kingdom. As for the carriage, it could be called something along the lines of a moving fortress. It also had the effect of detecting hostility, which was how they had avoided the surprise attack of the Orcs.

TLN: 30 Tatami is about 50m^2

All of this was part of Noblesse Oblige. Duke Kerebel, to protect his beloved daughter, who fulfilled her obligation as a noble by casting herself into the battlefield, gathered all the eminent mages and alchemists to produce custom magic item without regard to the cost.

Following Vel’s glance at the carriage, Elena gave a small nod.

「Umu~. I have to thank father for this. It’s because of it that we can travel along frontier highway with these kids without worrying.」

While saying that, Elena stroked the two warhorses that were pulling the carriage.


As it was stroked, the warhorse gave a small neigh as it seemed to smile comfortably.

「It’s just a little more to the city of Gilm. Do your best.」

After saying that, Elena entered the carriage. Ara followed after her and entered the carriage as well. Vel sat in the driver’s seat of the carriage and started moving.

There were many elaborate items of furniture arranged inside the carriage, made with the best technology available. This was also prepared by Duke Kerebel, who as a father, was worried for his daughter going out to a dangerous place and wanted to let her be able to relax.

While waiting for Elena to sit down on the sofa, Ara brewed some tea in the simple kitchen, which was also a magic item, inside the carriage.

「Kuust, I wonder if he’s fine?」
「What is it?」

While placing the freshly brewed tea on the table in front of the sofa where Elena was relaxing, Ara murmured.

「You know, if Kuust is talking with another noble, he’s quite polite, but he gets bad mannered if the other party is not a noble. I don’t want to cause too much of a commotion where we go, as it is the territory of a noble from the Neutral faction and not one from the Nobles faction that Elena-sama is part of.」
「My father is certainly a central figure in the Nobles faction. However, I’ve said myself many times that this doesn’t mean I’m part of the Nobles faction. ……Moreover, I’m not part of the King’s faction or Neutral faction either.」

As if the fierce fighting earlier was a lie, Elena said so while gracefully carrying a cup of tea to her mouth.

Seeing the difference manners from before, Ara let out a sigh while admiring her boss.

「Elena-sama, I’ve said this several times before but other people automatically consider you to be part of the Nobles faction because your father, Duke Kerebel, is a central figure in the Nobles faction.」
「……Being a noble is such a troublesome thing.」
「When Elena-sama says that while faithfully doing the obligations of the nobility, those words have great persuasive power.」

Placing a plate of cookies that had been prepared onto the table, Ara put on a wry smile.

「I know my obligations as a noble. Because we live off taxing people, I will not hesitate to dedicate myself to protecting the people. However, I have no desire to put my hand into the power struggle.」
「However, because of your relation to Duke Kerebel, who is an influential person in he Nobles faction, Elena-sama’s existence has already become a symbol of the Nobles faction. 」

To Ara’s words, Elena brought a cookie to her mouth while smiling bitterly.

「General Princess. Honestly, I find it to be an old nickname.」
「What are you saying. That fight where Elena-sama defeated the general of the Bestir Empire in single combat has already spread through the entire Mireana kingdom, let alone the Nobles faction.」
「That story aside. Our future schedule is……」
「Yes. When we arrive at the city of Gilm, we first have to meet with Margrave Rowlocks. After staying the night at the lord’s residence, we are scheduled to immediately leave for the dungeon the day after.」
「The dungeon is it. ……The Altar of Inheritance. I really didn’t think such a thing would be discovered.」
「I agree. Fortunately, no one in the city of Gilm seems to be aware of its true value.」
「The biggest problem is whether or not we can get there safely……should we employ a thief in the city of Gilm? Even if you say Vel is familiar with those skills, this will be the first time we will be going to a dungeon.」
「Though I think so as well……anyhow, Vel said it would be okay himself.」
「Hmm. ……Adventurers in a frontier city. There may possibly be people stronger than me there.」
「Elena-sama……I want you to stop openly declaring that you would entrust yourself to anyone who could defeat you.」

Even Ara, who idolized Elena, spoke up saying that it was not allowed.

Good looking and accomplished in both literary and martial arts. Because she excelled compared to others, Elena was convinced that to be her partner, the other party had to be better than her. She, who was called the General Princess, openly declared that her partner had to be stronger then her.

Of course, when the young noblemen heard that they could get Duke Kerebel’s daughter, the beautiful Elena, as their wife by defeating her, one, then tens, then hundreds of people challenged her and were defeated Elena.

Because of this, Elena was convinced that a partner appropriate for her would not appear in the near future.

……However, Elena didn’t know that her encounter with that person, which could be said to be their destiny, would be in this remote city. And where, for the first time, she would gain awareness as a girl.

TLN: I know, I know, it’s a bit cliched. But it’s been 63 chapters, it’s about time isn’t it?

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