Legend Chapter 156

Before I link the chapter, just a few notes.

Firstly, ‘Wolf of the Snowy Fields’ is now ‘Snow Field Wolves’.
Just making that party name shorter.

Secondly, a big change.
The name of the city is now ‘Gilm’, the reason for this being a rather long story.

The name of the city was Girumu.
Even though I had it recorded in my glossary as Girumu, I kept mistyping it as Gimuru for the past 150+ chapters.
Gimuru->Girumu->Gilm->less mistyping name.

Lastly, to help bump series past the current arc, Frozen has chipped in with some chapters.
There will be a few chapters today once I sort them all out.

A shout out to Frozen, check out his site at https://frozensama.blogspot.com/
If you haven’t yet, Mondaiji and it’s sequel, Lasts Embryo are both great reads.

Finally, here’s Chapter 156.

Translator: Frozen
Editor: SilentNumber

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