Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapters 199-200

Heya everyone. Was a bit off put earlier this week after learning that NovelUpdates doesn’t consider things like popularity contests (and other series-related events) as releases, thus not showing up on their reader.

I thought the whole point of NU was to help readers keep track of various series and keep up with what’s going on with them, not just act as an index for chapters only. I was more than a little excited that we (Non-JP readers) were able to actually participate in one, only to see the vast majority of LDM readers not be notified of it… It just left a sour taste in my mouth and wound up putting off my translations this week… sorry.

If you have the time, please do check out the popularity contest post I made earlier this week. I’ll include the link below.



(~’.’)~ Schedule of the Week ~(‘.’~)
(~’.’)~ Popularity Contest ~(‘.’~)
(~’.’)~ Read Chapter 199 Here ~(‘.’~)
(~’.’)~ Read Chapter 200 Here ~(‘.’~)

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2 Responses to Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapters 199-200

  1. Bobster says:

    With NU your best option is probably what you’ve done here, adding it to the announcement post (or even at the top of each chapter until the contest is over, then removing it afterwards).

    I wish we could just subscribe to translation groups on NU too, instead of just individual series. This way we’d see new series immediately, and also have a queue for group news.

  2. Amplify says:

    There used to be a different site I used that was basically an RSS feed of posts for the site in question, but that died a year or so ago.

    Only way around it is to release a chapter with the poll.

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