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96 Night in the Forest 1  At the encampment

After that, I had a mock battle with the idiot and pervert duo until dusk.

In terms of the result…………I was beaten.
I was beaten up thoroughly.
That’s right, by those two.

No, I have an excuse. I gave them a handicap.
If I feel like it, I could uncover them by changing the whole area to a frozen field or a burning field and beat them up easily.
But Satsuki-sensei.
「Think of it as I am the hostage right now, okay? So no area attacks」
Because of those words, I can’t use my area attacks.
In the end, it became a one-on-two direct battle.

Those guys kept attacking dirtily.
The moment they disappeared together, I had a bad feeling about it, but I didn’t expect that much.

Up until now, I couldn’t think of any way to use the pervert’s Talent, 【Sight Avoider】 other than perverted conducts, but his stand in a fight is really the worse.
I couldn’t see him at all. In addition, both sound and presence disappeared completely. Not being able to see the opponent’s figure means not knowing when and where the attack will come from. I had to be cautious to all directions.

In addition to that, the Beansprout bastard’s Talent.
In a manner of speaking, it’s just a shabby Talent that only cultivates beansprouts, but his one has a trait capable of activating the 「beansprout seed」 that he touched from a distance anytime. I now know that it’s very annoying when it’s used as a trap.

Usually I would be dodging those kind of attack because I can see the seeds, but I couldn’t see the seeds this time. It’s completely concealed by Midou’s Talent.
Normally, a trap can be somewhat detected through some kind of omen or trick, but there’s nothing at all.

By teaming up together, he scatter the invisible 「seeds」 as much as he want, and while controlling the seeds freely 「anytime and anywhere」, he completely vanish from the opponent’s vision. What a ridiculous enemy.

Just as Satsuki-sensei said, this duo is the 「worst」. By getting the pervert and Ueki together, you can even say that they become more nasty of a different dimension.

Just like that, just after the training started, it was the storm of close-ranged surprise attacks and time-delayed traps. Because it’s impossible to dodge all that for the first time, of course, I would be beaten up thoroughly.

However, I didn’t just keep getting beaten up.
Midway, I heated up the air around me with 『Pleasable』, and nullified the ridiculous beansprout attacks from all directions, but once again, Satsuki-sensei.
「That won’t be a training at all」
said that and sealed it.

Are you a demon!!!
There’s no other way to deal with those savage attacks than this!!!

As a result, I was forced to deal with the close-ranged attacks with my own reflexes.

Well, that’s why.
That’s why, I was utterly beaten. Literally, beaten viciously.
I don’t even know how many times my crotch was beaten and how many times I flew to the sky.
My whole body was beaten by beansprouts to the extent that my shape of face changed slightly.

That’s why……

「……Are you okay, Serizawa-kun? ……What a severe wound」

Currently, I’m being taken care by Kagura-san’s Talent, 【Healer】.

The training ends along with sunset, and everyone who gathered at the encampment, are now making dinner. Because this training camp includes survival training, everyone are cooking with campfire.
Hearing the loud voices of the girls and Shiro, it just looks like camping.

I was waiting for my turn because Akai and Otoi’s wounds are worst than mine so the healing for me just started.
Because it’s easier to work on the face this way, I’m currently enjoying a lap pillow. A gentle light overflows from her hands, and her hands touched me gently.
Akai looks at us as if he has something to say, but this is inevitable. Can you please don’t disturb my moment of blissful healing?

「There is no real need to do until this far for a training……」

Yeah. That’s right.
Please tell it to that idiot and the demonic instructor.
The fortuitous moment of being embraced by the short haired angel.
If I just look at her, it’s completely fine. But

「Good grief……Even though I said that I will go easy on you, you didn’t listen to me at all」

This is the problem
The Beansprout bastard ends up getting more arrogant now.
Peeping at me while I’m being healed, this idiot grinned.

「Well, don’t worry! I will go easy on you properly tomorrow!」

While having my face embraced by Kagura-san, I make a direct appeal to Satsuki-sensei.

「……Satsuki-sensei? Can I train one-on-one with this idiot right now?」
「Fufu, you still have that much spirit in you? I think you should keep that spirit of yours for tomorrow. Everyone, it is going to be harder tomorrow」

Upon hearing that, I couldn’t believe my ears.
Everyone who heard those words, fell silent.
This person……is she serious?
Harder? Even though the first day is like this?

Ignoring us, she smiles and says this.

「And also, Hikawa-kun? ……You cut corners in today’s training, right? Didn’t I tell you to do it all your might?」

Satsuki-sensei asks Hikawa-kun. The smile she’s showing is a very gentle and lovely smile. But I realized today that I mustn’t read Satsuki-sensei’s mood from her expression.
I should sense the aura behind her. Right now, I can feel something black from her. That means. That smile is–

「Ah, that’s right. But it’s because I pity Akai-kun. I think there’s quite some difference in ability……」
「Yes, Hikawa-kun. But I told you to do it with all your might. That is your training」
「Um, so is there anything?」

Hikawa-kun replies to Satsuki-sensei with a very nice smile. Something like “I have no intention to obey you since the beginning, so what?”.
Just like that, in front of me, the peerless beauty and the shota boy are facing each other while smiling.

「Fufu, why don’t we have a little talk over there?」
「……Ah, okay. That way is easier」

Just like that, both of them disappear into the dark forest.

After a short time, the sound of falling trees can be heard. And trees falling intermittently. Midway, there’s a scream. Then, the sound of falling trees. Again, a scream. It lasted for about 30 minutes……

Both of them returned from the forest. Satsuki-sensei who smiles as usual, and Hikawa-kun who’s walking slowly behind her.

……With a pale face. It’s mt first time seeing such expression of him.

「Fufu, next time, please listen to the instructor’s words, okay? I have the responsibility to train you all. ……Look forward for tomorrow, okay?」
「……Oh……Hikawa-kun? What were you suppose to say when answering back?」

Hikawa-kun twitches for a moment, and brings his hands to the side of his face……and says this.


The time stopped for a moment.

We just stood dumbfounded without knowing what happened.
While everyone were petrified, Kazato-san and Hiuchi-san did a triumphant pose.
Seconds later, Otonashi-san muttered 「……Acceptable」.

「Okay, well done~! That was really good!」
「……Ehehe……is that so?」

Satsuki-sensei who praised him while stroking his head, and Hikawa-kun who doesn’t looks dissatisfied.

……What the hell happened in that short time?
What made him like this?
No, I won’t ask anything.

「Then, tomorrow is going to be early~! So everyone, please sleep early, okay~?」

Saying that, Satsuki-sensei disappeared into the forest while holding two mugs.

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