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84 Kirishima Family 2  Setsuna and Kaname

「Kaname, here I come, okay?」

「Okay. Don’t worry」

The special training room at the Kirishima house.
Kirishima Kaname and her sister, Setsuna are holding a black blade each for training use, and facing each other at a slightly distant range.
It is a basement room 4 times bigger than the school’s gymnasium, surrounded with special synthetic walls, floor and ceiling of a few meters thick.

「I don’t care even if you really, really get hurt, okay?」

「I am really okay. Please don’t worry about me」

Just like that, Kaname’s older sister, Kirishima Setsuna swings up the blade and prepares.

「Then……here I come」


Just like that, after a short pause, Kirishima Setsuna swings down her blade.


Kirishima Setsuna fires a high speed slashing attack from the training blade, and it heads directly towards Kirishima Kaname.



Kaname parries the slashing attack easily with the instantly-formed shield of small scale blades.
The slashing attack that was parried, struck the special synthetic wall, and created a scar.

「I am surprised……it’s really like a different Talent. You have reach the point to be able to do such thing」

「Yes. Even I myself was surprised」

Kirishima Setsuna was surprised upon seeing her little sister’s transformed Talent for the first time.
And at the same time, she thought that she has grown.

Just because she was the only one that was given a weak Talent, she became small due to the inferiority complex in the house.
Their father, Masamune didn’t even try to teach anything about combat to her, saying that 「Kaname is not suited for combat」.

But the Kaname in question didn’t give up.
She tried her best to get stronger on her own without giving up.
Kaname even learned the swordsmanship taught to her older sisters by their father, by watching. Mostly self-taught.
But still, she was desperate to catch up with her sisters and father.
Setsuna who couldn’t just watch, and the eldest sister, Satsuki taught her the basics for a period, but only that much.

The people around Kaname persuaded her that a human’s worth is not decided by such thing, but she was obsessed of getting stronger.
Otherwise, it is like she can’t find her own value and place.
And that little sister obtained the power she desired.

「Then, I’ll go a bit harder next」

Saying that, Kirishima Setsuna swings up her training blade once again.

「Okay. Anytime is fine」


And when Kirishima Setsuna swings her blade down, a size larger slashing attack than before is fired, and it heads towards Kirishima Kaname.



This time, Kaname smashes the fired slashing attack into pieces with the countlessly created small blades.
On top of predicting the sword line, placing countless small blades on the slash’s trajectory, and break the power into many directions.

This requires a considerable skill, concentration and speed of judgement. Normally, it can be said as a superhuman feat, and Kaname did it calmly. Depending on how one sees, it can be seen that the slash itself disappeared suddenly.

Setsuna was dumbfounded by that.

「No way……」

「I roughly know the direction and the speed of the one just now」

「……You have become quite different in only these few weeks. It’s really unbelievable」

「Yes. I also still think that this might be a dream」

Saying that, Kaname smiles silently.
Lured by that, Setsuna also smiled.

「If like this, you might be able to fight against most Talent Users」

「But I know that this much is still not enough」

Upon hearing Kaname’s answer on her own praise, Setsuna asks her back while folding her arms.

「You mean the kidnapping in the assault?」

「Yes, there is that, but……I thought about it since long ago. I reached the point that I can finally use Talent, and I felt that I gotten stronger, but it is still not enough. When I look at him, I feel that way」

「That Serizawa-kun?」


「……Why are you getting red suddenly?」

「Eh!? No……」

Kaname covers her face with her hands in panic.

「It’s a joke. Ah, but now, you are already red」

「………………Hey, Onee-chan?」

「Fufu, that aloof Kaname finally reached such time! I’m happy that way」


Kaname looks downward with a flushed face.

「……So, how far you have gone?」

「Did you confess?」


Upon being questioned by her sister, Kaname averts her eyes.

「……Don’t tell me, for real?」
「N-No! Not like that!」

「Not like that?」

「……For now, we are rivals……」

While scratching her cheek, Kaname answers.

「This is a case that needs to be reported to Nee-san」

「Don’t worry. I will not tell Tou-san about it tonight」


「Eh, no one told you? Tou-san is coming back today」
「I didn’t hear about it」

「Satsuki-neesan is also coming home early because she wants to the dinner」
「I didn’t hear about that too」

Kaname gradually becomes sulky just like a boiled octopus, but suddenly, the light of the residential-use indoor monitor turns on, and the footage is displayed in the screen.

『Ah, as I thought, you were there. I’m home~!』

Beyond the monitor is the eldest daughter of the three sisters, Kirishima Satsuki who is holding a shopping bag while waving her other hand.

『Both of you gathered and trained~! Admirable, admirable. Today, I’ll put all my skill into making dinner, okay? Look forward to it~! Come up after taking your bath, okay~?』

Saying only that arbitrarily, Satsuki hangs up.
While sighing lightly upon hearing the sister acting like a mother, Kirishima Setsuna suggests this to her little sister, Kaname.

「Well then, let’s go up after a few mock battles, okay?」

「Okay……Please don’t go easy on me」

「All right, looks like you can say such thing now. Fufu, that’s why it’s worth it to train」

「But if I have more wins……you know, right?」

「Fufu, fine. I’ll keep quiet about it……That’s if you really manage to win」

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