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77 Cafe Black Cat 2

「It wasn’t Haba?」

「Ah, yeah. He was different」

The night after the assault.
After having Otou-san carry Serizawa-kun to the bed in the house, I asked about the details of the man who is believed to be the mastermind.

「Face can be change, but skeletal structure is impossible. It was a different guy」

「Can such thing……?」

What is going on?

From what I heard from Kirishima-san, she heard the man called himself 「Haba Ryuuichi」. And judging from the situation, I also thought so. That the criminal is 「Haba Ryuuichi」 who was using the fake name of 「Kiryuu Yousuke」.
But Otou-san who had met and talked to Haba Ryuuichi in the past, declared that it was a different person.

Otou-san is bad at thinking, but he can see through things instantly with intuition. At the battlefield where a single error of judgement means losing your life. In the abnormal world crowded with top Talent Users. He got through all of that with just intuition.
It is difficult to imagine that the intuition is wrong. Then……?

Don’t tell me……

I felt a chill running down my spine by the idea that came to my mind.
The only possibility.
Just recently, the sudden encounter accelerated my thought.

The case of Shinozaki-san’s memory being overwritten.
We saw the case of the memory of 「Kurono Yuki (Stranger)」 entering her and even changed her personality.

If that is used……it is possible to plant his own memory and thought into a stranger.

Even though I thought of that, I can’t test it.
Even if it is possible in theory, a human’s heart denies it.
An obvious sense of ethics interrupts, and I give up.

But since it is in my head now, I can only think about that.


Since it is theoretically possible, Haba will put it to practice.
It is foolish to expect him to have an ethical conflict.

「Haba created his own copy」

Rewriting or overwriting another person’s personality, and create his own subspecies.
Probably, there are several. Just like that, he expand his range of influence.

「The situation might be more serious than I thought」

「……What do you mean?」

We also need to make a move.
I need to have Otou-san to get the permission to disclose the information of 「Variant」 and 「Dark Side」 limitedly from the Mikado quickly.

If it goes as my guess, we might need to throw out all of our forces.

Probably, that time is close.
Before that, I need to prepare as much as possible.




「The establishment of 『Talent Police Reserve Corps』?」

I inclined my head upon hearing the word from Meria-sensei.
Talent Police, wasn’t that the one that was insulted as Incompetent Police in 『Weekly Talent』?
But what’s with the 「Reserve Corps」?

「Yes, in order to control the Talent Users from committing crime, there is a need of immediate personnel. And the country’s policy says that they want to scout 「promising students」」

「Um, you mean」

The reason why she’s telling me this is perhaps.

「Yes, I want you to join it」

「……He~e, I see」


I replied 「With pleasure!!!」 in the course of events just now, but was I rash?

I can’t even imagine a reserve corps of the police.
It’s not a sports-minded hierarchy structure, right? If so, I don’t want to join……

「By the way, I have already called out to Hikawa-kun, Akai-kun, Kurasaki-kun, and Yumino-san. And even your friend, Midou-kun」

「He? That pervert too?」

I can understand about Hikawa-kun and Akai, but……
Ah, of course, I can also understand why Kurasaki-kun, the internet idol is selected, but why even that pervert?

No, his stealth ability is up to the level of sneaking into the staff room of our school……Then, it’s not strange, I guess.
Since long ago, I was bothered by his Talent’s undervaluation, so it might be a valid thing.
But isn’t he the top of the list of the people who will commit crime?

「The ones who defeated the rock giant 「Variant」 that outbroke in this assault, were Midou-kun adn Yumino-san. Including the 「School War」, it is a reasonable result considering his combat experience up until now. He is probably an outstanding talent who can cope with various situations including covert. I think he will grow terrifically from now on」

I certainly thought that Hikawa-kun was the one who defeated it, but that guy and Yumino-san?
Isn’t that the team with the worst compatibility?
I can’t believe that he didn’t get shot by Yumino-san from the back.

「And so, as for the early establishment members, it would be 15 people including you. It is planned that everyone will be first years」

「That means there’s nothing like a hierarchical relationship, right?」

I felt relief when I heard that everyone are first years.

「I asked Chihaya-sensei and Yukimichi-sensei to be the manager」

……Hou. Hee~, is that so?

That’s completely a hierarchical structure.

I can only see the future of lethal chalks flying around at high speed if I don’t listen to the orders.
No, I guess there’s nothing to fear if it’s the current me.
Though I’m a little worried about whether I can react immediately to the speed of it.
Because continuous 「Pleasable」 shield will cause too much damage to the surroundings.

Since then, I didn’t hear the weird 『voice』, but if I act recklessly, it might come out again. After that, Meria-sensei gave me a stern warning saying 「Don’t overuse your Talent」. The gorilla said 「Don’t use that anymore」 with an unusually serious face.
Even if you don’t say that, I won’t use it, though. I’m scared that I would get hijacked by the strange power again.

……Well, anyway, let’s not go against them.
Okay, let’s do that.

「And so, what should I do? Is that something a student can do?」

I try asking the first thing I’m curious of.
Although there’s a mysterious-smelling word called 「Variant」 came out just now, I ignore it purposely.
Probably, something like an industry terminology for that rock giant monster.
If I ask for the meaning of it, I can feel that I won’t be able to go back anymore.

But I probably have already reached the place where I can’t go back anymore……
She did say that the Talent of the gorilla who finished eating all three parfaits, is originally a confidential matter.

「This time, it is just the establishment of the Talent Police’s 「Reserve Corps」. The main activity will be doing special training in order to cope with emergencies. Because we don’t know when this kind of incident will happen again……」

Saying that, Meria-sensei cast her eyes down slightly.
Training, huh. The word 「Special」 is bothering me, but……
I don’t think that it would be like the compulsory cohabitation with that gorilla again.

「Well, if like that, I’m okay with it」

「And, I want you to be the commander of the Reserve Corps」


I have never do such a leader-like thing before in my life, though.
Well, isn’t that impossible?
It’s definitely impossible for me to order people.

「Well, that, isn’t it better to let the Level 4 Hikawa-kun to do it?」

「Did you forget? That you overwhelmed that Hikawa-kun. In addition, the MVP for this assault is definitely you. No one will complaint about that, and probably, everyone will agree with it」

「……Is that how it is?」

「That is how it is. Well, it is only for form’s sake. Okay?」

Saying that, Meria-sensei looks at me while smiling.
I feel like those words won me over.


「You don’t want to? If you are not interested, I won’t force you, but……」

And I think that a super-beautiful woman’s troubled face here is unfair.
That will certainly take away my judgement. Meria-sensei, you really do it with that intention, right?

But still, I give my consent after thinking as calmly as possible.

「H~mm, well, fine. ……Only for form’s sake, okay?」

I judged that I’m okay with it with my own will.

Probably, that’s the thing that I need for myself now.
Kirishima-san might get targeted again in the future.
In order to protect her at that kind of time, doing it alone is not good enough.
Even if I become stronger, there’s a limit of how far I can reach on my own.

I need to get stronger with someone.

「I’ll do it. Though I’m not suitable to be a commander」

「Fufu, thank you. I think you can surely do it」

「I’ll entrust it to you」

The gorilla who didn’t cut into the conversation at all since a while ago, said something.

He’s grinning strangely, but do you think that I really got won over?
Do you think that I yield to the blond, blue eyes, huge breasts, beautiful woman because I’m a silly virgin?

I’m not a virgin.
At least, not in my heart!!!

「I don’t need you to say it. I’m doing this just because I want to do it. Don’t misunderstand it, Gori-Principal」


Saying that, the gorilla shows a greater grin at me.
Somehow, that face annoys me very much.

Ah……the trauma of the confinement life with him resurrected.
I haven’t thank you for that, right……

One day, I’ll surely return the favor, okay?

「Then, I will disclose the necessary information at once. I will say this beforehand, but there is a lot of confidential matters, so please say no word to anyone, okay?」

Saying that, Meria-sensei starts to explain many necessary matters to me.
While feeling excited to the sweet-smelling words that comes out one by one, I listen carefully with the future in mind.

Just like that, by the time I realized it, the sun was already setting, and when we exited 『Cafe Black Cat』 after Meria-sensei paid the bill, it’s already evening.

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