Yandere Otome – Fiance-Hen Chapter 6

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Fiance-Hen Chapter 6

The next day, my father and I departed from the dukedom of Ranuncula.

With that, somehow or other, I became pen-pals with Wolf.

At first, letters came in early every day, but after lecturing him that letters and diaries were different things, the frequency decreased to only twice a week. It was worthwhile reading the thick letters he sent, and I undauntedly sent my own letters talking about various things back to him.

Speaking of which.
For some reason, a letter from Duke Ranuncula came.
The contents of which were all about Wolf, about how recently he’s become more mature, and that it was all thanks to me. It looked like he was very happy while writing the letter. A really cute prime minister-sama.

That being the case, the meeting with my fiance ended, entirely and unexpectedly, peaceful. Blades, blood, pain, or even violence, were not brought up in my encounter.
For the time being, it was the feeling of having weathered the storm.

But. Having said that.
Did I really escape the threat of a Yandere?

Let’s think back one by one.

First, about Wolf. My fiancé, thankfully, didn’t suffer from any mental illness. When I first met him, he had an unyielding personality, but I think he also has a cute side now.

Since Duke Ranuncula was a man of character as well, their blood relationship as father and son was apparent. I think that was the most important thing.

Anyway, I couldn’t see how this would be a problem.

Next, is about me. Suddenly remembering a lot of things caused me confusion, but in the end, I’m still me. Meeting Wolf also didn’t change me.

Right now, I have memories of the game’s death ending for Lycoris, and I plan to avoid that at all cost. Becoming a yandere, will probably not happen.

The next issue would probably be… the other game characters aside from me and Wolf.
What I mean to say is, I wonder what life the other characters are living at the present. It would be good if I can find out.

In truth, other than Wolf, I can’t remember any details about the other capturable characters.
After all, 『Past life!?』,『Yandere Game!?』,『Engagement!?』 had me confused, since I’ve only been trying to remember things about『Wolfgang Eisenhut』in the meantime, I had left the other characters details aside and wanted to think about them later.

Now that I could pause and think about the other characters, I had considerably little information about them.

To start with, there were four capturable characters, including Wolf. That was for certain.
Each of their image colors, excluding Wolfgang’s black, was red, yellow, and white.
So far, so good.

Then, when I began thinking about the characters’ faces, they were blurred beyond recognition.
Barely making out the name, the red character was 『Shade』. Having showed up in a lot of endings with Wolfgang, I think that he was treated as a『peerless』character, but I couldn’t remember what kind of routes he had. His hair color was brown. But, because of his image color being red, it was probably reddish-brown, to be more precise.
The yellow character, was a bright blonde. The white character was an exotic black-haired beauty….I think. Most likely.

Considering this, it’s highly probable that, in order for me to remember the game’s content, I would probably need a trigger.
Having suffered from doubt since infancy, it was only the introduction of Wolfgang Eisenhut that erased it. In the same way, in order to recall the bizarre thing that is the『memories of my previous life』, I needed to have something to start with.

If it’s like that, as long as I don’t encounter the remaining characters, I won’t recall them.

Since all the capturable characters supposedly had high social standings, I initially thought that I could somehow make contact with them. Although there was no way to find out about the yellow and white characters, since I was able to recall the name 『Shade』, I wanted to investigate.
The result was — there was no one by that name.

Even if I couldn’t find out by trying to investigate now, there was one reliable method.
It was best to wait for the time to come.
The stage would be the game’s royal magic school. The children from the nobility who can wield magic assemble there, and it was the oldest school in the history of the kingdom.
After about two years, when we turn twelve years of age, both Wolf and I will be attending that school. So, if you wait one or two years, with the exception of the heroine, all the characters will meet face-to-face.
Speaking of which, the game heroine will only appear to me and Wolf six years later, when she enters the school through special admission.

(Well… in the first place, there is no guarantee that all the game characters will be there… I do wonder what what will happen, but it’s nothing to worry about.)

Having those happy-go-lucky thoughts, I was considerably hasty, and was simply an idiot.
At that time, I had wanted to just pass through the toughest part.

As a future warning as well, I have to etch these words to my chest.

A Yandere–  will appear— when you least expect them to.

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