Heaven’s Will Balancing System Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – The Struggles of a Brat
Translator: Oxy | Editor: Unedited

The Bai’s School separated the students into three different grades. Students must study for three years in order to advance to the next grade, with a total of nine years in school. When the teenagers graduate from the school, they would all be considered as qualified warriors!

That’s right, this was not a school of literature, but a school of warriors!

There were not many students enrolled at the school. There were a total of 249 students. The Junior Grade has 87 students, the Intermediary Grade has 96 students, and the Senior Grade has 66 students. There might not be many students, but to the population of around two-odd thousand Bai people, it could not be counted as little as well.

The math teacher that came into the classroom stared at the two groups of students that were ready to brawl. He did not say anything, he simply let them return to their seats, and immediately started class.

Bai Xiao sat at the back due to his height, while Conan sat at the front.

Bai Kai and his gang repeatedly looked back at Bai Xiao while silently cursing him along with gesticulating all kinds of weird hand gestures. However, they were all wasting their energy. Bai Xiao did not pay them any attention right from the start.

Bai Xiao quietly read his textbook. Now that he has a viewpoint of an adult, however, the textbook was boring, and the classes were even more boring. With the teacher repeatedly teaching and explaining extremely simple things, Bai Xiao felt that there was nothing more boring than this.

Even though it was extremely simple to Bai Xiao, there were still large groups of students who still did not understand. This led him to feel that his IQ was being crushed.

*Ding! Ding! Ding!*

The school bell rang, signifying the class to be dismissed.

Bai Xiao woke up from his nap, yawningly exclaimed, “Ah, it’s so boring!”

The afternoon classes end at five later today, but it was only three now. Bai Xiao still had to endure another completely meaningless and boring lesson.

Bai’s School guidelines stated that you have to go to school each week, from Monday to Friday. There were classes from nine to eleven in the morning. and two to five in the afternoon.

Alas! Don’t tell me that just like in my previous world’s childhood, and that this childhood would be wasted away to these useless classes as well?

While stretching his body, Bai Xiao suddenly had a daring idea!

‘Why don’t I skip classes?’

‘No! Absolutely not!’ Bai Xiao promptly shook his head. He was supposed to be an innocent seven-year-old. The teachers were extremely meticulous. If he skipped class and the teachers could not find him, then things would get out of control real quick. The villagers would get so worried that they would look all over the mountain for him.

Skipping classes were out of the question, the consequences would be dire. What about requesting for a leave of absence? Bai Xiao carefully considered.

Bai Xiao smacked the table and exclaimed, “That’s what I will do!”

Now the question was what reason to give for the absence. Bai Xiao crossed his arms and pondered.

Playing truant is a skill. You cannot just casually give a random excuse and expect the teacher to release you. The excuse you give has to be believable. It cannot be too serious, or else you would worry the adults. You also need to have evidence to back your words, such that the teacher has no choice but to approve your leave of absence.

Half a period of lessons has passed, and Bai Xiao still could not come up with an excuse. Even half a lifetime worth of experience Bai Xiao had were not helping.

“Damn, I can’t think of anything!” Bai Xiao sighed slowly. It was not as if he could not come up with a single excuse, but what he wanted was not a break from school for just one or two days. He wanted an excuse that would let him basically be free to join or leave classes whenever he felt like. Something like students in his previous world who had already finished their final exams, only showing up for classes if they felt like it.

“I am such a wise and capable person, to think that I would actually be stuck at this hurdle!” Bai Xiao exclaimed.

“Oh my! Why is the great child prodigy Bai Xiao sighing? What is upsetting you? Come and tell us, let’s make everyone happy!” Tyrant of the Junior Grade, Bai Kai, walked up towards Bai Xiao and rested his leg on Bai Xiao’s desk.

“Don’t tell me that you are afraid that we’re gonna beat you up? Hahaha!” Bai Kai and his lackeys started to laugh loudly at Bai Xiao with eyes filled with contempt, garnering attention from the rest of the class.

“What are you guys trying to do?” Conan saw Bai Kai and his lackeys surrounding Bai Xiao. “If you want to lay even a hand on my brother, you will have to go through me first! I am warning you, Bai Xiao is not alone!” Conan stubbornly said, while holding some trace of fear on his face.

Bai Xiao is not a man? (TL: This is an untranslatable pun, the raws 一个人 could either mean ‘a man’, or ‘alone’.)

Cough! Conan, why can’t you speak a little more clearly? Add in the words ‘fighting’ before ‘alone’! Bai Xiao felt somewhat wronged, how was he not a man? However, Bai Xiao knew what Conan actually wanted to say.

“I was thinking, if I am so intelligent completely different from you retards, isn’t coming to class utterly meaningless and only wastes my time? Could you give me some excuse so I don’t need to attend any more classes?” Bai Xiao shot a glance at the stinking foot on his table. Then, along with his line of sight, he noticed the partially unzipped pants revealing a tiny blue donger.

Bai Xiao indifferently said, “Sorry to bother you but could you please zip up your pants? I am going to faint! Also, you are no longer a little kid remember to wear underwear next time. Otherwise, your little member will get infected.

The students around Bai Xiao got into an uproar.

“You!” Bai Kai hastily put down his foot and pulled up his zipper. Hearing the whispers and muffled laughter around him, he got so angry that his face looked like a ripe tomato.

“Tch! This prodigy is too much, he is slandering me! You guys want to give him a world of colour?” Bearing and evil grin, Bai Kai clenched his fists and said to his lackeys.

“Yeah! Yeah!” The lackeys started to exclaim loudly. Conan turned ghostly pale.

It was at this moment that Bai Xiao shook slightly. Bai Kai with his keen eyes noticed it and immediately laughed out, “Look! This fella just trembled! Hahaha! Only now you know fear?”

The lackeys surrounding them got even rowdier and started to curse at Bai Xiao. Calling him a coward, trash, and other profanities.

Influenced by the mood of his surroundings, Bai Kai got even angrier. Bai Xiao sighed after seeing how things are unfolding and thought, ‘It seems like this is the way to go.’

Although Bai Xiao shook slightly earlier, it was not out of fear. They are just a bunch of wimpy kids! Rather, Bai Xiao found the perfect excuse to leave school.

Genius… prodigy… were they not excuses in and of itself? Bai Xiao was in a great mood.

Bai Xiao glanced at the clock hanging above the door and saw that there was still some time left. While getting up from his seat, he said to Bai Kai, “If you want to fight, then let’s take it outside. Fighting in the classroom might lead to unnecessary trouble.”

Bai Kai followed with a nasty grin and said, “I agree!”

The school actually do not prohibit fighting among students. In fact, they encouraged it! It was just that due to safety concerns, students were not allowed to fight in private places such as the classrooms. They were only allowed to fight in the field, where there were teachers present. This was to prevent students from going overboard and causing serious harm.

This was also the reason why the maths teacher from the previous class did not care.

The three grades, Junior, Intermediary, and Senior, have their own respective regions.

At this very moment, within the Junior Grade region’s field, there was not a soul in sight. Suddenly, a large crowd of people began to swarm into the playground. Every Junior Grade students are present.

On the field, Bai Xiao and Bai Kai stood on opposite sides, facing each other. Around Bai Kai were his seven lackeys. While next to Bai Xiao, there was only one person, Conan.

Besides them, the rest of the students formed a large circle, surrounding the two groups. The maths teacher that was dragged here was now standing at the corner of the circle, observing the two opposing groups with an expressionless face.

“Conan, stay away from this.” Bai Xiao told Conan to leave.

“No, I don’t want to leave!” Conan stubbornly said.

“Listen to me, you will only hold me back. It is better if I fight alone.” Bai Xiao said.

“In that case… please be careful!” Conan worriedly said.

“I will.”

“Bring it on, don’t hold back for me!” Bai Xiao provoked softly. The other side’s eyes reddened.

“Go!” Taking the lead and rushing out, Bai Kai loudly roared.

Sorry but I am giving this novel up for adoption. The plot for this novel got too… unsightly for me.

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