Heavenly Star – Volume 1 Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Heavenly Beast’s Egg

A huge white bird was flapping its wings. It had a 5 meters long body and all the white feathers on its body stood erect. Its feathers looks like a clusters of white flames under the moonlight. The white bird has a sharp claws like hooks and flashed cold light, glaring at her and even screaming with warnings and anger.

Ye Ning Xue trembles while staring at it with fear, then held the white egg and stepped back but she never put down the egg.

The Tian Lie bird‘s screams became sharper and sharper, it had a mild temperament and never attacked people. Even if its patience had been hit by this little human, it still gave her 3 warnings. After the 3 warnings, Ye Ning Xue just held the egg more tightly and tried to hit the bottom line of its patience.

“Please…… Give this egg to me, my brother needs it, I can’t lose my brother.” Ye Ning Xue was begging while she was stepping back, she had deeper persistence besides fear.

“My name is Ye Ning Xue…… I promise to visit you more often and play with you…… I will bring delicious food to you as well…… Would you please give it to me…… I really need it badly.”

“I know it is your baby…… I am quite selfish person but I can’t lose my brother. Would you please give it to me, please……”

Heavenly Beast had very high intelligence but generally speaking, it couldn’t understand the human language. Even if it could understand, how could it be possible for it to gives its baby to a human?

Eventually, after 5 warnings, its patience had worn out. After a sharp cry, it dived down then one of its claws that flashed cold light was going to scratch Ye Ning Xue’s face, the other claw was grabbing the egg in Ye Ning Xue’s arms.

Ye Ning Xue gave a frightful shout and closed her terrified eyes then subconsciously hugs the egg in her arms more tightly. The Tian Lie bird came to her in the blink of an eye, it was just its strong strength could almost tear down her body. Ye Ning Xue shouted desperately. ”No…… I have to save my brother, I won’t let him leave me……”

The Tian Lie bird’s sharp claws which seemed to be able to scratch the space scratched Ye Ning Xue’s face and stopped just on her scars that ruined her beauty. In just a second, Ye Ning Xue’s body shined with dazzling white light, her scars faded in white light and finally disappeared then shows an unbelievable exquisite face, from her closed eyes, eyelashes, nose, lips to her skin that was even much more tender than snow, all were flawless— maybe perfect was not enough to express her beauty. With all of her organs’ cooperation, the 10 years old girl release a breathtaking beauty as if the god poured all his efforts onto this small face. Although those light scars that were cut by brambles, amazingly they didn’t destroy her amazing perfect beauty. On the contrary, they made people have affection for her.

Maybe the god envied her face, so he totally destroyed her beauty with two scars but now kindly took them back.

At the moment that the scars fades away, dazzling white light covered the whole mountain top. A miserable bird screaming broke the silence, which could even be heard clearly by the people in the Tian Lie town which was 10 miles away, and woke up many sleeping residents.

This powerful heavenly beast which frightened both human beings and beasts and was only 1 rank lower than the highest rank [God Rank], was swallowed bit by bit by the [White Light]. In just several seconds, its huge body was totally swallowed and turned into flying ashes, nothing else left. When the [White Light] fades away, Ye Ning Xue finally fell down on the ground and passed out with her eyes closed, but her hands still held that egg tightly. However, those two disappeared big scars turned up on her face once again, from light to deep till they recovered as they were.


The unconscious Ye Ning Xue was trembling while she was sleep talking then she subconsciously tightened her hands for fear of losing the egg that could save her brother.

In the early morning, when the dawn was coming, Ye Ning Xue finally woke up while her body was all wet due to the dew. The first thing she did when she woke up was to hug the egg that was even more precious than her life more tightly. After this, she became slightly relaxed then looked around for a moment nervously but she didn’t find that big white bird. She was confused for a while and she could only recall that it suddenly rushed at her…… then she was too scared and passed out…

She stopped recalling this and didn’t dare to stay longer. Thus she stood up with great efforts then ran down the mountain in a hurry because the longer she stayed, the more her brother was in danger.

In the morning, it was all bright. Grandpa Long stretched himself and walked out of house then said to Long Zheng Yang behind him. ”Yang Er, you can leave after breakfast. Remember to dress up yourself in case someone identifies you.”

“Okay. By the way, did you hear a strange sound at midnight grandpa?” Long Zheng Yang asked with confusion.

Granpa Long nodded his head. ”If I am not wrong, it should be the Tian Lie bird’s screaming, or someone offends it…… I will go to see my new granddaughter now.”


The Old wooden door was pushed out, Ye Ning Xue was standing outside with exhausted body. Her white hair were all messed up with sand and leaves, while her body was all wet with either sweat or dew and a few more pitiful scratches were added on her face. She stretched out her hands trembling because she was so exhausted and raised up that White Egg then moved her lips, but it was all black in front of her eyes before she was about to say something, eventually she fell down to the ground.

Grandpa Long just realized from the surprise and he instantly held her then took the white egg but found she passed out once again. For him, in only 2 days, she had no idea of how many times she had been unconscious.

An astonish voice came from behind grandpa Long. ”That is… Tian Lie bird’s egg, I just saw it yesterday, this…she…”

Grandpa Long suddenly felt grieved in his eyes, he sighed. ”Silly kid, what a silly kid!”

He put the egg into Long Zheng Yang’s hands. ”Yang Er, you know what to do. Promise you won’t screw up the little girl’s efforts.”

“I know.” Long Zheng Yang took the egg then hurriedly walked into house.

Half an hour later, Long Zheng Yang took a small bowl of soup into Ye Wu Chen’s room. Grandpa Long was walking up and down tensely with two hands tied behind him. He instantly asked when he saw Long Zheng Yang coming.

”Everything went well?”

Long Zheng Yang wiped the sweat from his forehead. “All the innate vital essence coming from that egg has been poured into him. If he is still alive, his life can be extended to half a month.”

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