GDBBM – Chapter 981

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Chapter 981: “Adorwable Wabbit” (3)”

It saw the big eared rabbit’s soft and cuddly body being pushed off the bed by Lord Meh Meh.

The little black cat leapt in in a rush wanting to catch it!

But just as the little black cat was almost about to reach the big eared rabbit, the unconscious rabbit suddenly opened its eyes!

That pair of eyes had properly stunned the little black cat.

The big eared rabbit’s eyes were originally pure black. But the pair that was being reflected in the little black cat’s eyes at that moment were bestial eyes looking like they were dripping with blood!

A full deep scarlet, unlike any common rabbit’s eyes that were just faintly red, this was a shade of red that looked like they had been soaked and immersed in blood!

“Puu~” A light breath escaped from the big eared rabbit’s mouth as its soft and nimble body flipped around in midair and landed right before Lord Meh Meh! Those blood red eyes narrowed slightly as the snow white fur on its body suddenly began to change, at a speed visible to the naked eye, to a blood scarlet red.

“Meh! !”

[Almost shocked me out of my life! The damned rabbit is angry!]

Lord Meh Meh tapped back a step as he looked at the big eared rabbit who had turned a complete blood scarlet shade.

“Puu!” The big eared rabbit stared at Lord Meh Meh, looking like it was all poised to attack.

The little black cat was completely stunned, unable to make any sense of the scene before its eyes. The rabbit that had been bitten to within an inch of its life had actually changed in colour! ? And it was even showing such strong aggression towards a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast! What in tarnations was really going on?

Feeling the intense enmity emanating from the big eared rabbit, a faint glow began to manifest around Lord Meh Meh’s body, ready to morph into its original form anytime.

Just as the battle between one particular sheep and a strange rabbit was just about to commence, Jun Wu Xie who had just finished her bath appeared within the room with her hair still dripping wet. Those clear eyes of hers were staring fixedly at that dumb pair upon her bed, staring at each other with great animosity in their eyes.

Once her eyes saw the big eared rabbit’s blood red fur, a glint of surprise shone within them.

“What are all of you doing?” Jun Wu Xie asked coldly.

Upon hearing its Mistress’ voice, Lord Meh Meh immediately suppressed the energy gathering around its body, quickly sprinting over to Jun Wu Xie’s side with its tiny hooves fully extended in its stride.

“Meh Meh Meh Meh! ! !” It bleated anxiously. Jun Wu Xie turned to look at the little black cat still sitting stunned at the side, waiting for it to translate for her.

The little black cat’s shock took another moment before it quickly regained its senses.

“The dumb sheep said, the rabbit snatched its things, saying that that one is a bad rabbit, and asks that you throw it away.”

Hearing the little black cat’s translation, Lord Meh Meh nodded its tiny head vigorously.

[Everything about that rabbit is detestable!] [It wasn’t just going to snatch its food, the rabbit was now even stealing its feedstress from it!]

Jun Wu Xie look at the big eared rabbit whose fur had turned entirely blood red in puzzlement.

The big eared rabbit’s deep scarlet eyes looked at Jun Wu Xie and the enmity in those eyes faded away, its gaze suddenly becoming very gentle.

“Puu…..” The big eared rabbit hopped once on its hind feet to stand at the edge of the bed, its body straightening up slightly. The little furry paws in front shyly hugged its big floppy ears, as it peeked meekly at Jun Wu Xie.

“What is it saying?” Jun Wu Xie asked the little black cat, a frown creased up on her face.

The little black cat replied in a resigned tone and said: “It called you Mistress.”

“…..” Jun Wu Xie had no words.

Lord Meh Meh’s reaction grew more agitated.

“Meh! !”

[Who are you calling Mistress! ? This is Lord Meh Meh’s Feedstress! Bad rabbit! Go away!]

“Puu.” The blood red rabbit’s body trembled as it shyly hid its tiny face behind its big ears, just like an incredibly shy blossoming girl would,raising its head very slightly and then immediately lowering it back bashfully as it peeked at Jun Wu Xie.

“…..” Jun Wu Xie could no longer find any words to express what she was feeling at that moment.

A low grade Spirit Beast was capable of such complicated emotions?


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